I will never let anyone or anything hurt you,Promise (Episode-6)


Hi guys sangee back with next epi lets jump into the epi directly
A dark Street in the city :
Man supplies drugs to some teenage boys and girls
Man gives drug packets to the boys and eyed badly on girls
Man collects all the money and sent the boys out
Girls:pls give the drugs we will give you Wat ever u ask…
Man : will you give Wat ever I want? And laughed monstrously? and pulled one girl towards him
The girl started shouting… He tries to misbehave with her
He was abt to pull her pallu a strong fist landed on his face
( he is none other than our hero arjun ?)
Gave a smoky entry.. Like the smoky entry in vijiay’s thuppaki (tamil flim) same bgm
Arjun saved that girl and told her to go…
That man tried to beat arjun to escape but arjun beat him blue and black..
Some more goons surrounded arjun..
Arjun started to fight vigorously… After a fight of 15 mins he arrested all the goons, the drug agents.

At the same time all other officers including Neil arrested the goons and drug agents successfully
Arjun on the way to station :
Arjun’s mind voice : I finished my first step in revenge successfully shyam ur life will be hell…
U shud regret each and every second for destroying my family.
Arjun is most happiest person in the world now
Arjun reached the police station and pushed all the goons into lock up
Neil and other officers also reached the police station and locked the goons inside the lock up.
Goon: u guys are making are making a big mistake. U don’t known abt our boss and his background..
Arjun : I not only know abt your boss I know abt his father also….ur boss will know who is arjun tomorrow ?? arjun chuckles.
Arjun : congratulations guys for finishing this first step successfully but we need to be carefully here after only… We may receive many threatens..
Rahul : all the success is because of ur plan arjun we just executed it
Arjun : no Rahul a good plan only gives 30% of success but correct execution gives us the 75% of success.. U guys deserve the credits for this success.☺
Neil was standing quietly for the whole time… It hurted arjun because Neil will be the first one to celebrate his success but this time his silence hurts him much.
All officers left the place arjun and Neil are left alone
Neil headed to go out he saw Arjuns hand bleeding he rushed towards him and started scolding for being careless…

Arjun didn’t notice the wound in his hands…until Neil asked abt it.
Neil forgot abt their miss understanding wen he saw Arjuns wounded hand..
Neil : Wat is this arjun, u r always careless, see how it’s bleeding, if u got infected mean Wat to do…don’t you know to take care of yourself….
Neil goes on scolding arjun and started dressing his wound…
Arjun was silently admiring Neils scolding… He not at all felt the pain ( in his life he always wanted someone to take care of him.. He got that someone as a best friend Neil)
Finally Neil tied the wound and titended the knot
Arjun winced in pain
Neil : now wince in pain.. Den only u will be careful next time.
Arjun smiled seeing him
Arjuns mind voice : Iam very much blessed to have a friend like him
Neil finished dressing Arjuns wounds. And saw Arjuns face.
Both stammered to talk
Arjun : ok Neil I will drive car
And headed outside
Neil : are you mad arjun ur hand is wounded how will you drive ?
Arjun 😕
Arjun and Neil entered into car and headed to their place.
Next day :
Arneil didn’t go for jogging since both are very tired and reached their place only in the early morning
Rasam went for jogging and saw all the people speaking about something very seriously
Both don’t know Wats the matter they finished their jogging and headed towards their apartment.
Rasam switched on the TV to know abt this sudden excitation..
All the news channel flashed arjun and teams midnight ride and arresting of drug agents
All the people praising their work….
Rasam were in shock…
They both went to Arneil’s and started knocking the door…
Both arjun and Neil were in deep sleep… Woke up hearing the noise
neil came outside the room and opened the door in half sleep.
Seeing Sam in the door step Neil rubbed his eyes and asked them to come in
Rasam entered in and started questioning Neil one after another
Neil who was in half sleep he fall on the couch and started sleeping..
On seeing this Sam and radika fetched the jug of water and poured on Neils face
Neil shuddered and woke up and saw them with a pity face ?
Hearing this sound arjun came out and saw the whole scene…
Sam:whole city is speaking about u and u guys are sleeping here like u don’t know anything.
Saying this she starred Neil
Arjun comes for Neils rescue
Arjun: actually Sam we came home in the early morning only and more than we are tired so we slept Dats it

Sam again poiting to neil : y u guys didn’t tell about this to me ??
Arjun composed Sam and made her to sit
Neil started describing the whole scene from meeting the Commissioner to yesterday nights ride ( Neil didn’t tell anything abt their fight)
Sam : still I didn’t get answer for my question ??
Neil : I didn’t tell u because ACP arjun sir ordered. He wanted this to be most confidential.
Arjun mind voice : still he is angry at me
Sam: didn’t take it serious because she thought he is criticising arjun.
All chit chatted for some time abt yesterday’s incident and then Rasam left for their place.
Arjun and Neil started getting ready to their office
Arjun got ready and sat on the table to eat his toast he was unable to hold it since his palm was wounded. He tried to hold and winced in pain.
Neil came there and gave him a knife and a fork
Arjun lifts his head and saw Neil
Neil : y r u seeing like that? ? do u want me to feed u ?? See iam not ur wife /girl friend
Saying this Neil laughed
Arjun also laughed and hugged Neil
Arjuns mind voice :thanks god for returning my Neil back to me ?
Neils mind voice I know u r so stubborn u will not tell the truth….. In a Time of one week I will find the by myself…. U know the investigation capacity of ur frnd ?
Smirked Neil
Both had their breakfast and started in their car to reach the office
Neil to the driver : first go to hospital
Arjun : Wats the need Neil it’s a little wound
Neil throwed daggers at arjun and continued I am not a doctor to treat ur wound I dressed it we need to get a injection for sure
Arjun was shocked hearing this… Arjun was afraid of injection from the beginning but he didn’t told that to anyone because he knew they will criticise for sure ??
Arjun thought how to escape from this situation… Neil will not leave me if I say any reasons?
In the meantime they reached the hospital Neil ordered the driver to park and Arneil get Down from the car
Arjun : Neil I need to tell you something ?
Neil thought he is speaking abt his past
Neil : Arjun pls don’t try to hide anything from me ?pls let me know if there is any problem
Arjun stammered to talk at last he said in one go…. Neil iam afraid of injections pls let us leave ?? with pity face

Neil was angry at one side but at the same time he was laughing like anything
This friend of mine is totally a mystery one side he is a police officer seeing whom the whole criminal community is fearing,he beat those drug agents like anything only God knows how man injection they need ?on another side he is behaving like a kid refusing for injection
( oorla pathu padinanju friend vachi irruka ravan lam nalla irrukan Ivan oruthana friend ah vachi kitu nan padra paadu iruke aiyayo -santhanams dialog from boss enkira baskaran)
Guys having 10, 15 friends are living happily but managing this one is becoming a big troublesome for me… I can’t tolerate this
Neil glared angrily at arjun and dragged him inside the hospital……..
Neil :???
Arjun :???????

Precap :Rasams article… Next step of operation… Radikas missing …..

Thats it for today’s waiting for ur comments….
I think I have wrote a bit long epi….
Pls read keep commenting
Thank you so much sreee for ur complement.. This chappy dedicated sply to you ?????

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  1. Jessie

    Sangeee…thupaki entry ah.. sema… afraid of injections..lol…adhuku oru build up vera.. Arneil bond is so nyc..loved it.. Radz missing ah.. ena ma solra.. Arjun poi kapathiruvana.! Poganum.. ena solra..waiting 4 nxt update

    1. Sangee

      Thank you jessie… arjun is so sweet and innocent in personal but wen it comes to revenge/profession he is another man(ulla thoongitu irukara mirugatha thatti elupiduvar 🙂 )….asuall our 007 radz will fall into goons hands because of her antics:) do u think radz will call arjun for help;) her ego will not allow her
      but after all arjun our hero will save radz….
      Radz missing scene ku apparam oru periya twist irruku wait and see 🙂 🙂 mikka nandri for ur long comment….

  2. wow……….da its really awesome …….hidhlight santham comdey dialogue……. arneil bond awesome……en da acp nee chinna uusiku payama?.eagerly waiting next one……precap than konsam payama irruku…….

    1. Sangee

      ama pavam neil he need to manage arjuns anger and his childish behaviour also..
      arjun irruka bayam en:) 🙂 kandipa radika va kapathiduvar 🙂 :);)

  3. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Sangee

      thanks for the comment brin i will soon update thanks for supporting 🙂

  4. Sammy

    Haha .Arjun scared of injection…so funny ..so cute .. …Neil ..is such a sweet heart ..wao ..i am loving this ????

    1. Sangee

      Thanks for the complement sammmy 🙂

  5. Rossy

    Curiousity increase in me….what will happen?? I think rads herself went to find out something…waiting for next

    1. Sangee

      Exactly roosy our 007 radu went tofind out something and got traped there

  6. Shubhadha

    Nice bonding between neil and arjun..i like it to the core…

    1. Sangee

      Thanks you for ur love shubhadha

  7. Sweetie

    Haww!!Mera Arjun is afraid of injections!!Don’t worry when I’m here,I’ll take care of him..hehe.. 😀 Lovely episode dear,thupaki is one of my fav movie.. 😀 Love you loads and take care.. 🙂

    1. Sangee

      Thanks sweetie for the comment ….same pinch i too love thupaki movie luv u too:)

  8. S.v

    Sangee super poo arjun enrry theri aww thupakki madhiri entryah kuduthurukkan. Ayoo yosichakey sueprah irukkey. Ayyayoo enna idhu pudhu gundhu radhika missing. Enna ma neenga ipdi pandreengaley ma. Lovely and loved it next patt eppo update soon. Theri baby

    1. Sangee

      thanks for the comment S.v theri baby 😉

  9. Dev

    Hey sangeee.ni solrathu seri thaan….1 frnd vech padra paad iruke….aiyoooo
    Bt nc epi buddy ….lovd it .n waiting 4 d nxt

    1. Sangee

      ama Dev pavam neil..thanks for commenting Dev

  10. Awesome episode, love you loads

  11. _Ritu

    Beautiful dear…Arjun d macho man scared of injection ..lol 😉 😉 I thought he is scared from Rads only 😉 nd Rads in trouble…hope she wont get hurt…waiting for nxt…loads of love. 🙂

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