I will never let anyone or anything hurt you,Promise (Episode-5)


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Arneil’s office:
Arjun,Neil and another 3 officers(Raj,Shiv, Raghul) gathered in Arjuns cabin for the discussion
Arjun:Guys I selected u all for this operations because u are sincere and most reliable officers,u have a good track records also, we shud work together to arrest this shyams team.
I think neil have showed you the files related to him, wat you guys think abt it?
Neil:Shyam have good connection with central ministers and also have a good influence over local politics also ,if he know that we are targeting him we will get pressure from both central and state to stop this operation we must be very careful in this matter.
Raj: I accept Neil’s points, shyam has a big network in drug marketing every nook and corner of city has his agents,99% of drugs used in the city is sold by him
Shiv: Shyam is also indulging in selling young girls to foreign countries as s*x slaves. Most of the girls kidnapped by him are sold to foreign countries only, there is also a news dat he will conduct auctions were agents from diff countries come and bid on girls to buy them.
Arjun was listening to them with eyes closed ….some scenes flashed in his eyes
Some gun shots….crying sounds…one girl crying for help…..someone dragging a girl(eldest kid in that photo)…

Arjun shouted Nooooooo
All the officers gathered there were shocked neil shaked Arjun and asked y he shouted and wat happened?
Arjun drinks some water
Arjun: Nothing serious neil, leave it
Neil thought to ask abt this mater in personal so he also didn’t compel him
Arjun: As I investigated most of the drug dealings are done in night time if we go for a ride in the night we can arrest most of shyams agents .wat u guys say?
Officers replied positively
Arjun: Den we can even get life threats while doing this operation if anyone afraid of their life can tell now itsel.in this operation there must be only one result we may die or survive but shyam must be caught red handed and shud gave a lifetime imprisonment.
Raj: When we put this uniform we know that our life’s are at threats always… we are happy if we die in this mission our only aim is to complete this mission successfully. We will support you in all situations sir.

Other officers also seconded raj’s point
Arjun: den no need of sir just Arjun we are one team we will start this operation tonight itself.We shud ride nook and corner of the city and arrest all the drug dealers who are out tonight.we shud not leave even one. This must be very confidential operation…Tomorrow morning shud not be gud morning for shyam.
Neil: Yes Arjun.
All headed to make necessary actions for tonight’s operation
Arjun and neil are left alone
Arjun is deep thinking..neils voice intrupts ..
Neil: wat happened Arjun?

Arjun: wat wat happened?
Neil: don’t try to hide from me …y u shouted in the middle of the discussion?
Arjun: I already said na nothing serious(without looking at neil)
Neil: Look at me Arjun (in serious tone)
Arjun: nothing serious man just chill
Neil stared at arjun angrily

Arjun: ok don’t burn me by starring I just day dreamed that’s it ok are u happy ,now u r going to pull my leg the whole day by saying this laughed Arjun.
Neil(in angry tone): so u started lying to me …the great ACP Arjun day dreamed in the middle of the discussion that too the case of his dream wah wah you thought that I am so stupid to trust this lie . I am watching u from the beginning of the case u r behaving weirdly but I don’t know y? I thought u yourself will tell but u didn’t. I thought u are my best friend u will not hide anything from me but my trust went in vain. Now I realised u just think me as ur sub ordinate right? (neil hissed in anger)Thank you for breaking my trust Arjun sir
By saying this he went out angrily

Arjun’s close his eyes and leaned in his chair (mind voice): Sry neil ,if u come to know the truth u will feel the same pain I am feeling now …I don’t want you to feel my pain…I don’t want you to be hurt because of my invisible enemies…I want u to be out of my dark past … I always want u to be happy…These two years are the most beautiful days of my life..i forgot all my pain wen u r beside me.. but this is the time for my revenge …I want to take this revenge on my own…I don’t want you to be affected because of my revenge… I know we can’t spend even a hour without talking to each other…(a tear escaped from arjun’s eyes) u will come back

Outside Arjun’s cabin:

Neil’s mind voice: I am sorry for my harsh behaviour Arjun…I can’t see you in pain…u always hide ur pain from me but this time no…. i will find the reason behind ur pain for sure…u are always by my side in all ups and downs but u are not allowing me to share your pain Arjun  I know u always treat me as more than a friend, u r my role model, u r my bestie, u r the one next to my mom even sam is next to u only but  y are u doing like this…I spitted those harsh words thinking that u will tell the truth but you didn’t ….
He also headed to make the arrangements for tonight’s action…

At night: Arneil’s place:

Arjun gets ready in a black shirt and mustard color pant… takes his gun and place it in his pocket
Arjuns mind voice: count your days shyam…here comes Arjun Mehra IPS to take his revenge…
Neil also got ready in blue shirt and black pant …. He too takes his gun
Neil and Arjun come out of their rooms
This is the first time they didn’t talk to each other for very long time
Neil and Arjun saw each other

Arjun about to say something but interrupted by neil’s voice
Neil: Shall we move out Arjun sir… (he stressed the word sir)
Both neil and Arjun felt bad for that word but Arjun is adamant in his decision of not to enclose anything to neil
Both reached the meeting point all the other officers were also waiting for them
Arjun gave some instructions to all …
All headed towards different places of the city

Arjun and Neils Action block and their patching up

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