I will never let anyone or anything hurt you,Promise (Episode-4)

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Morning 6 o clock
Rasams place :
Rasam were getting ready for jogging
Usually Sam is the one against this jogging idea since Neil comes for jogging she also got ready earlier
Sam :Radika come fast nowadays u r getting so lazy ?
Radika: gave a firey look to Sam
Both headed towards the park
In the park :
Arjun and Neil were jogging
Sam and radika joined them
Sam patted on arneil shoulder
Sam : hi guys
Arneil : hi Sam
Sam and Neil continued their talk? and jogging togeather
Ardikas backed them
Sam: Neil do u come for jogging daily?
Neil : no Sam no and den I will feel lazy and will sleep Neil chuckeld
Sam: Neil u r a police officer u shud take care of ur fitness don’t be lazy

I and radika will not miss jogging if we miss in morning we will come for a walk in evening for sure Sam smiled ?
Radika stared Sam angrily
Sam made pity face and asked her to agree
Radika faked a smile and nodded to Wat ever Sam says
Arjun was quite during the full jogging he was physicaly present but his mind wad hovering some were
Radika seeing arjun
Radika mind voice : Mr devil is so calm today..
Radika : Acp sir is today Friday?
Arjun : no miss radika ? y?
Radika : Actually my grandma used to tell dat all devil’s will become saints on Friday
So I thought it may be Friday today
Saying this radika ran from there
Arjun : she is 100% mental thinking dat he smiled and continued his jogging
All the four reached their place and got ready to their work
Arneils place :
Neil got ready and started eating
Arjun was lost in something
Neil shaked arjun and asked Wat happened man
Arjun came to reality : nothing Neil
Both started eating
After some time
Arjun : Neil do u have grandma?
Neil : ofcourse each one will have grandma ?
Arjun : say one thing did ur ganrdma said anything abt devil’s Turing into saints on Friday ?
Neil : Wat devil, Saint Friday r u in dream ? exclaimed Neil
Arjun narrated the whole morning incident
Neil started laughing like anything he rolled on the floor and laughed
Arjun was annoyed to core
Seeing Arjuns expression Neil slowly gulped his laughter
Neils eyes were full of tears of laughter Neil slowly composed himself and explained arjun dat radika referred him as devil and as he was quite she told that devil will turn into saint on Friday
Before completing the sentence Neil again bursted into laughter and added arjun sure u r turning into kiddo nowadays ????

Arjun became angry to the core ???
Neil den composed him and both started to their office
Arneils office :
Arjun and Neil entered into office
One of the constables informed them that commissioner asked them to meet him
Both went to meet their senior
Commissioner’s office :
Arneil : excuse me sir
Commissioner : come inside
Arneil salutes him
Commissioner : Take your seat Arjun and Neil you guys are honest and efficient officers of the department I called you here to talk about one most confidential case. Take a look into these files. Showed some files to them.
Arjun : this is about drug dealer shyam
Commissioner : yes not only drugs now he is also indulging in human trafficking
In last one month more than 15 girls went missing in our city
We shud take some serious steps to stop this I recommended you guys for this case
Go ahead and gather as much evidences against him and arrest as soon as possible
He is also having good influence in politics also, Wat ever pressure we get we shud arrest him as soon as possible. This case will be a milestone in ur graph. Pick the officers reliable to you and form a group and start the operation immediately.
Arjun : we will fulfill ur hope for sure
They left from there and started discussing abt the case
Rasam’s office :
Radika and Sam were busy in writing in writing one article
They are writing a cover story on increasing number of girls missing case
Wen this task was offered radika was very adamant that they must grab that she was very much interested in it .Even sam was surprised y radu was very much intrested to take up this task

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  1. Think this case v ll bring ardhika closer ……..really waiting for you
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    Nice part..poor Arjun..Rads always pulling his legs..waiting for the case part…please update asap

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    nice one sangee well i guess this will make ardhika to come together ?? God waiting for the next one lovely

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