I will never let anyone or anything hurt you,Promise (Episode-28)


Hi guys sangee back with Episode -28… Hw r u all? thanks for all your comments keep reading and keep commenting guys.. Lets jump into the next epi
Arjun was standing in the balcony looking at the endless sky ans sea.. His mind… Heart… Soul all is filled with happiness all because of his ra ???? her mere presence with him made his day a dream… He has a ear to ear smile on his face…. He is happy after many days

Inside washroom :
Radika was taking her own time under shower…. After a solid 30 mins she finished her shower grabed the towel from the holder and wrapped around her and extended her hand to the holder to pull her dress…. But to her disappointment she can’t get hold of her dress… With frown ? she shifted her eyes to the hanger ? ?? she realised that she didn’t bring one in there and also didn’t had any spare in this room ???? she facepalmed herself….she saw her reflection in the mirror… Wrapped in a towel till knee… Water dropping from hair .. Arjuns naughty gaze flashed infront of her she facepalmed herself again seeing the mirror ???
She gathered all her courage and Peeped outside hiding her body behind the door only her head visible outside… She started calling arjun..
Arjun heared radikas call and moved inside the room… A small smile appeared in his face ☺
Radika : ajju don’t laugh
Arjun : I can’t hold my laugh seeing you like this ??? you are looking so cute BTW y r u standing like this come out ?
Radika :I don’t have any spare dress here ?
Arjun : so wat ?
Radika : Arjun… I don’t have any spare dress… She stressed each and every word
And made a puppy dog face
Arjun realised Wat she is telling…. He smiled at her mischievously ?
Arjun : I am not like you ra… I don’t mind just come out he winked at her ????
Radikas jaw dropped seeing Arjuns reaction
Arjun : ok let me call nandu and ask for your dress..
Arjun took out his phone and started dialing her number before he press call button radika jumped out of the bathroom grabed the phone in his hands and throwed it on the bed…
Radika was standing with her hands over her hips staring at arjun ?
Arjun was shocked ? and closed his eyes with his hands and saw rads between the finger gap….
Radika : are you mad arjun… It’s almost midnight… If you call them at this time and ask for spare dress… Wat they will think… . Duffer
Arjun : Wat they will think… Seriously iam saying ra They will not think that you will be standing infront me just wrapped in towel having your hands on your hip and staring at me like a little devil ?
He signed her to look at herself with eyes half closed with his palm
Radika : Wat ?…radika realised that she came out of the bathroom…
Radika saw arjun who was standing showing his back to her … She was about to ran back into the bathroom….but slipped because water dropped from her hair..she closed her tightly waiting to fell flat on the ground… But to surprise she landed on Arjuns arms ?…
Radika opened her eyes and saw arjun holding her in his arms ???…
Both shared a intense eye lock…. Arjun was seeing radika with full love in his eyes… Same was with radika…. Soon their gaze become intense… Cold sea breeze blew over them… Radikas dark brown locks stared to fly over her face. And hided Arjuns vision of her glowing face… He removed the locks from her face and pinned it behind her ears…his gaze scanned her from top to bottom..
Radika started to shiver in the cold breeze… Which made arjun came out of his gaze… And he winked at her mischievously ? he left the hold over her
Arjun : I swear ra I didn’t see anything…. Saying this he turned to opposite side
Radika was shivering in the cold…
Arjun sensed her shivering and went near the cupboard and pulled one of his t shirt and trousers and went near her walking backwards without seeing her and gave her the clothes
Arjun : I will go to balcony.. Change here itself… Floor is very slippery..
He went and stood in the balcony and started looking at dark see and shining full moon ?????
Radika changed into the dress he gave pat dried her hair … And went towards balcony..
Arjun was standing looking at the sky with a big smile .. ? Radika looked at his smile she also look at the sky… She looped her hands around Arjuns arms…

Ajju they are smiling at us… Radika said looking at the stars in the sky… ????
Are they happy seeing us ra arjun questioned her without moving his gaze from the sky ???
Yes ajju they are happy seeing their children happy see they are twinkling brightest ???…radika leaned over his arms…
They were standing there still looking at the sky for few mins…
Arjun : ra you go and sleep… It’s very cold here… You are shivering already you will catch cold.
Radika : u didn’t feel sleepy ?
Arjun : no ra you go I am not feeling sleepy…
ok den I also don’t feel sleepy… Radika said with a yawn

Arjun patted her shoulder : see you are yawning go and sleep.. ? He pushed her towards the room
Radika : it’s very cold arjun.. You are not a machine.. You will also catch cold ???
Arjun chuckled at her reaction
Arjun : how will one catch cold when his wifey is standing beside him looking all hot wearing his t-shirt and trousers ?
Arjun winked at her ? ? ? ?
Radika glared at him and moved inside the room… She went near the bed there she saw her reflection in the mirror…yes she was looking more than cute in his clothes though they were oversized for her…. She smiled at her own reflection and pulled the blanket over the bed and moved towards balcony
She sat there wrapping the blanket over her looking at the sky… Arjun who was standing there came and sat near her ?
Arjun : Wat happened wifey.. Not in the mood to sleep ???

Radika : you only said without me you will catch cold… Then how can I leave you here… It’s duty of a good wife to look after her hubbies health ???
Arjun smiled at her in response and moved closer to her and wrapped the one side of blanket over him….both sat there looking at the sky and went on talking….. Both stared moving closer as the wind stared to blew colder and colder… They were rubbing their hands to gain some warmth… Arjun pulled her into her embrace and radika leaned over his shoulders… But they were still looking at the sky and talking.. It is like Ardika and sky were having some fun conversation.. They were smiling.. Giggling all while ????

As time passed Radika fell asleep ???leaning on arjun… ?? He realised that she slept wen he didn’t get any response from her… He lifted her gentley without disturbing her sleep.. She snugged closer and clutched his shirt in sleep…
He walked towards the bed looking at her calm face ?? He placed her gentley over the bed pulled the blanket and coverd her till shoulders…den he picked one pillow from the bed and headed towards the couch there but he stoped in his track wen radika grabed his hand in sleep and was murmuring something… Arjun went near her and released her hold over his hands… Don’t leave me alone ajju radika was talking in her sleep.
I can’t even dream of leaving you alone ra, arjun whispered to her and pecked her forehead
He headed to the couch and lay down in it facing radika… Soon he also fell into deep sleep ?
Hours passed and all of them are in deep sleep ? ? ? ? ? ?
Clock strikes 2..

Neils phone was rnging for last 5 mins ? ? atlast after couple of rings he woke up and took the phone in his hands… He rubbed his eyes and saw his phone was flashing Commissioner calling… He checked the time it is 2.20 … Y he is calling me at this time he thought to himself and slided the green control..
Commissioner : Neil… Where is arjun?.. I was calling him for last 15 mins.. Y he is not picking my call?… U r with him right? Give him the phone?
Neil was confused hearing his nonstop questions and tensed too sensing some tension in his voice
Neil : sir anything serious..
Commissioner: no Neil just need to talk abt one case to him can you pls get him on call
He replied in composed tone
Neil : I will call you back in 5 mins sir.. And disconnected the call
Neil got up he also tried his number but no response.. No other way he said to himself and woke up Karan who sleeping hugging a pillow… He narrated the whole incident and pulled him with him to the next room where Sam and riddi were sleeping…
He knocked the door after 3,4 knocks riddi came out rubbing her eyes
Riddi : Wat happened guys… In a sleepy tone
Neil : bhabi I need that rooms key ? after telling her abt the call
Riddi gave the key to him.. Sam also came out hearing their conversation
Sam : Neil Wat are you going to do ?
Neil : going to open the door… Wake him up
Sam : Neil it’s not good manners to peep into coupes room ?
Neil : I swear you Sam.. Wat you expect will not happen in this birth because your newly found brother is buddhu to that extent .. He chuckled ???
Sam pouted in response ?

All went to Ardikas room Neil unlocked the door and before he opens it all closed their eyes except Neil ?
Neil saw radika sleeping in the bed fully coverd with blanket and arjun lying in the couch bending his knees.. He facepalmed himself and look at others who are closing their eyes he patted over Sams shoulder she opened her one eye and saw him… He signed her to see inside.. She also facepalmed herself seeing the sight infront of him ? she also made others to open their eyes… They also facepalmed them seeing the sight
Riddi : useless fellow… Iam disowing him Sam ?
Neil went near him and patted his shoulders Arjun got up with a jerk ?
Arjun : Wat happened Neil he was blinking in shock
Neil : come out first…
All came out and arjun closed the door behind him
Neil : Arjun y u didn’t pick the phone.. Commissioner sir was trying to speak to you ?
Arjun ran towards the room picked his phone… 25 missed calls from Commissioner number
He came out ruffling his hairs with tension in his face ?
Did he said anything to you arjun asked Neil while dialing Commissioners number
Neil nodded in negative.. All others were seeing Arjuns tensed face ????
Arjun kept his phone over his ears… Call get connected in first ring
Arjun : anything serious uncle ?
Neils face changed hearing the word uncle

Arjun sensed that and changed his sentence… Anything serious sir… He moved aside so that others will not hear their conversation
Arjuns face became more tensed as the conversation continued…he was rubbing his forehead continuously… After few mins he disconnected the call and came near Neil
Neil : Wat happened arjun… U were looking tensed
Arjun sighed in response and brushed the sweat on his forehead
Arjun : nothing serious Neil iam going out I will be back with in a hour
He rushed inside his room without waiting for his reply he went near
the cupboard pulled his gun out checked for bullet and kept that inside his pocket
He rushed outside but stoped near the door and looked at radika for one second before closing the door and came to hall were others are looking at his suspicious activities ????

Neil : Arjun wait I will also come with you…
Arjun :no neil I can handle it myself…He went towards the door but came back near Neil as if he forgot to say something
Arjun : Neil do you have your pistol?
Neil nodded in positive in confusion ?
Arjun : ok Neil be careful.. Don’t open the door unless I tell you
Neil :Arjun where are you going? Wats the problem? Pls speak out.. What are you hidding from us ?

Arjun : nothing Neil any one of us must stay here that’s y iam saying… U stay back… I will tell you after I come back… Nandu pls take care of radika.. Don’t tell her anything if she ask for me tell something and cover
He ran outside without wasting one more second
Riddi : Neil do you know anything ?
Neil : no bhabi… I think he is hiding something from us
Karan : Neil you follow him without his knowledge
Neil : no Karan.. Arjun is right… I can’t leave you guys alone here… I sense some danger from Arjuns activities

Neil started to think deeply on the other hand arjun driving in full speed through the desserted road tensed and hitting the dashboard hard cursing some one

Hw is it guys pls ignore my typos and grammer mistakes waiting for your reviews
Take care.. Bye… ???????
Silent readers pls drop atleast one word… Pls pls pls ???????????????????????????????
And belated birthday wishes to rossy ??? have a beautiful year ahead ????

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  1. Sangee plz update soon…cant wait to read the update…commissioner uncle??? Watching the start…waiting for these hints to be unfolded in the next chappy. Awesome chappy…

    1. Sangee

      Thanks for the comment shankari… Yes commissioner uncle ? sure I will unfold the secrets one by one

  2. Brin

    Awesome episode, you left it with a suspence, commissioner is his uncle, what was the call about that left Arjun to be intense, eagerly waiting for the next update. ☺

    1. Sangee

      Thanks for the comment Brin your questions will be answered in next epi ?

  3. Jewel

    Neil call Arjun as budhu, and nandu disowned Arjun, that was really funny… And ardhika part was beautiful. Now what happened?? And commissioner is uncle for Arjun, is there any relation btwn them?? Eagerly waiting for next one , post it soon

    1. Sangee

      Yes sure he is buddhu ??? poor arjun his only blood relation his sister disowned him ???? next one soon ? thanks for the comment jewel

  4. arti viswanathan

    Sangee excellent episode dear. I always liked ur work the way u express in writing a episode so gracefully. I liked the scenes of arjun and radhika very much don’t u think they should come more closer to each other. And I will be waiting for next episode dear….

    1. Sangee

      Thanks arti for your encouraging words sure they will come closer in upcoming episodes.. ☺

  5. Myra

    Sangee it was perfect…..interesting and engaging….
    Love you ?
    Update soon.

    1. Sangee

      Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much myra

  6. awesome. very interesting.

    1. Sangee

      Thanks a lot Moni

  7. Jessie

    Sangee…u want lesson from me ah??? U are too good ya…I was like.. enada pana poreenga..?hehehh…naughty fellow Arjun…..now suspense….Ardhika moments so lovely….Radz wake up..tell us the flash back….Super ma sangee…sema epi…last part highlight…Arjun periya aalu1 than… commissioner uncle…ok…spare keys…lol….love u loads..eager 4 next…TC

    1. Sangee

      Me good not at all jess wen compared to you ? ippodaiku eduvum panna poradu illa first Ahkil Apparam dan ellam ???
      Sure soon flashback…. Yes commissioner uncle ? luv you too… Next one very soon ??????????????

  8. hmm . nice epi . loved the facepalming part . hehe . and so much excitement . dont be shocked . i started reading mmz ffs after sathya di and u . ur this ff is outstanding . i read them and wait for them . but u dont upload . very bad . next time i wont cmnt if u become late

    1. Sangee

      Chandra thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for your comment ??.. You read because of me omg now iam flying… Regular updates hereafter sply for you ok
      Sry for the late updates I was bit stuck between office and dewali preparations hereafter I will be regular ???you shud
      also comment regularly deal ☺..

  9. Rossy

    Thank u very much sangee…commissioner uncle…god…Arjun went alone…what’ll happen…nandini disowned Arjun. ..cool ya…ardhika part…very nice ….update soon

    1. Sangee

      Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much rossy…

  10. S.v

    oh my god what has happened ?? first half all cute and romantic and the second half im gulping nothing should trouble my ra and ajju and nesam and karan and ridhi as well i am now scared. next part soon sangee super awesome the update is love u take care.

    1. Sangee

      S.v thanks for the comment dear nothing will trouble our couples Wen ajju is there so worries no need to be scared ☺ sure will post next part soon… U too take care ??????

  11. Aasthu

    what is it??????? everything was going on well to be broken in the last min………..anyways waiting for the next………….tc………love u……….can u tell me smething abt u???????????

    1. Sangee

      Nothing will be broken aasthu… Sry if I disappointed you… I promise you arjun will solve everything ☺… You too take care… Abt me iam sangeetha… My friends call me as sangee..I like to be called as Geeth as of now working as software engineer… Living in Pondicherry.. Thats a small intro abt me… Iam eager to know abt you also… Frnds ??

  12. mindblowing update da ….story unmaiya remba remba interest aga pooguthu…eagerly waiting next one …please update soon …love uuuu tc

    1. Sangee

      thnk you so much subha…will post next one today 🙂

  13. Roma

    Awesome episode, loved ardhika’s lovelyyyyyy moments. …what happened that arjun left in hurry….so curious to know. …keep it up honeyyy. . Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart ♡♡♡ 😉

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