I will never let anyone or anything hurt you,Promise (Episode-26)


Hi guys iam back with Episode -26 big big sorry for the late update I was stuck between office and dewali preparations…. I promise here after I will update regularly ? keep commenting and support me ???
Den Hw was your dewali guys… Mine was superb enjoyed to the core with my family in my native ☺☺☺☺ ok enough of my blabbering let’s jump into the epi ?

Evening 5 outside shopping mall
Atlast after a full day of masti and pulling each other legs their shopping came to end…
All boys are overloaded with bags. ??????
Karan : atlast we finished..
Riddi glared him ?
Karan : hello hello I said we finished shopping y r u looking like that ?
Riddi : that’s a good boy ?
Radika : ok next ?
Rest….. Karan Neil Sam and riddi said in chorus
Wat is dis guys it’s just 5 now ? with a pout ?
All glared radika ????
Arjun : chill guys let’s start
All boarded into the car
Radika followed them with a frown ?
Arjun winked at radika ?
Radika smiled at him as if she heard his mindvoice
Arjun took the steering after half of an hour of journey
Neil : Arjun where are you taking us.. This is wrong route
Arjun : we are going in correct route ☺ chill Neil
Riddi : Arjun where are we going… Tell us ?
Arjun : surprise ?????
Arjun halted infront of a big gate (same beach property radika and arjun met)
Radika jumped of the car and ran towards the gate and opened it…
Radika was smiling ear to ear ? ? ?
All looked at radika and arjun in confusion
All get down from the car… Arjun parked the car inside the gate and went to close the gate
All the other are seeing the place with wide open mouth
Arjun : let’s go inside guys
All followed arjun
Arjun showed the whole house to them
Sam : Arjun this place is soo beautiful…
Neil : Arjun Who’s is this.. I have not seen this place before
Ours radika bluterd out
Others : Wat ?
Arjun :it’s like ours.. It’s one of my friend’s he is in states.. As of now iam looking after this property ☺
Neil :oooooooooooooooooooooo
Karan : ok y you bought us here
Arjun: surprise……. One sec I will be back
All were looking at arjun with confusion
Arjun went outside after few mins he came inside carrying some bags ??
Radika : Wat is dis ajju?
Arjun smiled in response and gave a bag to Nesam Karan and riddi … all took bag with confusion
Arjun : ok now open the bags ? at the same time
All opened the bag and saw dresses for them… All looked at arjun with confusion
Arjun : I have bought dresses for all you are wearing this for day after tomorrows party ☺
Still all are looking confused ???
Sam: Wat party arjun ☺
Arjun : ufff you also don’t know
Sam nodded in positive
Arjun : on the occasion of my sisters bday I have arranged a party ? and you guys are attending it… So I bought dresses for you ?
Riddi : but day after tomorrow is not my birthday ?
Arjun : you are not my only sister ?
All looking at arjun in confusion
Arjun : I don’t thought dat you guys are very big tubelight ??

At the time radika jumped And yelled it’s Sams bday ????
Sam : Wat ☺
Radika ran to Sam and hugged her
Radika : yes Sammy it’s you bday ???
Arjun :in this gang of bhuddus only my wife is clever ???
Sam was dumbstruck ???
Sam : Wats all this arjun…
Sam went near him and hugged him
Arjun hugged her in response,
Sam : Arjun I didn’t expect this from you
Arjun : Wat you thought not only nandu you are also my sister that too a little sister I always longed for ?
Sam got tears hearing Arjuns words
Sam : Iam very blessed to have a brother like you ?
Arjun wiped her tears
Radika was happy seeing them…
Radikas mindvoice: Iam very happy seeing arjun like this… He deserves a family he got that with Neil, Sam and riddi ???
Arjun : but you are very unfortunate to get a boy friend like Neil who didn’t even remember your bday ?
Saying this arjun started laughing ???
Neil who was smiling seeing them started sweating hearing Arjuns words and Sams stare
All are laughing at Neils reaction ????
Neil : who told I forgot… I… I remember… I thought to give her surprise.. But this arjun spoiled every thing ?
Neil finished his sentence with utmost difficulty ???appreciating his brilliance within his mind
Sam : you… You don’t try to fool me
Sam started chasing Neil to beat him ???
Neil stared to run around hiding behind others ???
Atlast Neil hides behind radika
Neil :Radika save me…pls pls…
Radika : leave him Sam… He saying na… He didn’t forget… He planed to surprise you ?
Sam : radu don’t stand by his side… I know he is fooling us ?
Neil :Sam no sam believe me. .. I swear I didn’t forget ???
Sam : no I don’t believe you…
Neil pleaded to arjun to help him through eyes ??
Arjun chuckled seeing him… After a few mins ok pleading and sorry Sam pardoned Neil
Neil : thank you so much Sam…iam blessed to get you as my wife ???
Sams jaw dropped hearing him saying her as his wife
Arjun : Neil still you get married she is not your wife ???she is my sister ???
Neil :Wat ever you say…. She is my wife from the second I made her wearing this ring
He said caressing the ring in Sams finger…. Sams cheeks were turning into red ???
Radika : you are very lucky to have Neil…. see your brother he bought dresses for all except me ?? not at all loves me ??
Radika said with a pout ?
Arjun : ohh I thought to give this (pointing to another bag) to you but Wat you said I didn’t love you right ? ok I will give this to any of the beautiful girls in the party he winked at her ?
Radika : Wat Wat you will give to another girl ?…how dare you… Devil, ghost, stupid, idiot
Radika started beating him
Arjun crosses his hands above his head and tries to escape from her… But he was unable to escape since radika was in no mood to leave him after few mins of struggle Arjun captured radikas hands stop it ra it’s paining ? Arjun said with a fake cry
Radika : let it pain… How could you think of another girl Han… Leave my hand…… She was jumping in anger since her hand was captured by arjun
Arjun : promise me that you will not hurt me… Den only I will release ?
Radika : ok leave me
Arjun : promise
Radika : promise ?
Arjun released her and gave her the bag he was holding
Nesam and kadu (Kara, nandu)
Radika opened the bag and took the wrap inside it… She unwraps the cover

Her eyes filled with tears Seeing the pink color saree she saw in the shop inside the cover ?
Arjun was smiling at her reaction
Arjun : how is it? Do you like it?
Radika : ajju… How… You…
Radika was stammering… Before she finishes her sentence
Arjun : you can’t hide anything from me Mrs.arjun ?Arjun pulled her into his arms
Radika : but it’s very costly…
Arjun : Everything is cheap infront of this happy tears of yours…. He wiped her tears
Radika : Iam very blessed to have you in my life ?
Arjun : no ?iam very blessed to have you in my life
Both started arguing about who is blessed in the same position
Riddi to Nesam and Karan, see they started to argue again… They are impossible ??
Karan coughed hard to break their argument… He signed them to see their position after that only they realised abt their position and stepped aside…. Both stared blushing
Sam : if your romance is over can we go home ?
Arjun : no
Wat… Nesam, Karan, riddi said in chorus
Arjun : not that no I said no for going back to our place ☺
Riddi : it’s already 6 let’s go home Arjun… If you want…. you stay back with your wife finish your romance and come in the morning ? Riddi winked at Ardika
Radika : di you too ??
Arjun : no we all are staying here tonight ?I have another surprise
Karan : Wat happened to you arjun… Back to back surprises ???
Arjun : nothing I thought to make beautiful memories with my family ☺☺☺

Arjun : ok ok enough of talking come with me
Arjun took all of them to the beach in the back of the house
All are awestruck seeing the sea view there
Radika ran into the sea and started playing with water… She was giggling like a child who offered it’s favourite chocolate
Arjun was smiling seeing her smile ?
Radika : Sam… Di.. Come here
Sam and riddi also ran to radikaa and all started playing
After few mins Karan and Neil also joined them all stared playing throwing water at each other giggling and laughing
But arjun was standing like ah statue. He can see only radika… Others are not visible to him… All the other became blur…. He was in dream seeing his ra like that ???
He was standing in the same state for last few mins no one noticed arjun as they were busy in playing..
Karan saw Arjun who was standing like a statue having a big smile in his face he went near arjun and shaked him
Karan : Arjun Wat happened….
Arjun : vo vo… I was… Just standing
Arjun was searching for words Karan chuckled seeing him
Karan : Arjun don’t try to hide… You were seeing radika like eating her ???
Arjun started blushing
Karan : Arjun stop blushing now… ?
Arjun : Karan pls don’t tell anyone let’s go and join them
Arjun pulled Karan with him and moved into sea
All the couples started playing in the sea ????

After enjoying for nearly one hour all settled in the beach sand.. All were fully exhausted ??????
Karan : that’s it guys I will not move one step from here… Iam totally exhausted…. pls feed me something yar else I will die out of starvation ??
Neil : same pinch Karan ? Neil said with a pout
Radika : me too my stomach is making weird sounds ???
Others also agreed with them
Arjun : one sec ?
At the same time Arjuns mobile started ringing ??
Arjun : Neil our food is waiting outside will you pls get them ???
Before arjun finishes his sentence Karan and Neil ran towards the gate
Riddi and Sam saw them with wide open mouth Arjun chuckled seeing them and turned his gaze towards radika there Radika is also sitting with wide open mouth but only difference is she is looking at arjun…. Arjun moved towards her and closed her mouth with his hands
Arjun : close your mouth ra see already one housefly went inside your mouth and came back through your ears….
Arjun stared laughing loudly ????
Radika : Arjun stop laughing ?
Arjun : ok tell me y are you looking at me like eating me ?. Yes I agree u are hungry..but..see iam not your dinner wait for them to bring the food ???
Radikas jaw dropped again hearing Arjuns words
Arjun : again…
Arjun moved closer :Yes you can eat me as dinner but wait for few more months… whispered in her ears And winked at her ??
Radika was dumbstruck ??? Arjun was giggling seeing her reaction ????
Neil : guys dinner ready ?
Neil and Karan were holding pizza and Pepsi
All started stuffing pizzas playing with each other and biting each other slices ????
Arjun dragged radika with him and stuffed a slice of pizza into her mouth
Radika started munching the pizza but her eyes are still looking at arjun ????
That’s it guys.. How was it.. I hope it’s not boring
Pls bare me with my typos and grammatical mistakes ?

Waiting for your views guys…
Pls pls comment… Silent readers pls try to drop atleast one word pls pls

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