I will never let anyone or anything hurt you,Promise (Episode-24 and 25)

Hiiiiiiiiiii all sangee back with next epi first of all sorry for the late update…I was having a very bad headache for last couple of days so I could not make it sryyyyyyyy dears…so as a compensation here goes the double damaka epi 24 and epi 25 togeather  …I hope you guys didn’t get bored…waiting for your reviews…take care dears…….ok let’s jump into todays epi

All the three couples had their breakfast on the way…. They reached one of the biggest mall in the city

Arjun: ok you guys start I will Park the car and then I will join you
Nesam, radika, Karan, riddi all went inside the mall
Arjun drived into the parking… The whole parking place was very silent….
Arjun : why this place is this much silentl…weird..
He parked the car and started walking towards the mall

He stopped suddenly hearing some sound
Arjuns mindvoice : Wats that sound… Y am feeling weird ?…
Arjun shouted anyone there
But no response he checked for his pistol in his pocket and he tip toed towards the direction of sound source

He hide behind one of the walls and arched his neck towards that direction and Peeped
There was a oily tin a cute little kitten was stuck inside it and was struggling to come out
Arjun smiled at it and went near the tin
Arjun : oh sweetie how you got into this?… Wait I will release you ?

He took the cat outside and started to coo with it
Arjun :oh Wat a sweet little creature…how you ended up here darling ?
The kitten meows in response ? arjun chuckled seeing the response ☺
He dropped the kitten down…. It walked two steps then turned to Arjuns side and saw his face ?
Arjun : Wat happened baby ?….go to ur mom

Kitten started to leave as if it understands Wat arjun said

Arjun was smiling seeing it
Suddenly arjun felt some hands on his shoulder that’s it police officer inside him started to react at fraction of seconds He pulled out the gun from his pocket loaded it and pointed it towards the person standing behind him

hey hey arjun why are you pointing the gun at me cool down cool down I just touched you said Karan in a trembling voice hiding behind Neil… Neil was laughing seeing Karans reaction
Arjun pushed the pistol into his pocket

Arjun : ufff… Sry Sry Karan.. I thought… Thought some one was trying to attack ?
Karan left Neil and came forward
Karan : no need for Sry and all Arjun… We are here to enjoy leave the ACP inside you here itself it’s family time yar u must not carried ur gun itself
Arjun :there is no time called family time for a police officer…. Karan we are always on duty ☺ we don’t know wen we will be attacked by our enemies… Our guns are like a part of our body…
Before arjun finishes hid sentence
Neil : BTW Arjun y r u looking tensed ?
Arjun :I don’t know y but iam feeling restless after reaching here… My gut feeling is saying something wrong gonna happen ?
Karan : our thinking matters arjun don’t take stress too much Dats not good for health ☺
Neil : Arjun we are all together don’t worry let’s go inside else they will come searching for us ?
Boys went inside the male… A pair of eyes were watching them ?
Inside the mall :

Sam : ok guys were to start from ?
Radika : hmmmm casuals first Wat say ☺
All the three made hi5
Boys also reached there
Neil : ok guys let’s start were are we going first ?
Arjun : seriously Neil I don’t know y are you excited this much more than them ?
Neil : shall I reveal it Sam ?
Sam nodded positively

Ardika and samran (Samriddi and Karan) were confused
Neil : I and Sam have decided to wear same colour dress daily hereafter ?
So we are going to buy dresses of Same colours for both of us ?
Arjun and Karan were shocked ??
Karan and arjun : Wat
Riddi : Wat Wat ?this is called love… You guys are fit for nothing see Neil how romantic he is
Radika we are very unfortunate to get these duffers as husbands let’s pray to God atleast in next birth we will get a carring romantic husband ??

Radika also nodded in positive…. radika and riddi litrealy joined their hands and prayed looking at the sky
Karan and arjun are dumbstruck seeing them praying ??
Neil was laughing at them ????
Karan we don’t need any enemies from outside we ourselves have a black sheep among us…. ??Arjun murmered near Karans ears
Don’t worry arjun we can settle this scores with him afterwards murmered Karan in reply
Arjun and Karan throwed daggers at Neil ??

Karan : ok ok we will learn from him let’s get inside
Neil was still laughing at them
Sam radika and riddi went first arjun pulled Neil and gave a play full punch his stomach
Neil : Arjun y are you beating me… You are jealous… If you can’t impress radika ask my help I will give you tips ? winked Neil

Arjun : hello Mr. Romantic… She is already impressed by Me so only she married me…so I don’t need ur so called tips… arjun gave a victory smile
Karan : stop fighting guys let’s go with them else we will miss them…. See the crowd here
The mall was already filled with crowd since Diwali is nearing ????
Our three couples went inside one of the shops there

Girls enquired abt casuals section and headed towards it
Our boys are following them ( like that dog in one of the TV commercials ??)
Riddi and radika were seeing kurtis in one section… Sam and Neil were seeing kurtis and t shirts in one side
Arjun and Karan were standing in one corner chit chatting abt something
Radika : di see there Neil is helping Sam to select dresses.. Ur brother is standing in 20 feet distance ? happily chatting stupid, nonsense, idiot, devil ?

Radika go on cursing him
Riddi : leave arjun see Ur jiju he too doing the same ?
Radika and riddi were throwing daggers at their partners but poor arjun and Karan were not aware of that they were happily chi chatting Turing to the opposite direction … But Neil noted their reaction and laughed inside ….and went towards arjun
Arjun and Karan were talking seriously about some girl there both of them are watching her for last 4,5 minutes where ever she goes.. Suddenly they lost her and are searching for her ???

Neil went near them : Wat are you talking about guys
we saw a girl in mini skirt and white top we are searching for her.. Karan replied without turning to neil
Neil : oh ok ok you search for her because you may get divorce notice from bhabi very soon ???
Karan turned immediately in shock but still arjun was searching for her ???
Karan : Wat you say Neil
Neil signed him to see riddi… Karan shifted his sight to riddi… Riddi was staring at him as if she will burn him into ashes ?

Karan gulped seeing riddi ?
Neil patted Arjuns shoulder : Arjun… Arjun… Wat are you doing ?
Arjun :don’t disturb me Neil… Iam searching for that girl
Neil : Arjun leave her…..see here one beautiful girl is watching you without even blinking ?
Arjun turned saying is it soooo?
Neil turned arjun towards radika
Radika was giving a I will kill you look at him ?

Arjun too gulped in fear ?
Neil laughed at their reaction and moved to Sam
Karan and arjun was standing in the same place
Sam : Wat happened Neil y are you laughing ?
Neil : see radika and bhabi there ?

Sam : whom they are starring at ?
Neil : see arjun and Karan there
Sam laughed seeing them Wat happened Neil y are they standing like that
Neil narrated the whole incident Sam and Neil were laughing seeing them… Arjun and Karan saw them and signed them to stop but no use riddi and Rads anger were rising seeing them laugh
Karan : Arjun be ready for you death.. ?
Arjun nodded and both headed towards their girls

Arjun went and stood near radika and Karan near riddi
Riddi and radu turned to other side as if they are busy in selecting clothes
Karan looked each other in pity ??
Radika : di will this color suits me? Radika showed one cream colour top to her… Before riddi could reply
Radika Wat kind of taste you have this color will not suit to your complexion ?
Radika was angry to the core ?…..seeing radika getting angry he facepalmed himself
Radika with a grin who asked your opinion ACP sir….. Saying this she stamped Arjuns feet with her pointed heels
Arjun : ouch ouch ??

Arjun winced in pain and lifted his leg up. . He didn’t get hurt since he was wearing his shoes else he might have lost one of the fingers ???
Radika signed him to move from there.. Arjun came and sat in one of the chairs there with a pout
Karan saw radikas act and felt pity on arjun
Karan took one blue colour kurti from the counter and showed riddi
Karan : riddi you will look beautiful in this color.. See this
so I will not look good in other colors ? asked riddi raising her brows
Karan : no… No.. Riddi I didn’t say like that… You look beautiful in all colour but blue suits you the most ☺?? Karan was stammered

Riddi : will you go from here or you need the same treatment as arjun ?riddi said pointing to her heels… It was more pointed than radikas
Karan gulped in fear and left the place and joined arjun
Arjun : Wat happened Karan…
Karan : ur sister shooed me from there
Arjun : nandu is far better than radika she litrely stabed me ??
Both sat with a pout ??

Nesam was seeing all this and laughing at them ??
They finished shopping some casual suits and came near arjun and Karan
Neil was carrying Sams and his bags … Riddi and radu were have 2 bags each
Neil : ok guys next let’s go to ethnic wear section..

All moved to next section….Nesam holding their hands followed by riddi, Karan was two steps back and radika was following them Arjun after radika
Arjun saw Neil carrying Sams bag ☺
Arjuns mindvoice : ?idea
Arjun grabed the bags from radikas hand… At first radika didn’t give
arjun pleaded her through eyes??finally she gave the bag to him smiling at him ??
Arjun too holded radikas hands and followed them smiling ??
The couples went to ethnic wear section

Nesam and arrdika were seeing lehengas togeather… Riddi was standing with them and seeing lehengas for her too
Karan didn’t saw arjun going with radika he was searching for him here and there finally he saw arjun standing with radika holding her hand and choosing dress for her
Karan was shocked seeing that sight.. Arjun saw his reaction and winked at him ?..Karan shifted his gaze to riddi…. Riddi was giving you are dead today look at Karan ?

Karan also joined the gang and tried to speak to riddi but riddi didn’t gave a damm abt him ???
After an 1 hour of discussion
Sam selected two one in red and gold another in blue and gold
Neil : Sammy red is your colour baby let’s select this red one ? Wat say ?
Sam : Neil I too liked this ur the best in the world
Sam hugged him in happiness Neil was smiling in all his 32 teeths

Sam : ok I take red Wat abt u radu ?
Radika have selected two one in black and gold one in orange and black she was confused in Wat to select
Radika saw arjun with confusion ?
Arjun was also equally confused after thinking a lot

Arjun : ra which one you like ?
Radika : I like both of them equally I don’t know wat to select help me na ajju I will take Wat ever you like ☺?
Arjun : ok den……take both ? he winked at radika

Radika : Wat both ?seriously ?
Arjun : you like both na den wat ?
Arjun to the sales man pack both of them ☺
Sam to radika in low tone radu see how much Arjun loves you ?
Radika : shut up Sam…??? she was blushing crimson
Neil : wah wah arjun… Superb I think I need to take classes from you ?

Arjun winked at Neil in reply
All turned to riddi
Riddi have chosen one in green and gold and another in purple and gold
Karan was standing with pout ?
Riddi turned towards Karan…
Riddi : Wat shall I take green one ore purple one.. With No expression in face

Karan : I like the green one ? Karan said with full smile
Riddi to salesman : pack the purple one for me..
She said so but pointed the green one to salesman and signed him to pack that
She winked at Rasam and arrdika ??
Karan was sad standing gazing the earth ??
Sam : ok let’s go to sherwani section
Arjun and Neil pulled Karan with them
All moved to the sherwani section
Sam : guys the stage is yours you can select Wat ever you want ?

Neil : no sam you select for me too… Select anything which matches your lehenga ?
Sam : ok let me choose ?
Radika : ajju Wat abt you… Are you choosing or shall I select ?
Arjun : Hmmm let’s select together ? He pulled radika with him and started seeing the dresses
Riddi turned towards Karan ?
Karan : I know you will not select for me… So I didn’t need anything ???
Karan sat sadly in one of the chairs ???

Riddi went near Karan and sat beside him hiding her smile
Karan : y are you sitting here go and enjoy with your sister and brother ?
Riddi : acha my darling is angry over me so iam also sad… Riddi turned to opposite direction ?
Karan : Iam not angry on anyone… You are only angry at me ?…I came here to because I was missing you like hell… Here you are throwing tantrums at me ?
Riddi holded her ears ok iam sorry let’s go and select dresses for you… See all of them are enjoying ?
Karan : no iam not in the mood ?
Riddi : so u r still angry at me ?? riddi pouted and made a sad face ?

Karan : acha baba don’t keep your face like that let’s go ???
Karan pulled her with him and stared seeing sherwani for him
Nesam selected a red and gold combo sherwani matching to Sams lehenga
Arrdika selected a orange and black sherwani both with golden combo
Arjun : Wat is this Karan you didn’t select anything for you ?

Karan : Wat to do arjun.. I am very confused… U guys help me ?
Arnei: ok move from here we will choose.. They pulled Karan and riddi aside
Arneil are seeing different dresses and having a intense discussions abt it
Rasam, riddi and Karan are laughing seeing their intense discussions…
Sam : see Their reactions are like they are discussing abt a important case… But they are just choosing a dress ???
After a solid 15,20 mins they reached picking two sherwanis of green colour ?
Arjun :how is it Karan choose anyone from this
Karan : I don’t like this ??
Karan : I don’t like see for any other ??
Sam : jiju green colour will suit you take a… These sherwani also have intricate designs… It’s beautiful.. Select anyone from these ?
Karan : no I didn’t like it ?
Radika : it’s looking good jiju ☺
Karan : no radika I don’t like that
Riddi : Wat is this Karan Arneil choosed those for you with affection u r not picking it select any one from dat ?

Karan : no I didn’t like that I will see any other else I don’t want?
Riddi : Wat is this Karan you are behaving like a kid ?
Neil : ok tell me y u didn’t like this ?
Karan : I don’t like it Dats all ?
Arneil : Karan we want a valid reason for not liking it ??
Karan : you guys are soo selfish ? all selected Sherwanis matching to ur partners lehenga but you are telling me to take different colour this is not fair…. Get me any purple one I will take it ??
Karan made a pout ??
All the others started laughing at Karan

Karan : y are you laughing at me now ?
Arjun came near Karan and side hugged him
Arjun : u liked green colour lehenga na so nandu took that only so we selected green colour for you too
Karan :nandu took green colour means Wat… Riddi took purple colour only ?
All are giggling at Karan

Then only he realised nandu is riddi and she took the green colour lehenga which he choosed ?
Karan : really ?
All nodded positively
Karan : so you were pulling my legs ??
All started laughing…
Karan : I know my riddi will not neglect my choice ? and smiled

Arjun : ok ok Wat next ☺
Riddi : saree ?
Neil : ok you guys go and see we will pay the bill and come
Sam : no we are paying for your dresses… You pay for us ? she grabed the bills from him
Karan : no need same give us we will pay

Arneil also seconded him
Radika : do you guys think that we are not capable of sharing the bill ☺…we too work we too get salary… We too have enough money so we are paying this time
Arjun : ok your wish

They paid the bill and took the dresses they selected and moved to another boutique which is spl know for its saree collections
All went inside riddi and Karan started seeing sarees and Rasam were helping her
Arneil were standing with them
Neil : Sam,radika you guys didn’t see ?
Sam : first let di finish I will see next ☺?
Neil : Wat abt u radika

Radika : no Neil I already have lot of sarees so I don’t need another ??
Arjun came near radika and whispered in her ears… You have lot sarees ? I didn’t remember of seeing you wearing a saree ?
Radika : shut up ajju Iam not comfortable wearing it so I usually don’t wear Dats it ??
Arjun : Ohhhhhhhhhh… No other reasons right ?
Radika : Wat any other reason… Nothing like that ?

Radika moved from them to escape from Arjuns questions…
Radika just walked around and was just looking at the sarees… Suddenly one baby pink color saree gained her attractive…she went near that counter and asked the salesman to show that saree.. Sales man opened the saree and laid that in the counter…. It was a baby pink color saree with intricate embroidery and stone work in gold and dark pink color…. Beauty of the saree just mesmerised her
Radika : how much is this? ?
Salesman : this is 60000 rs only

Radika : Wat 60000 only ?
Sales man : this is spl bridal saree man… It has pure gold and silver thread works
Radika : oh ok ok ??
She moved from the place and joined others

In the meantime Sam and riddi have selected sarees for them
Riddi : radu you too take one ? I have not seen you wearing saree ☺
Radika went near riddi and said in a low tone… Di I don’t know to wear saree ???
Riddi : Its not a big deal Sam and me will help… You also take one hmm come on
Radika : pls no di ?

Riddi : stop your drama and select one for you ?
Radika started seeing some sarees which Sam and riddi showed her without any interest in it at the time radika heard someone saying Select one dear if you are ok I will help you in wearing that ?
Radika turned in shock… Arjun was standing there with his signature smrik ?
Radika : ACP SIR

Arjun : Wat is this radika… You are calling me ajju suddenly ACP SIR this is not fair ..stop calling me sir (pout)
Radika : don’t change the topic ☺ Wat were you saying you will make me wear saree hannn
Arjun: ya offcourse…(wink wink) who else will help you in this ha ha ha
Radika: don’t talk rubbish
Arjun:hello u r my wife..dont you remember that..
Radika:so wat u will talk like this..
Ardikka started arguing…no no started fighting …
Nesam and riddi and karan came to them

Sam: radu wat are you doing y are u fighting like this
But radika was not in the mood to stop she is continuing her yelling
Neil:Arjun atleast you stop it…see all are seeing us
Only 5,6 people and some salesmen were present that shop all are watching them fighting
Arjun looked around and composed himself

Riddi: wats the problem now…y u guys are fighting..
Radikka:di he listened to our conversation and telling me that he will make me wear saree
Radikka said with a pout……
All who could hear radikkas accusation started laughing at her

Arjun face palmed himself
Then only radika realised wat she said…she bit her tongue and smiled sheepishly at riddi and sam
Neil:wat Arjun…you have become sooooo romantic nowadays (wink)
Ardikka were embarrassed more than that they are blushing like anything…
Arjun: one sec I will be back …Arjun ran from there without replying neil….
Neil and karan ran behind him…
Sam pulled radika to her side…

Sam: so take two three sari radu… arjun is there to help you na sooooo no problem in wearing it ,here after you are wearing saree for all functions (wink)
Radika too tried to run from there but riddi locked her
Riddi: where are you going?
Radika: di stop teasing me ….

Sam and riddi laughing at her
Outside the shop:
Arjun: this radikka is the dumbest person in the world…how could she say that infront of all…
If I stayed there for few more minutes neil and sam must have made me more embarrassed
Thank god I ran from there.. stupid girl…
Neil and karan came near arjun
Neil: arjunnnnnnnnnn…you cant run from us (wink)
Arjun turned towards neil
Neil: from wen onwards the great ACP arjun started blushing like this?
Arjun: neil stop pulling my legs…u r teasing as if you will not talk these kind of stuffs…I know u are more flirtier than me ,more than that she is my wife I have all rights to flirt with her  …karan see him will you not support ur BIL
Karan: offcourse iam ur side arjun…Neil y are u teasing him? Karan said laughing at arjun
Arjun: karan you too? (pout) 

Karan laughed at him in reply
Neil: ok ok iam not teasing you anymore…
Arjun: that’s a good boy arjun pulled neils cheeks
Neil side hugged arjun
Neil: BTW arjun wen did you learn to wear a sari?
Arjun: neil 
Neil and karan made hi5 and laughed at arjun

That’s it guys…..
Iam so sorry if it was boring.. spare me for typos ..keep reading and keep commenting..
Waiting for your reviews….
take care …….

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