I will never let anyone or anything hurt you,Promise (Episode-23)

Hi dears very very good morning ???? sangee is back with Episode 23…. Thanks for all comments and encouragements… Many silentl readers have started commenting iam very very happy pls try to comment regularly… Your comment are my energy tonic ???? and for my support system who are all commenting regularly love you lots guys ??????? take care
Let’s jump into today epi
All became tired of beating arjun… Finally they sat on the couch
Riddi : jokes apart… Sam pack your things from that room and shift to the second room .
Nesam and arrdika saw riddi with confusion ????
Riddi : Arjun you are shifting here ?
Arneil replied nooo in chorus
Riddi : Wat no ?
Neil : bhabi I can’t live without arjun ???
Riddi : den r u going to marry him ???
Arneil look at each other and made faces ???
Neil : ? noo
Riddi : den stop doing this drama… Arjun is shifting here that’s it
Arjun : no nandu this is not correct time
Riddi : Wat are you saying ?

Arjun : first of all I need to arrest that shyam and get him punished for all the deeds he did with our family … Untill then I can’t think abt family and all…. So only I kept this relationship as secret…. I can’t take risk in this matter .. If shyam comes to know about me iam sure he will try to harm me.. .. I know the pain of growing up as a orphan…I don’t want my children to be orphan and I don’t want radika to be affected by shyam….radika lost her parents in early age…. Already she have went through more sadness in her life….. I don’t want her to be alone again If anything bad happens to me I want her to be happy
Riddi : but for how many more years…. You are spoiling your life in the name of revenge… Think about radu she will also have wishes like all other girls.. Do you think she is happy now ? ofcourse not.. As a girl I can see the sadness in her eyes
Neil : Arjun bhabi is correct… We are here we can face all the things together ☺
Riddi : ok ..If you can’t arrest him means Wat will you do ?
Arrdika were sitting silently
Sam : Arjun do you know one thing… I have seen her crying thinking abt something… But iam sure now she was crying thinking abt you… She is longing for love… No one can give her the love she is longing for ?
Arjun : do you thing that I don’t understand that but iam helpless in this matter ?
Riddi : finally Wat are you saying ?
Arjun : nandu give me a months time… I will arrest him as soon as possible ?
Riddi was not convinced by his answer
Radika went near riddi…
Radika : di Arjun is correct…. First we should punish that shyam ? because of him only…..
Radikas eyes filled with tears… Before radika completes the sentence
Arjun : I went through all the pain

Arjun signed radika not to say anything and compose herself…
Riddi : only one month if you can’t arrest him within this time you guys are doing according to my wish ?
Arjun : ok ?? until then pls don’t disclose abt our relationship to anyone…. Lets this be between our family
All nodded positively
Neil : we will not disclose but pls look around before you guys start romancing ? else they themselves will understand ???
Neil winked at them and started laughing
Arrdika were blushing tomato red ??
Arjun throwed the cushion to neil…
Riddi : ok let’s sleep earlier we need energy for tomorrow’s shopping
Sam, riddi and radika made a hi5
Arjuns mindvoice : god pls save me from these girls… I don’t know wat they are going to do tomorrow ?
All had dinner and went to sleep
Next day morning :
Arjun and Neil are sleeping in the bed
Neils phone started ringing
Neil answered the phone in half sleep
Sam : Neil get up soon else we will get late ?
Neil checked the time
Neil : Sam it’s just 6 in the morning
Sam : Neil it’s already 6 get up.. Get ready and come soon
Saying this she disconnected the call abruptly
Neil got up and saw Arjun…he was sleeping with a cute smile in his face
Neil : all is because of him only… See he is sleeping peacefully ?
Neil grabed the jug from nearby table and poured the water his face…
Arjun got up with jerk ?

Arjun : Wat are you doing Neil… Y did you poured the water over me
Sam called me and asked us to come there soon
Arjun : it’s only 6 am.. Y are you torturing me ?
Neil : hello I should say this… In the name of punishing you… They are punishing me ??
Arjun : you were only eager to punish me na ??? enjoy
Neil : ok you go a take bath I will take a small nap in the meantime
Neil pushed arjun from the bed and he started sleeping covering the whole bed keeping his hands and legs wide ????
Arjun went inside washroom with a frowning face ?????
After one and a half hour :
Arjun and Neil got ready and came to Rasams place they are knocking the door for past 5 mins but no reply..
Neil leaned over the door and started sleeping ??? suddenly Sam came and opened the door Neil fell over her he holded Sam and rotated her both fell flat on the floor
Neil was below and Sam was on top of him … They were having a intense eye lock ?
Arjun eyes were popping out seeing the scene infront of him ?
Radika and riddi came out hearing the sound… Both were dumbstruck seeing Nesam like that
But Nesam were unaware of others reaction…
Radika ran to arjun and closed his eyes and she too closed her eyes tightly…
Arjun removed her hands and patted her shoulder and signed her to open her eyes
Both went near them and sat near them…Riddi also joined them all are sitting near them placing their hands over their cheeks
But still they were in the same pose…
All the three waited for few mins but no response
Riddi : guys I think they will not get up by their own… We are getting late for our shopping ?
Radika: Sammy… We are getting late for shopping… ???
Arjun : Neil, Sam are you guys sleeping ???
But no response

Riddi and radu shaked… Sam
Finally their trance was broken…. And Sam got up
She was blushing like anything ???
Radu and riddi stares at her… She smiled sheepishly at them
Arjuns: Neil.. Sam already got up… Are you getting up or not ???
Neil tried to get up.. But fell down again holding his hip ?
Neil : Arjun ur sister have broked my hip ?
Arjun : stop your drama and get up ??? Arjun extended his hand towards him
Neil changed his expression and got up holding Arjuns hand
Riddi and radu and Sam beat Neil playfully
Neil : stop it guys.. We are getting late for shopping.. U didn’t get ready still ?
Riddi and Rasam stoped beating him
Riddi : 5 mins we will be back
Radika : di it’s already 8 let’s get ready quickly
Before they trun to go to the room.. Some one rang the calling bell
Riddi : wait let me see ?
Riddi went and opened the door
There a man in his early 30s standing smiling at her
Riddi was awestruck her mouth was wide open seeing him ?
Karan :riddi.. I know iam so handsome…though iam your husband.. Pls don’t see me like that.. Iam feeling shy ???
Saying this Karan closed her wide open mouth with his hands ?
Sam and radika came and saw riddi standing like a statue they Peeped over riddi and saw Karan standing there smiling ear to ear ?
Radika and Sam screamed jijuuuuuuuuu and ran to him and hugged him
Arjun and Neil came to the entrance
Neil : Karan… You.. Here
Karan : ya thought to give a surprise to you guys ?
Sam shaked riddi
Sam : di Wat happened
Riddi : nothing Sam ?… Karan you didn’t tell me that you are comming here
Karan : I was missing you badly so only
Karan winked at her ?
All came inside and sat on the couches
Neil : so today’s shopping plan is cancelled…. Iam going to sleep
Riddi : not at all we are going… I was thinking how to go to shopping without Karan but see Karan came here that’s my husband ???
Karan : no riddi iam tired let us stay at home tell others to go for shopping
Riddi : Karan are you comming with me or not ? riddi asked Karan in serious tone
Karan : if you wish we can go dear no problem… Iam always ready to accompany you ???
Arjun and Neil giggled at him
Karan murmered in low voice to Arneil : now you will be smiling only…. I will see how you will smile after your marriage ???
Neil : Karan already arjun have proved that he is radikas puppet… He narrated the whole story how arjun took radikas side against Sam
Arjun made a pout ?
Karan saw Arjun (en enam ah da nee ???)
Karan : Arjun you don’t worry.. He is the most unluckiest man among us ?
Neil : y ?
Karan : wait and watch ?
Karan and arjun made a hi5… Neil made a pout ??
Riddi : Wat are you guys chatting about ?
Karan : nothing riddi… Y guys didn’t get ready… It’s already late
Sam : 5 mins we will be back ?
All the three went inside their rooms
Arjun Neil and Karan were chit chatting
They hear the door opening sound (click) All the three looked into the direction of their partners room ???
All the three came out of their rooms at the same time…
Three boys are flat seeing their girls… ???
All the three were wearing a black colour top with light blue jeans. They came and stand infront of them
Sam : hello guys Wat happened ?
All came to reality hearing Sams voice
Neil : Wat is this all are wearing Same colour dress ?
Radika : den only it will be easy for you guys to reach us if you got missed ?
Radika and Sam made a hi5 and laughed at them
Riddi : cool guys it’s our dress code we used to wear same colour dress wen we go out together ?
Sam : ok let’s go…
Saying this all the three weared their coolers and started to move out…
Next second Karan, Neil and arjun formed a circle placing their hands over others sholders
Arjun : seriously I don’t know wat they are up to ?
Neil : chill arjun… Just shopping ?
Karan : no guys… This really dangerous… See all have wearing black colour clothes … They are symbolicaly saying that they gonna make this day a black day ?
Neil : I think you are over reacting ?
Karan : do you guys went to shopping with them before?
Arjun nodded no
Neil : ya yesterday we went but it’s not that much bad experience ☺
Karan : Neil you don’t know abt these sisters… If all the three get together they will become 600% devils ?
Arjun : Wat ?
Karan : ya they are 100 % devils wen they are alone.. ?
Arjun : yes Karan.. You don’t know abt this ra… She is 200 % devil in normal days itself
Arjun gulped in fear
Riddi : guys are you coming or not ?
Karan : ya ya comming…
All the three couples started for shopping ???

Precap :
Shopping masti

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