I will never let anyone or anything hurt you,Promise (Episode-22)

Hey guys sangee is back with Episode 22…. Iam so happy guys… I saw many new names in comments section… Pls silent readers also drop a comment… That will boost me to write more…pls pls pls ???? thanks for my support systems who comment regularly and boost my enthu ???? love you all…
Ok let’s jump into the epi ?????
Ardika were dumbstruck seeing Nesam there ??
Nesam were also equally shocked ?? seeing arrdika live that
All the four were standing silently..
It was drizzling lightly now but all the four were drenched

Neil started the conversation first…
Neil : Wat are you guys doing here ?(Enna da nadakudu inga)
Arjun : Neil.. Sam.. You..here.. ???
Arjun finished the sentence with great difficulty.
Neil : first you tell me ? Wat you guys are doing here ??
Arjun was unable to answer him… He was just stammering and searching for words…
Sam : Radika… At This time u must be resting in home right ?
Radika : Sam… I…I… Just came for walking ?

Sam : O you came here for walking ??
Sam said in a dangerous tone…
Ardika were standing lowering their gaze…
Neil : will you guys come with us… ??? Or do you have to finish any pending work ???
Arrdika : we are comming….
Both Ardika replied in chorus
All the four get inside the cab….
Few minutes back :
Nesam were returning home in a cab… It started to rain heavily so they stoped the cab for few mins… There they saw the whole scene of arrdika….
At present :
All the four were sitting silently… Arjun was sitting with the driver in front… Neil Sam and radika were sitting in the backseat

Arjuns mindvoice : Arjun you are gone today… They have seen us together… Omg that too in a awkward position… You can’t hide the truth from them… Neil will easily catch you if you lie… O god Wat will be nandus reaction . I must have told her before itself ????
Radikas mindvoice : Radika be ready to die… Sam will chop you into pieces if she find out the truth and di ??? god pls save this poor kid… All this is because of that devil only.. She was cursing her fate
Neils mindvoice : I thought only Arjuns is in love… But the sight I saw today tells different story… I shud make him tell the truth
Sams mindvoice : omg this radu. she will be scolding arjun all the time…today ? I can’t believe my own eyes… She didn’t even tell me… How dare she is… She will see my another face today ???

They reached the apparments
All the four silently reached to their house
Arjun : ok I will go and take rest
Saying this arjun headed to his house.. But Neil stopped him
Neil : Arjun y this much hurry let’s chit chat for sometime after that you go and take rest ?
Neil said in teasing tone and went inside Rasams house pulling arjun with him
All went inside… Riddi was sitting in the couch and watching tv… She switched off the TV seeing the 4
Riddi ; Wat a surprise all the four together…
She saw the bags in nesams hands
Riddi : Wat are those bags… U went for shopping with out telling me… This is not fair ?

Sam : ya I and Neil went for shopping… Radika went for walking… On the way to home we met arjun ??
Sam said throwing daggers at arjun and radika
Riddi sensed that something is wrong from Sams tone..
Riddi : Sammy anything wrong… Radika said she is going to meet you… But you are saying she went for a walk… ?
Nesam placed the bags they bought in the table and sat either side of riddi in couch
Arrdika were standing in front of them hanging their heads down ??
Nesam narrated the whole scene they saw
Riddi was dumbstruck ??
All the three were glaring arrdika ???
Ardika :??

Riddi : Wats going on between you ? in the morning you two were fighting like enemies ?and evening you were kissing ???
The word kissing made Ardika more embarraced
Radika :no di he didn’t kiss me ??
Sam : so you are telling that we disturbed your kiss… ?
Ardika nodded in negative immediately
Neil : den wat were you doing ?
Arjun : I was about blow a dust from her eyes ?

Arjuns mindvoice : Arjun you are brilliant
Sam : oh you are blowing a dust from her eyes ? den y both of you closed your eyes? you didn’t even notice our presence ???
Arrdika face palmed them ??
Riddi : are guys going to tell the truth or not ?
This time riddis voice showed that she is angry
Next second arjun fell down in front of the couch and grabbed riddis feet… ?
Radika was dumbstruck seeing arjun ?
Nesam lifted their legs up in shock ??
Arjun : pls forgive us nandu pls pls
Riddi : first get up Arjun

Arjun pulled radikas kurti…
Radika asked him Wat… arjun signed her to do Wat he does?
Radika also fell down and grabbed riddis feet ?
Radika : di pls forgive us di pls pls
Riddi : first you both get up… Stop this drama and tell the truth..
Arjun : first forgive us den we will tell the truth ?
Riddi : ok ok I forgive you… First tell me the truth
Ardika still holding riddis feet

Arjun : nandu I know radika before Sam knowns her… We were brought up in same orphanage… There we fell in love with each other…. I got transferd to this place so she also came here with me and started living separately but god had different plans he made me and Neil as friends and radika and Sam as friends and more over that he made Neil and Sam love each other… Finally because of Nesam we started to live in same apartments…. We didn’t tell about us to Nesam because we scared that they will think that we betrayed them more than that I don’t want to bring radika into my life before I take my revenge from shyam because that may affect her ???
Arjun confessed in a straight line without any pause
Ardika : pls forgive us guys

All the three were shocked to the core ???
Radika : Sam.,di pls forgive me.. It’s not my fault … Arjun only made me to hide the truth… I always told him to tell you guys but he is the one who hide the truth
Radika made a pout face ? and arjun stared at radika ?
NeSam : ok get up first
Ardika : first forgive us ?
Neil :ok ok we forgive you…
Sam : you became my brother and this girl is my best friend.. So we will forgive you ??? but you will have punishments for hiding the truth from us
Arrdika nodded their head in positive..
Riddi : ok get up first ?
Ardika got up
Riddi : so you guys hide the truth that you were lovers
Arjun : no nandu actually we got married ??
All the three were shocked ???
Nesam fell down from the couch in shock
Nesam, riddi : Wat ???

Radika hides behind Arjun
Arjun : we got married in the register office after that only we came here ???
Neil, Sam and riddi grabbed three forks from the dining table and headed towards them pointing the forks at them
Arjun : sorry guys… Iam really sorry
They stared chasing arrdika ???

Radika ran into her room and locked it
Neil, riddi and Sam caught arjun and threatened to kill him
Arjun : nandu, Sam… Iam your only brother… Neil iam your best friend na pls forgive me… ????Radika… Save me else you will become as a widow in this small age ????
Radika came out of room and saw riddi, Neil and Sam holding arjun…
Riddi saw radika
Riddi: leave him Sammy.. Let him live for radikas sake
Nesam left arjun
Arjun : ufff ????
Neil, Sam and riddi sat in the couch
Riddi : so all the fault is yours do you agree that arjun ?
Arjun : yes ?
Riddi : radu come here and sit

Radika ran to them and hugged Sam and riddi and said sorry holding her ears
Sam and riddi hugged her back tears filled in eyes of all the three ???
Neil : hello can I join in your group hug ?
Radika hugged Neil too
Arjun was seeing them with tears I his eyes

All break the hugs
Neil : so Wats the punishment for this culprit… Neil pointed at arjun
Arjun gulped in fear
Riddi : Radika is the one who affected the most in this so she will decide the punishment..she is also gud in punishing arjun ?
Radika : ok so ajju tomorrow you are going to cook for all of us ?
Nesam and riddi starred at radika
Radika : Wat happened guys… Is the punishment is not severe… Wait I will think ?
Riddi and Sam twisted radikas ears
Sam : till morning you were calling him as ACP sir… Now you are calling him as ajju.. Wats this ?
Radika bite her tongue that she was caught
Radika : di,Sam pls leave me…
Arjun was laughing inside… Seeing radika

Riddi : so that day wen you are unconscious you were telling his name ?
Sam : now I can get clear picture of everything ..
Neil : ok leave that first decide his punishment ?
Arjuns mindvoice : this Neil he is making them remember even if they forget… He is not my friend.. He is my enemy (adapaavi avunga maranthalum Ivan Vida mattan pola ye.. Modala anga vanthu disturb panna Apparam inga vanthu maati vitan ippa thandana ver thara solran… Throggi…aaviya Vida periya paavi ya irrukan eh ???)
All the four made a big discussion and finally finalised his punishments
All the time Arjun was gulping in fear…
Riddi gave a big list to arjun…
Arjun saw the list and fell down in shock
The list was nearly 1meter long

Neil : Wat arjun are you accepting or not ?
Arjun : Neil you too ?…I will faint in Reading this list alone ?
Riddi : we too fainted hearing the truth ?..are you accepting or not ?
Arjun : ok ok iam accepting
Sam : first you are taking us to shopping tomorrow ?

Arjun said ok with a pout face ??
Neil : ok the case is dismissed and the culprit is convicted ???
Arjun suddenly got a idea…. He got up and sat in the nearby chair
Arjun : riddi we have another case to investigate ?
Riddi : Wat
Arjun narrated the whole conversation he had with Neil in the morning
Sam was seeing Neil with wide open mouth

Neil slowly got up from his place and tried to run but arjun stopped him ??
Riddi : Sam Neil Wat were you doing in the morning ?
Sam : di we went to shopping that’s all… This Neil have lied to arjun
Sam started throwing the cushions at Neil and started chasing him
Neil went and hide behind radika
Neil : Radika you are like my sister na.. Plsssssssssssss save m from your friend ???
Sam went near arjun and sat beside him
Sam: bhai he is not good… I don’t like him… I will breakup with him… Find me anyother good guy ???
My sisters wish is my command Arjun hugged her and said

Neil fakely crying
Neil : Radika save your brothers life… I will not live without Sam… Your husband is planning against me
Radika : Neil don’t worry….no one can stop your marriage with Sam… Wat you say ajju
Arjun : ofcourse ra… There is no appeal for my ra s decision ?
Riddi and Sam mouth was wide open seeing arjun taking radikas side immediately both started beating arjun playfully

Thats it guys . Hw was it.. Waiting for your comments ???
Ignore my typos and grammatical errors ?
Keep reading. Keep commenting ?
Waiting for your views dears ??? take care ????

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  1. Brin

    It is an outstanding episode, now that Ardhika secret is revealed, what will happen next? Sangee you nail it, well done. 🙂

    1. Sangee

      Thank you sooooooo much for the comment brin

  2. Superbbb….neil sam riddi taking class of aradhika…hehe…next one post soon 🙂

    1. Sangee

      thanks for the comment neha sure i will try to post the next epi soon

  3. arti viswanathan

    U have written one beautiful episode of at ardhika and nesam love story very well sangee

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      Thanks for the encouraging comment arti 🙂

  4. Semaa poo sooper episode and wordings where awesome sumaaa kili kili nu kilichitiga awesome episode

    1. Sangee

      thank you sooooooooooo much sakshi 🙂 iam flying reading your comment keep reading and keep commenting 🙂 🙂

  5. Starz

    Episode 21- it was fantastic…wow it was shock …so ardhika is married… loved it so so much

    Episode 22- outstanding…. ardhika and nesam love story is beautiful…..

    Love you dear and take care

    1. Sangee

      thank you so sooooooo much starz love you too take care 🙂 🙂 xoxo

  6. Jessie

    Hehehe.. ore sirippu pataasu.. Arjun and Radz holding Ridhi’s legs.and Radz punishment..lol… super one Sangee.. curious 4 nxt…Trio’s shock for Ajju n ra. Fun…Loved Ajju n ra here

    1. Sangee

      thanks a lot jessie 🙂 🙂

  7. Hai dear I am slient reader today episode was awesome episode

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      Thank you soooooo much for the comment vavachi …pls try to comment daily iam very much happy seeing silent readers commenting 🙂 🙂

  8. Myra

    And another fun filled episode…you know, your constant updates are kinda like the best part ….we keep in touch and it kind of attaches you to the story…
    Love you…update soon 🙂

    1. Sangee

      thanks myra… Love you too take care…your continues comments also making me happy 🙂 so constant updates 🙂 🙂

  9. Rossy

    Totally bang on dear…superb…paisa asool chapter…tuitions of ardhika first then nesam…awww…enjoyed

    1. Sangee

      thaks a lot rossy.. 🙂

  10. Sarswati

    cutest…..intimacy part…not convinciing….

    1. Sangee

      thanks for the comment saraswati…sry if its not convincing 🙁 i will try to rectify it 🙂 🙂

  11. S.v

    Aww this was soo cute aaviya vida periya paaviyaruppa polarukkey paa he he he suoer dialoge chandramuki. Ra and ajju super cute theriyuma their punishment adha vida cute ardhika nesam steals the show. Love u so much.

    1. Sangee

      thanks a lot s.v take care of your health …how is your hands 🙂 Love you

      1. S.v

        All good dear thanks. Eagerlu wairing for the next part.

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        omg waiting for my next epi 🙂 🙂 will post the next epi tomorrow

  12. It was really cute and funny aswell

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      thank you soooooooooooooo much neetz 🙂

  13. Meen

    fab sangee…..lovely….eagerly waiting for d next….

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  14. Soo sweet Sangee today’s epic was simply great … specially that punch by Sam we went for shopping radika went for walking ????just loved it to the core dear….love u son much ???

    1. Sangee

      Thanks darl ???? love you toooooooooooooooooooo

  15. Shubhadha

    I loved it…nice update

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  16. Are….wow Di…this WS the best epi… It WS having everything… Masti , drama ,shocks ,= to full entertaining epi…really enjoyed it…post soon
    Love u loads and for this 1100 times more

    1. Sangee

      Thanks a loads for your comment and another 1100 times more for your love ????

  17. as usual mindblowing….

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      Tanku subha

  18. Sweetie

    Lovely chapter Sangee,I was laughing like hell all the while.. 😀

  19. Arshi

    Wowowowoowowlwowq read two chappys in one go… simply superb..

    Especially this chappy s full f masthu and cute scemes…. wow.. but ended …

    Superb yaar… waiting for next chappy

  20. _Ritu

    Hilarious chappy Sangee.. 🙂 I was laughing lyk hell..enjoyed a lot…loads of love. 🙂

  21. Awesome, marvellous, hilaaaaaaarious episode. ..sangee….it was really superbbbb. ..keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug

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