I will never let anyone or anything hurt you,Promise (Episode-21)

Hey guys sangee back with Episode 21….thanks for all the comments ? love you so much guys ????
Lets jump into the epi
Arjun took a cab and reached a place…

It’s a private sea view cottage ?
As arjun entered the place one guard came running towards him ?
Gaurd : welcome sir… Nowadays you guys are not at all comming ☺
Arjun : we are bit busy nothing else… ? how are you…
Gaurd : Iam fine sir…
Arjun : where is ra?
Gaurd pointed to one direction… Arjun gave some money to him and walked towards that direction…..
He went around the cottage and reached the place…
There she is sitting.. His love…. His life… She was sitting facing the sea…waves hitting her legs… She was looking at the sky….
Arjun went near ra without making any noise…. She was still sinked in her world of thoughts…. Arjun closed ra s eyes from behind …
Arjun felt wetness in his hands…. Yes she was crying…. ?Crying thinking abt her life…. ?Thinking about her love.?.. Thinking abt her fate…. ?
Arjun was taken aback… He moved to ra s front..
Ra was looking down..?. He could not see the eyes…. The eyes which will speak thousands of words in fraction of seconds. .. He holded the chin and lifted ra s face….ra s face was full of tears…. It was all pale…. He can’t see any emotions… ?
Arjun cupped ra s face…
Arjun : Wat happened ra….

The word ra that came out of Arjuns mouth made radika brust out with tears.????.. Yes she is radika…. Arjuns ra… His love… His life…
Radika was crying heavily ??? burring her face between her knees ??
Arjun sat beside her and hugged her tightly and tried to calm down her but it made her cry more ??
Arjun was shocked seeing her crying…
Arjun : ra… Wat happened dear…. Pls stop crying for my sake… ?
Arjun asked in low tone… His concern and love for her was visible in his face and voice
Radika composed her self and saw Arjuns eyes with full of love ?
Radika : I can’t take it anymore ajju ?….I am feeling empty I don’t know y…?
Radikas eyes were filled with tears
Arjun cupped her face and wiped her tears
Arjun : Radika you are a brave girl… You shud not break like this
Radika : no ajju iam no longer brave… I lost all my confidence… I am breaking into thousand bits… I can’t tolerate this lonelyness… If this continues I don’t know wat will happen to me..
Before radika finishes her sentence he closed her mouth with his hand
Arjun : why are you talking like this ra… Nothing will happen to you till this arjun is with you
Radika :but you are not with me ajju….
Tears were overflowing from radikas eyes…..
Arjun was dumbstruck.. He was unable to answer her…..
Both were sitting silently watching the waves crashing….. Same waves are crashing inside their minds also
Both have the flashes of getting married… They can see the scenes infront their eyes
Arjun tying mangalsutra around radikas neck. And filling her maang with sindoor.. .. Radikas face was full of happiness…but arjun cannot see that happiness in her face now
Radika started the conversation again
Radika : why this always happen with me ajju… First my mom and papa left me… I was all alone… Then because of you I stared living… Now you also ??
Radika was unable to complete the sentence… She was weeping
Radika : am I not worth to be loved ???
Arjun : Ra iam always with you… But iam maintaining my distance because I don’t want you to be affected… I don’t want you to get hurt by my invisible enemies pls understand my situation
Radika : you men will not understand our feelings….. We want to be loved nothing else is important to us…. I lost my mother in very early stage… I longed for her love…. Still iam longing for love just love …
Radika was still crying….
Radika : you don’t know how much I love you ?
Arjun : I know…
Radika looked at him with confusion

Arjun :That day wen we admitted you in hospital you were unconscious.. But still you were murmuring my name
Arjun cupped her face again and wiped her tears
Arjun : look at me ?
Radika lifted her head and saw Arjuns eyes
Arjun : pls stop crying ra… I can’t see you like this… Now say Wat you want me to do….
Radika : atleast say about us to di Sam and Neil I feel like iam betraying them… They are loving me soo much… I can’t hide this to them anymore
Arjun : we can ra but I don’t know how they will react….but for you I will talk to them for sure ok… Now smile ?
Radika : ok it’s late I will go di will be waiting… I told her that Sam called me to office to complete one important work… I need to see Sam before she reach home
Arjun : don’t worry Sam will be late ?
Radika : how?
Arjun : Sam is with Neil
Radika : Wat?
Arjun told her the whole conversation he had with Neil in the morning
Radikas mouth was wide open… She was giggling like a little kid
Arjuns mindvoice : some time before she was crying… Now she was laughing like a kid… I always want you to be like this ra..????. I will talk abt us to nandu as soon as possible
Radika patted arjun and bring him back to reality
Radika : ajju don’t disturb their privacy atleast let them enjoy
Arjun : if you want we can also enjoy ? we are all alone here ? no one will disturb us.? this place is also so romantic.her..

Saying this arjun winked ? and moved towards her
Radika stood up immediately from their
Radika : how dare you to talk like this to me ACP sir ? Radika faked a anger
Arjun pulled her hand swiftly… She landed in Arjuns arms
Arjun : hello minutes before you were calling me ajju ajju now suddenly I have become ACP sir Han..
Radika : Arjun leave me… Gaurd may come here at anytime ???
Arjun : so what… iam you husband… I have all rights on you ??..
Radika : first leave me I need to ask you one thing … Saying this radika got up from him and sat beside him
Arjun made a pout seeing radika
Radika : Wat were you and Neil doing on that day ? winked radika
Arjun : for God sake don’t ask me anything abt it…
Radika : so u and Neil were ????
Arjun:Radika stop questioning abt my dignity…
Radika :if you didn’t tell the truth I will think like that only ???
Arjun :that day Neil was chasing me to kiss me in cheeks after long chase we ended in that awkward position you know na I don’t like to be kissed… That day if you didn’t come on right time omg ???he might kissed me ????
Radika was laughing at Arjuns reaction ????
Radika : it’s my duty to safeguard my husbands dignity… Saying this radika patted Arjuns shoulder
Both started laughing
It’s stared to drizzle at the time ☁☁☔☔
Arjun : before its starting to rain heavily let’s go home
Arjun and radika came out of the cottage and stared walking
Arjun : let’s catch a cab ?
Radika : ajju let’s walk for some distance after that we can catch the cab ??
Arjun nodded positively both started walking in the road
The road was so silent since it was out of the city … Sky was filled with black clouds… It was drizzling.. Radika holds Arjuns hand and leaned her head over his shoulders
Arjun was looking at her lovingly ???
Radika : y are you looking at me like that ?
Arjun : you are soo beautiful ???
Radika : I myself know that ???
Arjun laughed at her ?
Radika :ajju iam very happy… This climate… This drizzle…. You holding my hand… I will be the most happiest person in the world if I die this second ?
Arjun : stop talking negatively ra… I have many plans for our future you are talking about death…. We will live together for 100 years ???

Both were discussing about their dream abt future and walking in the lone road
Suddenly It’s started to rain heavily ☁☔☔☔☔
Both ran under the tree both were drenched radika was rubbing her hands to gain some heat…
Arjun was looking at her face ? her lips were shivering in cold breeze…. There were two three water drops in her cheeks… Her dress was fully wet revealing her curves to his eyes…. This is the first time he is seeing her like this…. He can’t take his eyes of her…
Suddenly Radika sensed his gaze over her she lifted her gaze and look into Arjuns eyes.. His eyes was full of love and lust … This is the first time she is seeing lust in Arjuns eyes… His intense gaze made her blush… The cold breeze and Arjuns hot gaze playing havoc inside her
She lowerd her gaze in shy…
Though arjun and radika had some hugs that will be more of a friendly one… Their greatest intimacy Is holding hands or leaning in one others sholders.. They have not crossed over that.. Their relation was more of pure love….they didn’t even thought about these types of intimacy and all
They got married two years before wen arjun got transferd to this place on the same day they reached here and started living separately because of Arjuns fear of his revenge or invisible enemies can hurt her… He promised her that after he successfully completes his revenge only they will start their life
It started raining heavily
Arjun whispered her name in a very low tone which only she can hear…. He grabed her by her waist and pulled her closer… He lifted her chin and made her look into his eyes both have a intense eye lock.. ??
Both of them were not in their senses….
Arjun leaned towards her lips ?… Radika closed her eyes tightly
arjun was about to kiss her before he could taste her lips
A heavy thunder sound broked their intimacy…
Arjun and radika came to reality… They realised their intimate position… Arjun left radikas hold… Radika moved from him…. both were embaraced.. They cannot face each other They turned the gaze to opposite direction…
The sight they saw made them shocked to the core ??
Neil and Sam were standing there with wide open mouth and hands over their hip
Both were staring at them ???
That’s it guys

Waiting for your comments guys
As usual ignore my typos and grammatical errors ??
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  1. Rossy

    Lol…koi na koi bich me aa hi jata hai…hehehe…nesam Ki bich Arjun, and ardhika bich me nesam…so ardhika were married…omg

    1. Sangee

      Thanks for the comments rossy… It’s very interesting to spy our friends who were in love ha ha ha ??

  2. Babypari

    Hey I m new here actually I m a silent reader but your todays episode is awesome the twist that aradhika is married is superbbb

    1. Sangee

      Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for the comment Pari

  3. Brin

    Wow Ardhika are married awesome, eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Sangee

      Thanks for the comment Brin

  4. Sarswati

    OH MY GOD….what the hell is that? ajju? ra? married? fear of enemies?….this is the most shocking twist i have seen….not a single kiss in two years of marriage…its very impractical….

    1. Sangee

      Thanks for the comment saraswathi… Ya its impractical but in their case they have strong reasons behind

  5. Jewel

    Ardhika already married…. Big twist… And poor Arjun a thunder break his first kiss. Waiting for the next

    1. Sangee

      Thanks for the comment jewel

  6. S.v

    Aaaaaa correctana timela thunder ayyo ada cha ajju ra cute cute names aana ayyo romba expect panneney andha thunder mattum varama irundhurundha hmmm its all fat namma kaila onnum illa. Nesam paathutanga sema super. Matneengada maatneenga Sema morning dose of romance and cuteness. Love u so much good morning sangee.

    1. Sangee

      U liked the names thanks sv thanks for the comment too… Mateekitanga Mateekitanga iru akka kita ye solli tharen ???

  7. Myra

    This is just real. Was really never expecting this.
    Ardhika married! They mkre like friends even though they are married.

    And nesam are gonna get so angry……wonder how arjun will protect himself and his wife from them.

    Sangee awesome update……love you…..update real quick i am waiting 🙂

    1. Sangee

      Thanks for the cute comment myra… Ya they are married and living like this because of their dark past I will soon reveal one by one

  8. Wow Sangee ?Wat a twist I taught they would be lovers but they already got married ?waiting for nesam reaction ?long live baby ???

    1. Sangee

      Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much darl….

  9. Jessie

    Appidi podu saravedi ya.. married.. Ra nadhum oru doubt.. lovenu vera sonna!! First kiss adhvum pocha…!! Lol.. Eppa neilu oor ellam suthi kadasila enga Arjun romance panra time pathu vandiye.. !!! Eager 4 nxt one.. TC n loads of love

    1. Sangee

      Jessi I was waiting for your comment

    2. Sangee

      Thanks for the comment…correct ah vendan paaru Adan Neil ???

  10. Sweetie

    Aaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!Ardhika are married,wow!!That’s a good twist.. 😀 NeSam standing with their hands on hips,lol,abb gaya Ardhika kaam se.. 😉 Lovely chapter dear.. 😀

    1. Sangee

      Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for the comment sweetie

  11. Wow finally some nore secrets revealed 😉 ..hmmm..waiting for more 😉 nyc chapter

    1. Sangee

      Thanks for the comment neetz ? ya more secrets to be revealed

  12. Meen

    now….here we have some secrets revealed …..interesting…amazing…looking forward for next one…love u sangee

  13. Whao…it was a sweeeeeet surprise. ..ardhika r married n lovers…wowwww. …the epi was very heart touching n beautifully narrated. …narration last scene was very awesoooooome. ..now what nesam gonna do?. .lol ..keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug

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