I will never let anyone or anything hurt you,Promise (Episode-20)

Hey guys sangee is back with Episode -20 thanks for all of you who encouraged me to write …this 20th epi is my milestone I have never ever dreamed of 20 episodes….thank you sooooooooo soooooooooo much for your constant comments and encouragements ……so I am giving a lead to next secret…iam disclosing it in next epi   i have tried a little long epi waiting for youe views……..
Lets jump into the epi directly
Next day morning :
Riddi was preparing poori and channa masala for breakfast ??? since radika asked for it… Radika was sitting on the kitchen counter and watching riddi
Riddi : y are looking like dat radika…. ?
Radika :di see how cute this poori is…glossy… Golden brown… Pluffy…
Radika went on praising the beauty of the poori…
Riddi : no one in the world will define a food like this ….?
Radika took one poori in her hand….
Radika : oh my cute little darling… I have fallen for you… Pls marry me….???
Radika was talking in a dramatic tone….
Riddi :Radika iam sure sure 100% pagal… You are proposing to a poori ?….Ok place all these items in the table and call others for breakfast I will come back after getting a shower…
Radika : sure di… I will arrange the table… Come fast … Radika smiled mischievously ???
After few mins All the five sat down for breakfast….
Radika started placing poori and channa in all the plates….
All started to eat…. But arjun was busy with his phone
Radika was already started her love story with her poori ???
Riddi : Arjun com fast… It’s sin to make food to wait ..?
Arjun signed 1 min
All was enjoying the food… ????
Neil : bhabi.. This channa is first class… ???If I go on eat like this I will become fat in one month
Rasam and riddi were laughing ???
Sam: Arjun if you didn’t come fast u can only eat empty vessels…
Sam pointed at Neil and giggled ???
Atlast arjun finished his call and sat to eat
Arjun pinched one piece of poori and soaked it in the channa masala and he took the piece slowly to his mouth… (Arjuns action was shown in slow motion he he he )
Riddi, Sam, radu and Neil are watching Arjuns face…. ????
Finally arjun placed the poori inside his mouth next fraction of second arjun spitted out the piece and started making face ?????
Arjun : yuck … Omg ???
arjun took the water bottle and started drinking the water spilling it all over him
Radika, riddi, Sam and Neil were seeing arjun in confusion and shock
Arjun : disgusting….
Arjun started making all type of weird faces ?????
Riddi : Wat happened arjun….
Arjun : water… Water…
Neil went inside and fetched water in the water bottle and gave it to arjun…
Arjun drank the whole bottle in one sip
Riddi : Wat happened arjun… Is that so spicy
Arjun :nandu it’s very bitter…. I have not tasted this much bitterness in my whole life… Bitterness is still lingering in my mouth…. 8-} 8-} 8-}
Arjun ran towards washroom poured a good amount of mouth wash and goggled… After 15 mins he came out still making faces ?????
All are seeing Arjuns face
Arjun came and sat on the chair
Riddi : how are you feeling now Arjun
Arjun : nandu I can’t feel my tongue :-SS |-O ??
Neil : how come it’s bitter for you alone ?
Arjun, riddi, Sam and Neil stared at radika
Radika was still enjoying her food ????
Radika lifted her gaze up sensing their glare
Radika : why are you looking like that… I didn’t do anything
Arjun : Iam sure nandu she has done something…. Nandu pls save me I don’t know wat she mixed In my food…. May be she planned to kill me… Omg pls save… I have not enjoyed any worldly pleasures…I have not smoked….. I have not drunk…..I don’t want to die this earlier…
Arjun started to blabber dramatically
Radika was seeing his drama with wide opened mouth
All the other don’t know how to react they were just watching arjun
Radika : hello stop this drama… I have just grounded some of my tablets and mixed it in your bowl…..you are doing this much drama… I have not planned to kill you and all…Ok so pls stop this over acting ?
All the four were dumbstruck hearing radika
Sam, Neil and riddi yelled in chorus : Radikaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Radika ran into her room… She Peeped her head out
Radika : Everything is fair in love and war…
Saying this she winked at arjun and locked the door
Radika jumped on to the bed and started laughing… Thinking Arjuns face… She was litrely rolling on the floor and laughing (rofl)…
Neil Sam and riddi bursted into laughter seeing arjun and radika
Riddi : leave it Arjun I will make some sweet for you…. U can feel better
Arjun :pls do that first nandu get me something to eat first ……but nandu seriously this tablets are bitter to the core…. We shud not have forced her to have it…. Whack ?
All the three again bursted into laughter
Riddi went into kitchen to prepare something to eat….
Arjun was sitting in the couch fully annoyed ?
Neil went to drop Sam at office….
On the way to Sams office :
Sam was hugging Neil and sleeping keeping her face over Neils back
Neil : Sam are you sleeping
Sam : no Neil…. Sam said in sleepy tone
Neil : your voice itself says that you are sleeping chuckled Neil
Sam : yes Neil iam very sleepy…. Wat to do… I have some pending work in office I need to go ?
Neil : Iam sure you can’t work if you go like this to office
Saying this Neil stopped his bike
Sam : Neil Wat are you doing….
Neil : give your mobile…. ?
Sam : y Neil…
Neil : Iam saying na give….do you have your chiefs number?
Sam : of course… And gave her phone to him
Neil : Wats his name…?
Sam : bull dog ?
Neil : Wat ?
Sam : his name is mohan but he will be barking all the time so bull dog ?
Neil giggled at Sam
Neil dialled his number….. In his phone
Sam : Wat are you doing…. Y are you calling him
Neil : wait…. It’s ringing ?
call gets connected
Mohan : hello mohan speaking…
Neil changed his voice to a female tone and started speak to him
Neil : is this mohan khanna chief editor of daily news ?
Mohan : yes mam….. Wat can I do for you….
Neil :this Anita metha from women rights organisation….we have received a complaint on your name ???
Mohan : Wat… Complaint in my name ?
Neil : yes… We cannot disclose her name but one of your employees have filed a complaint against you that you were harassing her…wen she asked for a sick leave ???
Mohan was all sweating… Sam was dumbstruck
Mohan : this is ridiculous…. Me harassing…. Iam not that kind of person mam
Neil : that and all I don’t know Mr.mohan this call is just for warning you if we have any complaints again… Your going to face serious issues that’s it
Saying this Neil disconnected the call
Sam was still dumbstruck….. Neil shaked her and brought her to reality
Sam : Wats all this ?
Neil : wait and watch… Now call him and ask for leave saying you are not well ?
Winked Neil

Sam dropped her jaw in shock
Neil signed her come and baby and showed a cool attitude ?
Sam called mohan
Sam : sir I need a off today
Mohan : y..Wat happened…
Sam : sir iam having severe fever ???
Mohan was about to scold Sam… But scenes of women organisation members beating him came infront of his eyes…. He changed his tone immediately…..
Mohan : oh fever..Ok… Ok take your time… Take off for two days… It’s enough to come after you get well
Sam : thank you so much sir ?
Sam disconnected the call… And hugged Neil in enthu
Sam : Neil you are genius ok let’s go home… I gonna sleep like a dead ???
Neil : wat ? you gonna sleep ?….do you think that I made this drama to let you sleep
Chuckled Neil
Sam : den wat ?
Neil : I have different plans ????
Winked Neil
Sam and Neil went to a mall
Sam : Wat Neil y you brought me here?
Neil : I know you girls love shopping na so ?
Sam hugged Neil….
Sam : Neil… Even in dream I didn’t think you will be this much cute… Iam very blessed to have a man like you in my life
Neil mindvoice : if you hug Me like this… I will bring you to shopping daily ????
Sam broke the hug
Sam :ok first were to go
Sam and Neil started their shopping happily..
On the other hand arjun some what managed to overcome the bitterness
He was in serious discussion abt some case with officers
After he finished his discussion he came to know that Neil didn’t reached office yet
He dialled Neils number.. But Neil didn’t see the call he was busy in admiring shopping skills of Sam… He was walking behind her like a puppy holding the bags
Arjun : Wat is he doing… He is not picking my call
After nearly 15 rings Neil picked Arjuns call
Before arjun could speak anything…..
Neil : Arjun pls stop disturbing me…. Iam busy with Sam
Arjun : Wat ? busy ?with Sam ?….Wat are you doing
Arjun literally screamed
Neil thought to tease arjun
Neil : Arjun have some shame… Iam saying that iam busy with my lover you are asking Wat iam doing…..Neil laughed inside him…
Arjun was bit annoyed hearing neils tease he thought to tease Neil inturn ???
Arjun :Neil listen to me Sam is not only your lover she is my sister too her safety is important for me…. don’t think to cross your limits if anything happens to her I will kill you..
Though Arjuns tone was serious he was laughing inside ???
Neil too guessed Arjuns intension and he didn’t give any damm abt it….. he started to tease him more…
Neil : hello Mr. Protective brother.. You know one thing just now your sister said that she feels safe and secured in my embrace ?
Arjuns mouth was wide open hearing neil…
Neil added…. so instead of disturbing me you go and find a girl… Ok your sister is calling me iam going…. Bye….
Before disconnecting he only heard Neil saying . “baby iam comming”
Arjun was standing awestruck ????
On the other side Neil was giggling sitting surrounded by shopping bags
Neil made all the above drama wen Sam went inside trial room for checking one dress
Sam came out wearing a suit Neil choose…. All she could see is Neil giggling
Sam : Wat happened Neil you are looking soo happy ?
Neil : seeing you happy makes me double happy ?
Sam : omg Neil… Sam ran to neil and kissed him in his cheeks ?
Neils mindvoice : omg Iam going to faint…. ????????
Arjun was still standing in the same place with his mouth wide open…..
His phone vibrated and brought him to reality…. ??
Arjun took his phone…he read the name his phone flashed…. A smile started to appear in his face ??? and disappeared aft few seconds
He attended the call….
Arjun : I need to talk to you?….Same place….. I will be there in 15 mins ?
Arjun Said in serious tone and disconnected the call without waiting for the response…..
He removed his uniform shirt and made it hanged in the nearby counter and changed to a white shirt…..
He came out of his office and catches a cab to reach his destination………


How is it guys……..keep reading keep commenting waiting for ur comments guys
Take care……….love you all………

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  1. Brin

    Congratulations for making it to 20 episode, well done, awesome episode, eagerly waiting for the next update. ?

    1. Sangee

      Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for your wishes Brin ????

  2. Myra

    Sangee….congrats for the 20th episode….important milestone.
    Great episode….eager for the next. Update soon 🙂

    1. Sangee

      Thanks a lot myra ???

  3. Starz

    Hi…me starz… actually I couldn’t comment on your past few post as I was so busy…so sorry dear….but I have read each and every post… loved it….

    Congratulations for 20th episode….today’s was nice…. radhika’s prank on arjun was awesome…. love you and take care

    1. Sangee

      No need to say sorry and all dear.. Iam happy that you read all the epi s and you all so loved it thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for your wishes take care ?

  4. Finaly 20 Episodes Wooo..Love It. http://www.tvtribute.net also done well

  5. S.v

    Super awesome yammadi ava enna oru payasatha potuta arjunukku paavam and neil yamma kuzhandhai rubathil oru kullanariya ?? Yammadi a damaka one and congo for 20 updates but inimey dhana damakavey super love u so much semaya irukku next part tomo soon

    1. Sangee

      Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for this cute comment s.v…. Neil -Kolanthai roobathil oru kulla nari exactly ha ha ha… Next epi tomorrow sure

  6. Super epi dear..congrats on the milestone of 20 epi …lov uu

    1. Sangee

      Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much neetz

  7. Jessie

    Congos for 20th epi..Neilu.. therika vittutan…Radz.crushed the tabs.. I cud get the image of Arjun’s… Hahah.. sema..!! The way she praised poori..lol… ippo ivan enga poran..heheh.. Eager 4 nxt update… Take care n loads of love

    1. Sangee

      Mixing chilli powder and all old technology… Radus has her own plans for revenge ha ha ha…. thanks for the comments Jessie

  8. Arshi

    Wowowowo super se uper tha epi.. ek dum sabardasth..

    And yaar sangee… u heard if thjs??


    1 clg student gets lost .. his parents posted his pic in watsapp… and gave their adress.
    And thnx to whatsapp… the boy came back to his home withing 3 days..

    And now its been 2 yrs… and whenever the boy goes to clg.. people grab him and drops him to home…the msg s still exchanging in whatsapp..???

    When u added tat… radhika mised.. and arjun and all posted her pic in watsapp… this only came into my mind???

    Ok well.. in todays epi.. wowowlw… i thougjt radhu would have mixed some chilly powdwr or anything else… hahaj.. but she literally takes revenge bu adding tablets… wow..

    So cute epi… amd it got emded so soon..?

    1. Sangee

      Correct Arshi that watsapp thing I too heard ha ha ha… Thanks for this super duper comment.. Reading your comment make me fly… Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much Arshi…. Love you… Take care

  9. Awesome epic dear….enjoyed a lot and congrats for ur 20th epic bit this is not enough should celebrate 100 th epic ???waiting for next epic …

    1. Sangee

      Vetha darling thank sooooooooooooooooo much for your the comment u want me to write 100 epi ??? let’s try… take care
      Love you

  10. Sweetie

    Lovely and funny episode Sangee..Aha!!Everything is fair in love and war..Is this love or war Radhika was talking about? 😉 Congrats for your 20th episode dear.. 🙂

  11. _Ritu

    Amazing Sangee…as always ur epi was heart soothing….loads of love. 🙂

  12. Awesome. ..marvellous episode. …keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

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