I will never let anyone or anything hurt you,Promise (Episode-18)

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Lets jump into the epi 
Arjun was crying seeing radika taking some name…..

Sam and riddi were sitting next to radika and rubbing her hands…
Arjun was still trying to get response from her but no use ?
Arjun : Neil it’s not safe to extend time let’s take her to hospital…
Saying this arjun lifted her in his hands…. Radika was still saying the same name…
Arjun was crying inside hearing her taking the name repeatedly ???
Arjun carried her down.. Riddi Sam and Neil followed him..
Arjun placed her in the backseat… Riddi too hopped into the backseat
Nesam followed them in their bike
Riddi placed radikas head in her lap and tried to get response from her but all the time she was taking the same name… Riddi could not understand Wat she is saying
Arjuns eyes were overflowing tears ??????
He was continuously looking her through the mirror…..

He was driving like a maniac….
Atlast they reached the hospital….
Arjun carried her into hospital….and shouted for the doctor… One of the hospital assistants took radika in the stretcher…. All the time she was taking the same name
Arjun was standing like a statue looking at radika carried in ?
Sam and riddi ran behind the stretcher…
Neil came to arjun and shook him..
Neil : Arjun Wat happened… Let’s go inside ?
Arjun hide his tears and went inside
Sam and riddi were standing outside the ICU
Riddis eyes were filled with tears ?
Sam was crying ?
Neil came and side hugged Sam
Neil : Sammy she will be alright don’t worry
Sam nodded in positive and wiped her tears… She went near riddi and hugged her
Riddi : it’s my fault I must have checked her before itself…Riddis eyes were filled with tears

Sam : no di… I must have informed abt her before itself… She was very upset from the morning ???
Arjun watched Sam keenly
Sam narrated the whole incident how radika started crying… To how she asked to leave her alone… She started crying again ??
Neil and riddi were trying to compose Sam….
But all the time radikas words were echoing in his heart (it’s better to die for our loved ones than living separately from them)
Arjun was shattered more he sat on the nearby chair looking at the door of ICU ward….but he was present only physically…..
At that time doctor came out of the ward…

Riddi : doctor how is radika
Doctor : I want to talk to her parents…. How you are related to you?
Riddi : she is my sister
Doctor : I need to talk to your parents can you call them here
Neil : doctor actually she is a orphan we friends are her family… Is anything serious… You can tell to us BTW iam Neil malhotra ACP this is my ID
The word orphan stabbed arjun like a sharp knife
Doctor : oh ok sir…actually her pulse is very low… I think she had not taken any food since morning… Her BP and blood sugar levels are dangerously low if this continues she may fall into coma
All the four were shocked to the core ????
Arjun was standing still hearing doctors words
Riddi : doctor Wat are you saying… May be she is a orphan… But we treat her as our sister…. Pls do something and save her … Don’t worry abt money and all we will arrange for it
Doctor : Iam just saying you the current situation…. Don’t get dishearterd we will take all possible steps to get her back
Sam : doctor did she gained her consciousness
Doctor : no… She is not gaining her consciousness thats Wat scarring us… If she didn’t get conscious in 5 hrs she may fall into coma… Unless she gains her conscious she will not respond to our treatment but she is still chanting something do anyone know abt that

All nodded in negative
Doctor : it’s ok we will try our best
Saying this doctor went
Sam fell down on floor and started crying….
Sam : all because of me only… I shud not have let her alone
Neil hugged her and tried to compose her
Arjun was standing still Neil composed Sam and made her sit in the nearby chair
Hours passed… All the four are sitting still Sam and riddi were tired of crying…. Their faces have traces of dried tears
Neil was sitting beside them… All slept unknowingly…

Arjun was the only one who didn’t close his eyes even for a minute
His eyes were tired of crying… There is no more tears in his eyes…. He is looking at the distant sky through the nearby window…
It’s nearly 3 in the morning.
Doctor came to check radika
Arjun waked riddi.,Sam and Neil….all the four were standing outside with full tension
Doctor came out
Riddi : doctor how is radika now
Doctor : she gained her consciousness… We are giving her treatment she is also responding… As of now she is out of danger
All the four were happy to the core
Riddi : can we see her now ?
Doctor : no she still in ICU we will change her to ward in the morning you can see her now
Riddi : thank you so much doctor for saving radika
Doctor :we just did our duty
Riddi :Neil, arjun you guys are looking very tired go to home and take rest we will stay here with radika

Sam: yes you guys return after refreshing
Neil : no sam we cannot leave you alone her… If anything emergency means it’s not safety to go out at this time
Arjun : yes Sam… You and Neil go to home get some sleep and come in the morning… Me and nandu will stay here.. Because if you both stay here you cannot come in morning radika may need you after she is moved to ward
Riddi : Arjun is correct Sam… You guy go and get some rest
Nesam nodded in negative

Neil : ok arjun we will come in the morning… Keep us updated abt her condition
Arjun : ok Neil leave the bike and take our car… Weather is not good
Neil took car key from arjun….Nesam moved towards the parking
Neil and Sam hopped into the car…. Neil took the driver seat and Sam sat beside him…
Sam was lost somewhere… Neil put his seat belt and pulled Sams seat belt also..
Neil : Sam Wat are you thinking abt… Radika will be fine
Sam leaned on to his shoulders… Neil patted her cheeks
Neil started the car…. Sam fell asleep in Neils shoulder itself ?

In the morning 7 AM
Sam and Neil reached the hospital

Arjun and riddi were sitting in the chair in front of the ICU
Sam : di did you saw radika…
Riddi : no sam she is changed to the ward but she is sleeping
Neil : ok bhabi, arjun… Me and Sam will stay here you guys go and fresh up
Riddi : it’s ok Neil I will go after seeing radika
Sam : di see you are so tired…
Finally they budged and riddi and arjun moved to their house
Nesam were waiting in front of the ward after sometime nurse informed Sam that radika wake up

Sam ran into the room radika was lying there… Her face was very pale…. Saline tube was attached to one of her hands
Seeing Sam radika tried to got up
Sam helped her to get up and placed a pillow to support her back Sam hugged radika
Radika tried to hug her back but winced in pain we she lifted her hand attached to Saline bottle
Sam : Radika don’t stress yourself….?
Sam : Wat happened radika ?

Sam asked in a low and concern tone
Radikas eyes were full tears she was struggling to talk
Sam composed her
Neil : Sam don’t ask her anything let her rest for some time we can talk abt it afterwards ?
Neil and Sam started talking but ended in fighting with each other radika was laughing seeing their antics ????
All the three started chit chatting for … Radika was smiling all the time ????
Arjun and riddi reached hospital at 9 AM
Arjun and riddi went inside the room
Radika was sitting in the bed leaning on the bed… Nesam were fighting with each other sitting at either side of radika
Riddi went inside the room and hugged radika
Riddi : how are you radika… Riddis eyes were filled with tears
Radika : Iam fine di don’t worry ?
Before radika speak further… Arjuns harsh words cuts her
All look at arjun who is standing near the door with full anger
Arjun : ya you will be fine ??? Smirked arjun.. Wat you think of yourself radika… Ya that day you disappeared without informing anyone we were wandering in the streets to find you…. Wat you were doing…. You went after those kidnappers…and yesterday y you didn’t eat for the whole day ? if you are not feeling well either you must have informed nandu or Sam… Wat you did….

You locked the door and slept without telling anyone one…. You know wat happened yesterday…. You were lying unconscious in the bed…. Nandu and Sam were crying like anything… No one slept in the whole night… All were praying for your recovery… You don’t care abt them… How they will get hurt if something happens to you ??????
Wat you think we don’t have any other work rather than coming behind you ???
Arjun screamed in full anger

Sam, riddi and Neil were shocked seeing arjun pouring out his anger like this
Radika was crying badly hearing Arjuns acquisition… ?????
Radika : who told you to admit me in hospital… You may left me die there itself na… After all iam an orphan… You made me realise that ACP sir…. Sorry for wasting your time
Radikas eyes were overflowing with tears
Radika : sorry Sam,sorry di, sorry Neil for wasting your time….
All the three don’t know how to react ??? they are standing still
Riddi seeing Ardikka y u guys behaving like this …and you if you say another word I will not hesitate to beat you guys …
Arjun went out of the room immediately….
Radikka was still crying…. sam was trying to compose her…

Outside the hospital:

Arjun was sitting in his car and his mind was filled with radikas face…flashes of she lying unconscious…how she chanted that name…. how she was crying few mins back….were coming in front of his eyes…a lone tear escaped his eyes…
Arjuns mind voice: They may think that I scolded you out of hatred but only my heart knows I scolded you out of concern….out of love….yesterday it was me who went through more pain than you….The sight of you lying unconscious broke my soul…. I LOVE YOU RADIKA …….

That’s it guys
Arjuns confession is dedicated to our birthday baby….
As usual ignore my typos and grammatical errors…keep reading and keep commenting take care guys
Love you alll

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  1. S.v

    super awesome but what is the connection between ardhika ?? i was shell scared what will happen to radhika ?? but she is fine avan evan da avan loosu madhiri kathunadhu aama sange nee enna manasula vechurukka sema thrillerah pogudhu pls next part soon and thanks for the dedication love u so much muhhaaaa

    1. Sangee

      Omg sorry for making birthday baby scared….radikava appaidi pathadum arjun loose aitan pola ….thanks for the comment….have a nice day dear once again many more happy returns of the day

  2. Jessie

    Sangee.. nee sema vevaram.. secreta disclose panama.. avan avanuke sonna confession a
    vachu senjutenga.. lol.. Arjun… Vaaya thorandhu pesavum…lol… hmm.. coma nu solli oru shock vacha paru nee anga nikra.. waiting for next one.. TC and loads of love

    1. Sangee

      nan vevaram ah ha ha ha ama arjun dayavu senidu vaya thorandu pesavum lol nan kuda avan radika ta love ah solluvan dan pathen but he is so adament wat to do he he he
      Thanks for the comment jessie

  3. Brin

    Awesome episode, love it when Arjun confess his feeling, eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Sangee

      Thanks Brin

  4. Finally arjun realised ..ufff stupid fello..
    Nyc chappy dear

    1. Sangee

      stupid fello lol thanks for the comment neetz

  5. Myra

    sangee…..awesome ep yaar…..but whose name was she chanting?

    1. Sangee

      Thanks for the comment myra..i will reveal abt that name in next epi 🙂

  6. Sweetie

    Wow,confession of Arjun..Lovely..?

  7. Rossy

    That is a very wrong timing to stop the chapter….update soon dear…m waiting to see further ardhika moments as he confessed to himself..and yes loved emos…hehehe

  8. mindblowing/…………….

  9. Meen

    awesome sangee…confession of arjun was awesome….u r keeping me hooked up to d story…….lovely….love u

  10. _Ritu

    Wow Sangee.. 🙂 it was amazing…Arjun in luv wid Rads..hope she too reciprocate d same feeling…loads of love. 🙂

  11. Awesome, very lovelyyyyyy episode. …love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

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