I will never let anyone or anything hurt you,Promise (Episode-17)

Hey guys here comes Episode 17 ….First of all sorry for the late update i had a sprain in my left wrist so unable to type bare me guys:(
Take are all of you…..
All the 5 were having a group hug…
All are happy except arjun.. his heart is burning in vengeance….
All sat and started chit chatting…

Next day morning :
All are had their breakfast fast and moved to their office
Riddi called Karan and told him the whole story of how arjun is her brother.. Etc etc…

At Arjuns office :
Arjun Neil and other officers are having discussions abt the next step in their operations
Arjun : Any information abt Akil….
Neil : no arjun we are still finding difficulties in finding his whereabouts
Arjun : he is very dangerous…. Before he starts doing anything we shud arrest him…
Raj : but we have no clue… We tried to track is mobile number but it’s sswitched off…. Even his credit cards are tracked but no use.. But iam sure he is hiding some where inside the city only.. There is very less chance of him escaping from the city
Arjun : but we shud not be careless… Increase forces in tolgates…fax his photos to all stations and alert them abt him
Raj : ok arjun
Arjun : we shud arrest him with in a week.. We have already wasted enough of time ?….
His arrest will be big blow to shyam… Then only he will come out….
Officers : sure

All the officers left… Arjun and Neil are left alone..
Arjun was closing his eyes and thinking deeply
Neil : Arjun y r u getting this much tensed…. We will make him stand before the law for sure… We will make him answer for ur parents death…
Arjun : no Neil…. I don’t want him to arrest or put him in jail… I want his death… I want him to be killed by my hands… I want to fulfill my revenge…. Because of him my whole life is destroyed…
Neil was shocked to hear this words from arjun…. Because arjun is very sincere he will always do his duty abide by law…

Neil : Arjun I didn’t tell you to forgive him or get back from your revenge but don’t get yourself hurted in this process ?
Arjun : Iam not afraid of getting hurt or even giving my life but I want his death that’s it…
Saying this arjun went outside without saying where he is going…
Neil understood his feelings but he is also concerned abt arjun and his behaviour in this case
He is loosing his cool this may lead to anything dangerous
Neils mindvoice : I need to speak abt this to bhabi… She is the one who can control him
At Rasams office :
Radika : so u guys were not hanging out anywhere… U were searching for di… Ha ha ha ha ???
Sam sitting sadly infront of her ?
Radika : u were searching for di outside but she was sitting with us… Ha ha ha ha ???
Sam : stop it radu… How come I know di is Arjuns sister ?
Radika : ok leave that… Did Neil talk about anything else to you
Sam : abt Wat… ?
Radika : abt that ? winked radika
Sam : just ask me straight I can’t understand your signs and all
Radika : dating .. Deeting yar
Sam : no ?
Radika : Wat no ? you guys are total waste…
Sam : Wat waste…. There is no need for dating… Deeting and all we are matured couples ?
Radika : oooo… I thought u guys were having some fun but you were searching for di outside ha ha ha ??
Radika made faces ????

Sam: shut up radu ?
At the same time Sams mobile flashed Neils name.. ?
Sam :???..see Neil is calling ??…
Radika grabed Sams phone and put that in speaker ?
Sam made faces to radika ???
Sam : ya Neil ?
Neil : Sam..Do have bhabis number… It’s urgent pls msg me bye
Sam was at the rage of her anger ???
Radika was laughing like anything seeing Sams reaction ????
Sam : that’s it Mr.Neil… This ur last day… Ur death is coming to you ???
Saying this Sam got up from her seat…
Radika pulled her down
Radika : Sam don’t be angry… Don’t you sense tension in Neils voice… May be something serious.. Calm down first send him di number….
Radika composed Sam…
Sam sent riddis number to neil… But she was looking sad ???
Radika : Sam sorry… I was just teasing you… Don’t take it to your heart… Neil really loves you..
I have seen it in his eyes

Sam : I know radu.. Neil loves me.. But
Radika : tell me one thing… If iam got stuck with some serious problems means Wat will you do
Sam : hello how come u alone will stuck with problems.. Iam always with you so if any problem we both are going to face together. ?
Radika : just imagine… Wat Will you do ?
Sam : ofcourse my first and foremost work is to get you out of that problem… I will not have any other thing in my mind…. After u come out of the problem only I can breathe freely ?

Radika : Sam this is Wat Neil is doing now…. ACP sir is his friend like me to you…. How come he can see his friend facing some trouble all alone ?
Sam hugged radika tightly….
Sam : radu no one can think like you…. U are thinking from Neil point of view but Wat I was doing ?
Radika : nothing wrong with you Sam… I was the one who is provoking you in the name of teasing… iam sorry
Sam : radu y are you feeling sorry for this leave it….
Radika : no sam… I don’t want to see you too fighting… I know the pain of leaving the loved ones…I will tell you one thing Sam… It’s better to die for our loved ones than leaving them behind and living alone for well being of our life ?
Radikas eyes were filled with tears…..

Sam : radu y are you talking like this…. ?
Sam hugged her tightly…
Radu : leave me alone for sometime Sam plsssssssssssss
Tears were flowing down her cheeks ?
Sam : but radu ?
Radika : Sam iam going to home… Pls inform to chief
Sam : wait radika I will also join you ?
Radika : no sam I want to be alone for sometime ?
Saying this radika left the place…
Sams mindvoice : Wat happened to her y she is behaviour like this….Ok let her be alone for sometime we will talk to her after.. More than dat di is there so no problem she will take care of her.
In the meantime Neil called riddi and informed her about Arjuns behaviour and told her to warn arjun…
Riddi : I will speak to arjun abt this Neil…. His safety is important for me too… don’t worry Neil
Rasams place 4.pm
Rasams place :
Riddi was sitting and thinking deeply about arjun and his behaviour…
Radika entered the house
Riddi : hey radika… This much early .. Where is Sam
Radika : nothing I felt tired so I came earlier….
Riddi : Wat happened radika are you ok… She placed her hand over radikas forehead
Radika : Iam ok di just tired I will go and sleep… Wake me up for dinner alone…
Saying this radika went to her room and locked…
Riddi : Wat happened to her she Is looking so pale today.. ?
Let her sleep will talk after wards…. All are behaving like kids…. Omg this arjun one side and this radu ufff ?

Radika went to her room closed the door.. Throwed her hand bag to one corner she sa on the bed for few seconds… Her eyes were filled with tears…
She ran inside the bathroom.. Turned on the shower…. She sat under the shower and started crying vigorously ????? thinking about someone
Radika : y do you left me alone like dis ??
She was crying leaning on the wall tears and water are rolling down her face….
Time passes still she is still crying… She don’t know for how may hours she was crying like this… Her hands were trembling because of the cold shower….she came out changed her clothes and laid on the bed… Still her eyes were filled with tears….
She slept crying…. ?

At 7pm
Arjun Neil and Sam reached home… Riddi was sitting in the hall talking to Karan over video call…
Sam: di Wat are you doing its midnight for them…
Riddi : so what… If I want to talk he shud listen no other go…. Wat you say Karan…
Karan: ofcourse darling… Karan finished saying between yawn…
Sam giggled ???
Riddi : ok bye Karan take care… I have lots of work here…
She disconnected the call without waiting for his response..
Neil : bhabi… I
am afraid that Sam will also turn like this after marriage… ?
Riddi and Sam looked at him for few seconds
Riddi Sam : yes ofcourse its our rights to disturb our Man ???
Both made a hi5 and giggled at Neil
Arjun was sitting silently…
Riddi went near him and holded his hands
Arjun looked at her
Riddi : Arjun pls don’t hurt yourself…
Arjun glared at Neil…
Neil : hello y are you looking at me… I don’t know anything
Arjun :nothing like that di.. I will take care….
Riddi : Arjun till now I didn’t experienced the pain of an orphan… Because from the beginning I was pampered by ma papa and then Karan… But if something happened to you den I will become a orphan ?
Arjun cuts her in the middle of the sentence

Arjun : nandu don’t talk like this… This Neil is over reacting…. I will be carefull… Nothing will happen to me ?
Riddi : Take care of yourself arjun your safety is more important than anything pls for my sake… This the only thing your nandu wish….
Arjun : ok your wish is granted ??? laughed Arjun
Riddi and arjun have a hug
Sam : di where is radu…. I can’t see her here
Riddi : ya next this radu… Wat happened to her… She was looking very tired….she said that she is going to sleep but didn’t come out yet
Wait I will call her saying this riddi headed to radus room…
Riddi knocked radus room door… No response from her… She called out her name… Still no response

Riddi : Wat is she doing inside…
Riddi tried to open the door… The door wad unlocked… She opened the door and saw radika sleeping peacefully hugging her pillow
Riddi : Radika get up… Eat something and then sleep
Radika didn’t get up… Riddi was scared a bit she went near her and patted her cheeks…
Riddi : Radu.. Radu …
Radika was lying unconscious…..she was also having a high temperature….
Riddi : radu.. Radu… Open your eyes….
Radika was still unconscious… But she started taking some name…Riddi didn’t understand Wat she is saying…
Riddi was scared to the core..

Riddi : Sammmmm come here soon…
All the three were shocked hearing riddis voice… All ran to radikaa room
They saw radika lying unconscious…. Arjun was freaked to the core….
He ran inside and patted radika…
Arjun : Radika… Radika…. Open your eyes
No response from her
Arjuns eyes were filled with tears Seeing her like that…. ?
He checked her pulse..
Arjun : her pulse is very low…. ??
All the 4 were dumbstruck ????
Arjun again patted and asked her to response….
Radika in turn was murmuring some name….
Arjun heared the name and was shocked….. Tears started flowing from his eyes..????.. He wiped that before others notice……….

Thats it guys….How was it waiting for ur comments…keep reading and keep commenting take care guys….
As usual ignore my typos and grammatical errors

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