I will never let anyone or anything hurt you,Promise (Episode-15)


U guys don’t know how happy iam today….. It’s 15 th episode today…. This become possible only because of ur constant comments…. Thank you so much for making me believe that I too can write ??
Hey guys here goes the Episode 15
Arjun and radika reached their place…
At the same time…in different place…

Ahkil’s phone rang… he took the phone out and answered the call…
Ahkil: wat happened?
Man over the phone said something…
Ahkil: in full anger…u guys are fit for nothing …go to hell..???
He shouted and disconnected the call…
Ahkils mindvoice: Even today they missed her…There is no use in trusting them hereafter…now I will make her mine myself…Radika here comes ur groom ?be ready ….
Next day morning…. It was a Saturday

Radika had somework in office so she left earlier….
Arjun also had some discussions with officers he also went to office earlier….
Sam, riddi and Neil are left in the house… ???
Nesam gave some excuses to riddi and went out to search for the girl…..
Some place in the city :
Nesam went to some other orphanages to get information abt the girl… But all went in vain
Nesam came outside and leaned over the bike… Their face show the tiredness…
Neil : For the last one week we went to atmost all the orphanages but no one Knows abt her… ??
Sam: don’t get dishearterd Neil…. Lets go to home and get some rest we can continue our work tomorrow….
Neil saw Sams face…. She was looking so tired….. ???

Neil grabed Sams hand….
Neil :I am sorry Sam…. Because of me only u are facing all these hardships ?
Sam : stop this Neil…..do u thought dat iam doing all this for you…. If you think so… Iam sorry ???? iam doing this for my Bro…
Neil : bro ?? Who?

Sam: if u are brother for radika… Den by pythogoras theorem arjun becomes my brother ?
Giggled Sam…
Neil: oooooooooooooooooooooo but I have one doubt ?
Sam : Wat ?
Neil :Iam calling arjun as brother…. U are also calling arjun as brother…. By the same pythogoras theorem…. I become ur brother… Am I right ??
Sam : Wat ? Neil ur pythogoras theorem is wrong ??? frowned sam
Neil : is it so… Can you explain me ?
Sam : no I don’t have time lets go home ?
Neil laughed at her reaction…. And started his bike. And moved towards their place…

Rasams place :
Nesam came to Rasams flat…. Riddi was watching tv…
Sam and Neil came and fell over the couch… (different couches ?)
Riddi : Wat happened guys… Looking so tired….
Sam : nothing like that di… Feeling bored ??
Riddi : y u didn’t get any new place today for hanging out ah ? chuckled riddi
Sam : no di we hanged out in atmost every place ??
Riddi : den go to any movie ?
Sam : not interested ?
Riddi : ok u sit like this itself  I will bring something to eat ?????
Sam: Super di…iam very hungry…
Neil was sitting in silent with deep thinking….
Sam shaked neil…

Sam: neil come of it relax for some time….we can find her for sure ☺
Neil: no sam I lost my hope ? see how much Arjun is happy for us but I can’t find the resaon behind his pain….
No I need find her within two days….i cant keep on dragging this…I feel like iam doing injustice with you…I cant even spend time with you iam so sorry sam ?
Saying this he got up from the couch taking the photo is his hand….
Sam pulled him down …now where will u go and search 😉 try to understand the reality neil…
Neil again sat on the couch….dishearten ??
Though nesam were talking in low voice riddi heard some bits of their conversation
Riddi came with thee bowls of snacks and kept that before them she also took one in her hands…
Riddi: y u guys are seen very tensed ? any problem ???
Sam:No di nothing like that…

Riddi: don’t try to make me fool sam…I heard ur conversation…whom u r searching for? Y r u searching for them? Speak out to me… I will see whether I can help you guys…
Nesam were silent for some time… both know that they cannot escape by lying to riddi
Neil: Actually bhabi iam searching for one girl…the only clue I have is her childhood photo…we searched in at most all the places in city but we didn’t get any information abt her
Riddi: ok but y are u searching for her…is that anything official…if not if u like u can share with me
Riddi asked with concern ?

Nesam looked at each other both don’t know whether can they tell the true reason to riddi
Riddi: if guys are not willing Iam ok ? but can I take a look at that photo…
Neil:nothing like that bhabi…its for one private investigation ….
Neil handed the photo to riddi….upside down..
Riddi turned the photo and saw the girl…(all the actions are shown in slow motion 😉 )
Riddi was shocked ??to the core seeing the photograph…her face shows her emotion clearly…??
Nesam were also confused seeing her reaction…?
Riddis face changed immediately…
Riddi with smiling face ☺: from wen you guys are searching for her?
Nesam: for about past 10 to 12 days…

Riddi: so u dindnt find her till??
Sam: ofcouse di…so only we are tensed 
Riddi started laughing….????
Nesam were totally confused of riddis questions and reason behind her laughing….
Neil: y are you laughing bhabi…do you know this girl? Where is she? Can we meet her?…
Neil started stacking the questions before her….??
Riddi laughed more now…???
Nesam were totally angry because of her laughing…
Sam:y are u laughing like this…u are playing with neils emotions…pls tell us the truth do u know her…?
Seeing sam angry and neil very tensed ridddi stoped laughing at them…
Riddi: y are you guys taking this serious… I thought u guys are throwing a prank over me ..?
Sam: prank? Why we are going to thow a prank over you showing that photo to u? hissed sam
Riddi was bit serious now…?

Riddi: anything serious guys..i thought u were playing with me..
Sam:first tell me y were you laughing ?
Riddi: every one in the world will be laughing if u show them their photo and ask to them itself abt the person in the photo…that too u are telling that u were searching for that girl for last 12 days…and I was just sitting beside you …riddi laughed little☺
At first nesam were confused then they realised the meaning of wat riddi said
Both were shocked to the core….They got up from the couch and screamed…
Nesam: wattttttttttttttttt ?????????????
Riddi: wat ?wat? u guys really don’t know that….?

Sam: no di… sam replied in shock
Sam: are you sure that its is you? Because I have not seen ur photos of that age…
Riddi: ofcourse its me…do anyone forgot how they look while they are younger after they grow up??
But I too don’t remember of having a photo of mine at that age …
Neil who was in shock all the time after hearing riddis confessions…?
The sisters covo came to an end after hearing neils words…
Neil: but y did Arjun is crying all night seeing this photo ?
Riddi was the one who shocked above nesam…?
Riddi:wat?arjun?crying? seeing my pic???

Nesam look at each other
Riddi: stop looking at each other and first answer my questions…. y were u searching for me?how Arjun is connected with dis?..i need the answer right now…
Nesam sat either side of riddi and told the whole flash back how neil found Arjun crying in night to how they started searching for the girl to current scene…
Riddi heard the whole story.. she had mixed emotions…confused,shocked etc ????
Riddi:but how come Arjun ended having my childhood photo that I too didn’t remember of having one…Why was he crying seeing that …
Neil: these questions can only be answered by Arjun…
All three wait for arjuns arrival…

Arjuns bitter past…

That’s it guys waiting for your comments…. Pls ignore my typos and grammatical errors….
I wrote this in a rush… Forgive me if its not upto your expectations
Keep reading.. Keep commenting…. Take care dears…. Hugs and kisses for all my dears ????????

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  1. Vedha

    Wat a twist , even riddi didn’t know this ? waiting for climax ? congrats ur 15 th epic was awesome ???

    1. Sangee

      Omg surprised my darl has commented first Thanks for ur compiment vedha…all is because of ur blessings 😉

  2. S.v

    what is this sangee radhikava pathina edhuvumey illa so arjun and ridhi had their connection in the childhood aana ridhikku theriyala but arjunukku theriyum so what is that next part soon sangee and anil avana argh edhavadhu pannu ya tholla thangala. Love u so much muhhhaaaa

    1. Sangee

      Thanks for the comment S.v sure i will bring aradika moments….i too thinking abt ahkil wat to do…..any suggestions 😉

  3. Jessie

    Even Riddi dont know… Sangee.. ena ma neenga ippadi twist vaikreengale ma… 25 epis hit panungo.. waiting for next.. TC and loads of love

    1. Sangee

      Thanks for the wishes and comment jessie 😉

  4. The twist was awesome, eagerly waiting for the next update. ☺

    1. Sangee

      Thank you so much brin….iam flying reading ur comments 😉

  5. Sweetie

    I’m in love with all the twists yaar Sangee.. 😀 Good going,waiting for the next.. 🙂 Love you loads and take care.. 🙂

  6. Wah how come ridhi and arjun iz connected..eager to know abt the twist..and y is this ardhika not confessing 😉
    Sangeee post sooon 🙂 ..cant wait 😉

  7. Rossy

    Ridhi was the girl then…then who is the second girl…i mean younger?? I thought radz ?

  8. _Ritu

    What a twist dear…loved it…waiting for nxt…loads of love. 🙂

  9. Wowwww mind blowing episode. ..
    keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads

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