I will never let anyone or anything hurt you,Promise (Episode-12)


Hi guys…how r u? …hope all doing good iam back with Episode 12…keep reading keep commenting   I have also attached the link for previous episode…for the sake of who missed last episodes update  enjoy guys….Take care byeeeeeeeeeeeee

Link for previous epi: episode-11

Akil :soon she is going to be Mrs.Ahkil shyam manohar ?
Gupta is dumbstruck..
Gupta : Wat are you saying akil
Akil : yes uncle… She will become my wife… It’s her life time imprisonment ?
Gupta : do you think shyam will agree to this ?
Akil : I don’t need any ones permission neither dad’s nor hers….I will make her as my wife Sry my slave ? at any cost
Akil Smirked…
Rasams place at evening :
Radu,riddi and Sam were chit chatting ???
Sam was telling her days activity to radu
Riddi was seeing Rasams chatting
Sam Atlast finished her whole story..
Sam: that’s it radu….
Radu : are you sure Sam ? radu winked
Sam: ofcourse yar ?
Radika stood up from the couch… Kept her hands on her hip and started questioning Sam
Riddi was laughing at her antics ?
Radika : ok where were you and Neil were hanging out in the morning ?( in serious tone)
Sam: Wat? Me? Neil? Hanging out ?shut up radu
Sam was signing abt riddis presence to radika ? she was asking her not to disclose anything to riddi… Pleading her through eyes ?????
Radika was not in the mood of listening to Sam ??
Radu: Sam do u think dat I don’t know dat u reached office late ? dat too u reached office exactly at 12.30 Wat were you guys doing by that time ??? winked radika
Sam was shocked to the core she was afraid of riddis reaction ?
Riddi ???
Riddi : Wats all this Sam… Is radika saying the truth ?
Sam : di dis radika is playing some prank… Don’t listen to her ?
Riddi : I never ever dreamed u will do like this ? thought u guys are having a friendly relationship so only I allowed u to go with him in the morning but you broke my trust ??
Sams eyes were full of tears.. ?
Riddi and radika started to laugh hardly ???
Sam was confused ?
Riddi and radu hugged Sam at once…
Riddi : omg my Sammy is crying in baby Voice
Sam started beating riddi and radu playfully
Riddi and radu started faking pain
Riddi holded Sams hands
Riddi : Iam very happy for u sam….Neil seems to be good… He will be a perfect match for my sweetie
Sam : thank you so much di I didn’t expect this
Riddi : u shud thank radu she only told that u both are having feelings towards each but not yet talked abt it openly.. She only convinced me to accept this alliance ?
Sam; yea di.. I can see love for me in Neils eyes but he is not telling me Wat to do ??
All the three sat on the couch
Riddi : y not u propose first Sam ??
Sam : no di I want him to propose me ??
Radu : let’s plan something and make Neil propose Sam ?☺?
Riddi and Sam gave a surprise look to radu
Radika : let’s do it na…who are all with me..
Radika extended her hand.. Riddi and Sam placed their hands over hers ????
All the three winked togeather..
Radu : let’s make him come on his knees in front of Sam ???
All the three started talking in low tone…. Finally they made a plan…. All the three made a hi5
Sam : wen are we going to execute this plan ?
Radu : y not now itself ?
Risam: superb let’s start ???
Riddi went to Arneil’s flat and knocked the door…
Arjun opened the door and surprised to see riddi there
Arjun : di? U? Here? This time? Anything serious?
Riddi can see his concern towards her in his eyes
Riddi : stop asking questions first? Will you not call me inside ?
Arjun : omg Sry di… Come inside btw shall I call you di ?
Riddi : ofcourse ?y not ☺
Arjun called Neil by telling riddis visit
Neil also came out…
Arneil settled in the couch… And riddi settled opposite to them
Riddi in lowest possible tone
Riddi : I came here to tell a secret… No one knows abt it… Even my sissies….
So listen carefully.. It’s most confidential…. I need ur help guys … So only iam here ????
Riddi was talking in full dramatic tone..
Arneil were confused to the core they both look at each other in confusion ??
Riddi :Iam planning a big surprise for Sam ? u guys shud help me in this ?
Neil on hearing Sams name he was double happy to help
Riddi : first say u will help me den only I will reveal my plan… ? chucked riddi
Both Arneil nodded positively ☺☺
Riddi :ok listen carefully
Arneil look at riddis face very keenly
Riddi :Iam planning to get Sam married to my hubbies brother Ram …… He is comming here tomorrow to meet Sam
Riddi said in one full stretch
Both Arneil were hell shocked ??
They both stood up from their place in shock and screamed Wat ??
Neils heart bursted hearing this news ?
Riddi was laughing inside seeing their reaction ??? but she kept her face calm and started talking further
Riddi : Wat? Wat? Y u guys are shocked… Are you guys not happy for Sam?
Both were struggling to talk
Arjun : no no nothing like dat…we are very very very happy… ..
Neil still didn’t come from shock… He was still standing in the same position
Arjun pulled him down..
Neil came out of shock and tried to convince riddi against this idea ??
Neil : but di y this soon she is still young
Riddi : are you joking Neil at her age I was having poo ?
Both looked at her in confusion
Riddi : Sry I meant my daughter ayushi we call her as poo chuckled riddi
Neil: pls think abt radika how can she be alone after Sam s marriage ?
Neil tried another point to convince riddi
Riddi : omg I forgot abt her ? Wat to do now
Riddi started thinking fakely ?
Arneil were relieved and sat ??
Riddi : idea let’s get her married to my another BIL vikram ? winked riddi
Arjun screamed Wat ?
Riddis mind voice seeing Arjuns reaction : this was not in our list ??( actually riddi didn’t have any BIL Karan is only son to his parents)
Neil too was shocked by Arjuns reaction…
Neil pulled arjun down now ??? arjun gave a angry glare to neil ??
Riddi was laughing like anything inside her ??
Riddi : ok boys u guys are helping me to get Sams approval for this alliance ? she will not dis obey me but after all you are her friends if u say she will accept na ?
Saying this riddi waved them bye and went out ?
Rasams place :
Riddi narrated the whole story… Neils reaction etc etc all the three were laughing like anything ?????
Riddi : ok guys let’s go and sleep today we saw only trailer tomorrow is the main picture ? we need energy to laugh tomorrow ?
finally all got tired of laughing and went to sleep..
Arneils place :
Arneil were pacing in the hall angrily…
Neils dreams of Sam marrying someone…. He was in devdas getup seeing Sams marriage…. He was drinking and wandering on the road in memories of Sam… Suddenly some car hit him… He came to reality and checked his chin for beared….
Neils mind voice : shit it’s just a bad dream ?…Wat can I do if it becomes real ???
Neil : Wat to do now Arjun ?? he was crying litrely
Arjun : Wat to do now … U must have proposed her before itself…
Saying this arjun sat on the couch and started biting his nails
Neil : pls help me arjun… If Sam accepts this alliance Wat to do…. ?
Arjun : Wat to do… Wat to do means I am not getting any ideas…
Neil : Arjun let’s kidnap dat American groom ?…
Arjun : Neil v r a police officer… V shud arrest the kidnappers…. V ourselves shud not indulge in kidnapping ?….iam so much tensed u r joking now ?
Neil : btw y are you this much tensed? Sam is my lover…. So iam tensed ?
Arjun thought for sometime
Arjun : Neil you are my best friend… U r like a bro to me… ur love life is in threat so iam tensed ?
Neil : Arjun ?
Arjun : Neil ?
Both hugged each other ???
The clock striked 4 O clock …neils was unable to sleep the whole night….he is still standing in the balcony and looking at the sky aimlessly…his mind was full of sam…sams cute talks…her naughtiness…the way she blushed yesterday etc etc… a lone tear escaped his eyes….
With some determination he went to see Arjun…
Arjun was sleeping the couch…. neil didn’t want him to disturb at this time 
He walked to the terrace…
At terrace:
A large terrace… cold wind was blowing heavily….the same wind is blowing inside neils heart also..
He leaned over the edge of the wall…whole city was visible to him….
Neils mind voice: I can’t even imagine a life without sam.. shud take a decision now itself…

Sam standing teary eyed in the terrace 😉

As usual ignore my typos and grammatical errors…waiting for ur reviews guys 
Take care byeeeeeeeeeeeee hugs and kisses for all my dears out there 

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  1. hashmi rayana

    Awsome dear, i wish neil wont jump from terrece. He should propose na. Afterall he s a good boy

    1. Sangee

      yes i think he will not jump because if he jump how can he get his sam 😉
      Thanks for the comment hashmi

  2. S.v

    oh my god eppa pathalum america mapula lol paavam yaa yaravadhu avanukku ponnu kudunga rofl max. arjun reaction and ridhi mind voice nee listlaey illaye mudalvan dialogue yamma mudiyala sema update full of masti. He he he enna nadakka pogudhu why sam in teary eyes ?? nest part soon . Love u so much sangee. Muhhaaaaa

    1. Sangee

      Thanks for the encouraging words S.V love u too:)

    2. Sangee

      S.v america mappulaiku vena radika va kalyanam panni vachidalam ah 😉 if u wish :*
      neenga hmm nu sollunga senjidalam 😉

      1. Jessie

        oye.. Ena oru thairiyam.. Naanga team le irukom.. Arjuna azha vida maatom.. correct thana s.v baby?

      2. S.v

        Jessie baby Aama aama arjun radhikakudhan radhikabum arjunnukku dhan correct baby neen. Sangee nanga poraduvom poraduvom irudhi varai poraduvomya . Ardhika dhan enga uyir muchu ardhika dhan enga pechu.

      3. Sangee

        ok ok poratathalam niruthunga…:) 😉 ur wish my command ;);)

      4. Jessie

        appidi nalla pillaya iruka pazhagunga ,lol..

  3. Jessie

    Riddi and her plan lol… Arjun’s shock..haha.. nee listle illaye da.. lol… am waiting for nextone.. wanna see how Arjun nails akhil… pls post soon.. TC and loads of love

    1. Sangee

      Thank you so much jessie dear arjun must have killed neil for giving idea to riddi to make rads get married lukily neil escaped because of riddi 😉

  4. Goood one.sangi 🙂

    1. Sangee

      Thanks for the comment neetz keep reading keep commenting 😉

  5. Sangee ..angry from u..y u posted so late ..actually it became a habit for me to read this ff daily..BT u broke that….BT.BT….wt is…this…yr..ur just rocking it…omg…arneel reaction WS the best…and my cute devils…r really to much….pllllllzzzzzzz post soon Dr….love u bye…tc

    1. Sangee

      omg sry dear for the late update i was stuck in some of my work i will update regularly for u but on one condition u shud comment regularly 😉 wat u say deal ?
      btw thanks a lot for ur encouaging words love you yar 🙂 🙂

      1. For sure…I will comment… And if I won’t I will b the 1 who will b in loss Dr ..and deal….

      2. Sangee

        So sweet of u ana …deal is ok 😉 😉 i have already submited the next epi lets wait for it to get posted 🙂

  6. mindblowing…………

    1. Sangee

      Thank you so much subha 🙂

  7. Sweetie

    I was laughing like hell while reading this episode yaar,superb episode.. 🙂

    1. Sangee

      Thanks a lot sweetie 🙂 🙂

  8. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for Neil to propose to Sam. 🙂

    1. Sangee

      Thanks a lot brin 🙂

  9. Rossy

    Sangee…..the most hilarious thing is Arjun’s reaction…omg…m rolling on…did he feel something for radhika??awww…and Neil…buddy u r a police,thinking about kidnap n his dream…lol…that emo give spices to ur story…don’t stop giving those emos…especially that red wala with anger…?

    1. Sangee

      Thank you so much rossy…. i will give more emos sply for u ok 😉

  10. Starz

    Laughed like anything…..loved it… awesome dear…love you and take care

    1. Sangee

      thank u starzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  11. Superbbbbbbbb one sangi ????? loved it ? arjun reaction priceless ??? ammadiiiii my stomach paining dat too after Neil’s reaction ????? awesome awesome chumma allita po ???

    1. Sangee

      Mikka nandri suga….iam very very happy

  12. Awesome episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

  13. _Ritu

    Lol 😉 Sangee..it was more Dan amazing girl…m still laughing at ArNeil’s reaction…enjoyed alot.. Waiting for nxt…loads of love 🙂

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