I will never let anyone or anything hurt you,Promise (Episode-11)


Hi dears back with Episode -11…..thank you so much for all who commented thanks a lot… Keep reading… Keep commenting…. Take care…. ?????
Orphanage :
Nesam went to orphanage ‘s office room to meet the caretaker
Neil showed those photos to the caretaker and asked whether he knew abt those kids in the photos
Caretaker : Sry sir I took incharge only few years back…these photos look quite old.. I don’t know any information abt these kids
Neil was dishearterd.. He believed he will get some clues…but they were disappointed ?
Neil : sir can we talk to anyone who is working here for long period… they may know abt these kids
Caretaker thinks for some time and tells abt ramu kaka who was working here for more than 20 years
Neil : sir can u give us his address we will meet him
Caretaker : no need for that he is here only I will call him.. U wait here for sometime
Caretaker sent one boy playing there to call ramu kaka
Ramu kaka (a mam who crossed his 60s)came to office
Neil showed those photos to ramu kaka
Ramu kaka saw those photos
Ramu kaka : I haven’t seen this girl .. ?
Neil showed the boys photo…. ?
Ramu kaka thought for some time…
Ramu kaka : this kid… I have seen him before….
Nesam smiled ??
Sam : kaka pls try to remember his name… Wat he is doing now…. Do u know where he lives now….
Kaka thought for sometime…
Ramu kaka : his name……… Yes arjun……. He is arjun…… He was brought up here only very good boy….. He left this place wen he got admission for Clg… I haven’t seen him after wards…
Nesam were shocked to the core….. They never thought that the kid in the photo would be arjun
Nesam were disturbed by kaka s voice
Ramu kaka :y r u guys asking abt him… Anything serious…. As for as I know he was a very good boy exclaimed kaka
Sam: nothing serious kaka we were planning a surprise for our friend by inviting all his childhood friends to his birthday party we found these photos in his book so we thought to invite them also…
Saying this Sam hugged kaka and thanked him for telling the information he knows
Nesam thanked the caretaker and kaka… They also gave some donations to the orphanage.. And came out of the orphanage…

Outside the orphanage :
Nesam came near their bike
Neil was thinking deeply about something… ?
Sam : Wats going inside ur mind Neil ☺
Neil :y arjun is crying seeing his own photo…
Sam : duffer no one will cry seeing their own photo ?
Neil :????
Sam :I think he is crying seeing this girl… Who is she ?…Neil do arjun said anything abt this girl…
Neil : no Sam he never shared anything abt his personal life…
Neils phone rang on that time…
Neil took his phone… His mobile flashes Arjuns name.. Neil slide the green button and put the phone in speaker…
Arjun : Sry for the disturbance love birds ?
Neil didn’t expect arjun will talk like these… Nesams face turned red hearing Arjuns quotes… ?
Neil : stop it Arjun Wats the matter… Why you called now ?
Arjun : did my call disturbed anything spl…. Arjun stressed the word spl
Neil groaned Arjuns name
Arjun : ok ok my love bird is turning into angry bird now… Chuckeled arjun ?
Neil : u didn’t answer my question yet arjun ?
Arjun : ok ok… For ur kind information it’s already 12… Can you pls come to office now… There are many pending works
Neil saw his watch… He didn’t saw the time….
Neil : omg seriously arjun I didn’t notice the time I will be there in 15 mins…
Arjun : ok ok no problem don’t hurry.. Drive carefully… First drop Sam in her office and den u come..
Both Nesam were shocked… How arjun got to know dat we are togeather.. ?
Neil : how u know that we are together…. ?
Arjun : Mr.neil I think you forgot every thing… Iam ACP arjun… I know very thing ?
Nesam were shocked to the core…
Neil : tell the truth arjun ? are u seeing us hiding here ??
Arjun : hey hey cool man I didn’t see anything….. I just guessed u went to drop Sam… U didn’t reach office yet so I thought u both were hanging out some where…
Nesam gave a relief look at each other
Arjun : btw can I know wat u guys are doing there…. Y u got afraid dat I may be seeing you ??? Giggled arjun…
Nesam were blushing heavily hearing Arjuns words…
Neil in serious tone : Arjun…… ?
Arjun : ok ok bye…..

Nesam were blushing heavily… Both are unable to face each other….
Sam : I will go by auto..
Neil : no problem Sam I will drop you
Sam hopped on the bike….
Neil dropped Sam in her office….
Neils mind voice : this arjun…?…
Neil reached office he went into Arjuns room… Arjuns face was lit seeing Neil ?
Arjun : wow welcome welcome ?
Neil : stop teasing me arjun… U know wat u did ?
Arjun :did I disturbed u at worng Sry correct time ?????
Neil :???
Arjun : ok ok… ? let’s go Commissioner sir asked us to come to his cabin… I was waiting for u
Commissioner’s cabin :
Commissioner welcomed Arneil and made them to sit..
Commissioner : fantastic work guys…. Whole media is praising us because of ur work… How you guys got to know abt their hideouts…. U guys didn’t informed me too..
Arjun :I got one call from public saying they noticed some suspicious activities there… Actually we don’t want neglect any info at the same time give false hope to you… .. So myself and Neil went to check the place.. To our surprise the news was real…
Neil :but our mission was not completed yet… We need to find akil.. Shyams son he is the main culprit behind this human trafficking…
Commissioner : I have full hope on you guys… Lets get both father and son get arrested…
Arneil : sure ?
They left the cabin and headed for other works
Neil was in thinking deeply abt the girl in the photo..how to get information about her..
At the same time in another part of the city :
Akil was was pacing angrily…. ???
Some man was pacifying him…
Akil : how can I face my dad now uncle .. This is big blow for me…
Gupta (shyams friend… Partner in all his crime) : calm down akil we will settle the scores in next time
Akil : no uncle I need to settle the scores as soon as possible…. Else I can’t face dad ?
Gupta : do you know abt those two men
Akil : I don’t know abt them… I can’t even see their face clearly.. But i know dat girl who informed them… May be they are her friends… I can’t forget her face…. I will take my revenge for sure….. She is my next target….
Gupta : after all she is a girl…. To the extreme we can kill her… Don’t worry I will send my men to find her
Akil : no uncle death is a very small punishment to her.. She shud live… Each and every second she shud regret for messing with me … ??I have spl plans for her ? Smirked akil
Gupta : Wat is it akil winked gupta ?
Akil laughed evily ??….
Akil :soon she is going to be Mrs.Ahkil shyam manohar ?

nesam searching for the girl…

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  1. Vedha

    Sangee u r doing great , egarly waiting for next epic. I am addicted to this now a days, be happy always ?????

    1. Sangee

      Thank you so much darl 🙂 xoxo

  2. Jessie

    Sangee.. nice ma…loosu akhil.. ena panalam.. so they found its Arjun.. parpom epidi kandu pidiranganu.. waiting 4 nxt one..

    1. Sangee

      Thanks for the comment jessie

  3. Rossy

    Ooooh….u know m totally got into it…akil..day dreaming…i hope nesam able to find radz before akil can do any horrible mistake..and i really loved ur use of emos…superb

    1. Sangee

      Thank you so much rossy for ur encouraging words

  4. Sree_deeksha

    Sangee this was jst awsome…. keep it up dear…

    1. Sangee

      Thanks a lot sree_deeksha

  5. Sweetie

    Awesome episode Sangee,sorry,couldn’t able to comment on earlier episodes,but the progress of the story is too good.. 🙂

    1. Sangee

      Thank you so much sweetie 🙂 🙂

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  7. Awesome episode, love you loads

  8. _Ritu

    Amazing Sangee. 🙂 Hope Rads wont get hurt…nd waiting for NeSam to find d truth…loads of love 🙂

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