I will never let anyone or anything hurt you,Promise (Episode-10)

Hi guys sangee back with Episode 10 Thank you so much for all who are commenting because of u only iam writing….and silent readers pls comment my enthu is lowering 
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Lets jump into epi   
Radika started shouting over the phone
Riddi and Sam got up on hearing her shout
Voice in the phone :y r u shouting like this baby ? can’t u recognise my voice..
Radika : baby? Me? My foot ?
Man over the phone was silent for few seconds
Voice in phone : can I know who is dis…. I thought its my wife.

Radika : who ur wife… This is my phone… My number…
Voice in phone :Sry I dialled to my wife riddis is number…. May be I dialed wrongly…. Extremely Sry…
Radika rubbed his eyes and saw the phone…. She was having riddis phone in her hand…
Radika screamed jijuuuuuuuuu in the phone
Voice in the phone : is that radika….

Radika : how did you found jiju….?
Voice in the phone : there is no one in the world who can scream like you
Riddi grabed her phone from radika and came aside
Riddi : Karan Wat did you said to radika she was shouting like anything… ?
Karan: actually riddi I thought u took the phone… So
Riddi in angry tone : soo ?
Karan : Sry darling
Riddi : stupid now she will pull my leg the whole day…
Karan : chill riddi iam ur husband… I have all rights to kiss you…
Riddi : yes yes… U r becoming very bad Karan
Karan : oo is dat so bad to kiss ones wife btw it’s ok to be a bad boy to my cute wife…
Riddi : ok ok stop buttering me…..Wat do you want now…
Karan : riddi u know na…I can’t sleep without…. ?
Riddi : without? ?
Karan : stop teasing me riddi…

Riddi gave some smooches ??
Riddi : ok go and sleep take care of my daughter…
Karan : she is my daughter too
Riddi : ya she is ur daughter… U r still behaving like a kid…. U r not at all behaving like a father of 6 year old
Sam and radika were hidding behind wall and watching the whole conversation..
Sam grabed riddis phone and put that in speaker…

Sam : jiju Wat is dis ur begging for good night kisse ? u became as di s puppet winked Sam
All the while riddi was trying to grab her phone from Sam… But radika was blocking her
Karan: Wat to do Sam… See Ur di is very unromantic…. Else in this time our poo must be playing with her little brother or sister… All my fate…
Riddi dropped her jaw in awe….
Riddi :Karan u r becoming shameless nowadays….
Karan : if iam not shameless atleast to this extent even poo will not be existing now ??
Laughed karan

Riddi : Karan u are too much ???
She grabed her phone and disconnected the call….
Rasam were laughing at her….
Riddi stop it girls ?
Sam :radu see di is blushing ?
Riddi tried to hide her blush but she was blushing more and more thinking abt Karans word
She ran into bathroom and closed the door and leaned on the door started thinking about happy moments with Karan ???all the while blushing..
At Same time in US
Karan was standing in balcony all smiling
Karan went to poo(riddi and Karans daughter) she was sleeping hugging a big teddy…
He came to his room and fell on the bed… Tossing over the bed but unable to sleep
He got up from the bed

Karan : see riddi Wat have u done to me… I can’t even sleep without ur closeness… ?
He paced around the room for sometime but he was unable to sleep … Suddenly he thought of something and went near closet and pulled on of riddi s saree… He slept hugging it.. ???
Karans mom went to poos room and checked her…. Den she went to her sons room… She saw her son sleeping hugging her DIL s saree…
Karans mom : so cute.. god Pls bless my children they shud live like this for all the 7 births…with the same love and affection…

She was about to go… Suddenly she got one idea and took a photo of her son
Sleeping hugging riddis saree…
Karans mom :I will send this photo to riddi… She chuckles and went to sleep
Rasams place :
Radika didn’t go for office today because of riddis strict order
Sam was getting ready for office…
Riddi prepared tiffin for all..
Riddi : girls come on tiffin is ready
All the three sat and started eating
Sam: di superb.. No one can cook like you ??…
Riddi : Sam stop ur talking and eat

All the three started eating…
At the same time Arneil came to Rasams place
Riddi : good morning boys… Come join us
Riddi didn’t finish the sentence Neil had started eating already…
Riddi laughed seeing Neil Arjun was still standing near the door
Riddi : come arjun..
Arjun went and sat near riddi…
Riddi placed food for arjun…
Arjun started eating… He was familiar of the taste… The same taste he have tasted before…
He brushed his thoughts finished his breakfast and started to his office…
Arjun : come fast Neil it’s already late
Neil came near arjun and murmered
Neil : Arjun today Sam is going to office alone I thought to drop her ?…pls pls I will be bit late
Arjun : enjoy Neil winked arjun..
Riddi : Wats going on there ?
Arjun : nothing di
Riddi replied is it so? bro
Both were struck for sometime…. He called her di..he have not called anyone di for some years
Riddi never thought to call Arjuns as bro but she called without any hesitation… The word came automatically….
Sam cleared the silence let’s move guys…
Riddi : Hw r u going Sam
Sam: Neil will drop me today

Riddi winked ok ok ?
Riddi : Neil today Sam is ur responsibility… Winked riddi
Nesam smiled sheepishly ?
Radu was seeing all this silently…
Arjun headed to office in his car…
Nesam hoped on to Neils bike….
At beach :
Nesam were leaning over the bike and seeing the waves hitting the ground…
Sam: Neil u said u need to talk to me now u r sitting simply ?
Neil : Sam I need ur help ?
Sam : Wats this Neil u can just ask me do… No formality

Neil : thank you…. But this must be between us only even radu should not know abt this
Sam nodded positively but has confusions inside her head
Neil explained the whole story… How arjun is behaving weirdly to how he was crying seeing the locket..
Neil : Arjun is my best friend I can’t see him in pain but he is hiding the reason of his pain
I need ur help in finding out the reason behind his weird behaviour.. But we should do all the things behind Arjuns back.. ?
Sam: Neil Arjun is a good friend for me too.. Whatever you do I will be with you always ?
Neil hugged her ?
Both breaks their hug

Sam : ok Wats the plan ?
Neil shows two photos to Sam
Neil : these are the photos in the locket I made an copy and put the locket back into Arjuns drawer
Sam : u r brilliant Neil ?
Neil : ? now we need to find who they are… How they are connected with arjun… And where are they now…
Sam : let’s post in Fb we can get response ☺
Neil : no if we do so… It may come to Arjuns notice…. Nope
Both started thinking ?
Sam : Neil do u know the orphanage were arjun is brought up… I think if we go there we can get some clue..

Neil : superb plan… Sam
Neil kissed her cheeks in enthu…
Sam was blown… She was staring at Neil ? with love….
Nesam headed to orphanage….
Precap :
Nesam getting some clues in orphanage
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