I will never let anyone or anything hurt you,Promise (Episode-1)


Hi guys Sangee is back with next part πŸ™‚
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Then i thought to give one small introduction abt our four main leads relationship…

Sam and radhika were friends for two years sam and neil were in relationship for last one year they once met because of one case which neil dealed, he met sam to appriciate her since she coverd that matter fantastically in an article she wrote for her paper their friendship start from dat then they had a crush and den fell in love with each other but both dont have courage to propose.
From that time onwards neil used to get help from radhika to immpress sam and also to get aletered about her day today activity in that process neil and radhika created a good friendly bond. As of now Radhika have ony two friends they are neil and sam.

Neil also considred radhika as her friend because of her soft and sweet nature and also because of her naughtiness.Neil always tell sam that he always wanted a sister like radhika.

On the other hand sam and arjun also had a good relationship as neil had with radhika.Neil is the only one friend arjun has, he always considred neil more than a friend so he was also happy for neil and sam.
On the contary arjun and radhika were sweet and good wen seen separately wen they meet face to face they are like tom and jerry always pulling one others leg,playing pranks,planning to mess one others happines, and lot more .always fighiting fighting fighting…..Both cannot see each others face for even 2 secs. πŸ™‚
Even sam and neil wondered why these two are like this they also asked them about it but there is no true response from them so they also left them like that.

After all this Ardhika are going to live under same roof lets see wat happens…
Lets directly jump into EPi-1 πŸ™‚

Sam was waiting for Neil eagerly. Radika also was in deep thoughts of how to overcome devils ?(arjuns) tantrums. Finally arjun and Neil reached the place in their car. Sam was peeping through the window to see their arrival once she saw the car she jumped and rushed down. Seeing all this radika was happy but bit annoyed on thinking about arjun she also followed Sam without no interest she walked like a zombie ?

Sam reached there arjun and Neil came out of the car.on seeing Neil and arjun Sam welcomed both and started talking to them. Neil was totally flat on seeing Sams actions and gestures he cannot hear anything he was just mesmerised by Sams antiques. Sam goes on talking Neil was just smilling and seeing her without closing his eye lids….

In the meantime radika reached the place and said hello to Neil. Radikas voice made Neil to come to reality. Neil also greeted her. Radika starts talking with Neil and Sam he totally ignored arjun as if no one is standing next to neil. Arjun was bit annoyed and he himself interpted their conversation by questioning r v going to stand here for the whole day?
Radika : hello Acp sir Sry I didn’t notice that u r here? By the way Wen you came?
Radikas mind voice : hello Mr devil, wen u shited from hell to earth?

Arjun : it’s ok miss. Radika, i came along with Neil only shall we move in now!! ?
Arjuns mind voice :oh u didn’t notice me miss.vamp I didn’t shift from hell wait and see I will make your life hell ?

Both radika and arjun throwed angry glare towards each other and stood by staring each other …. to make the situation normal Neil started the conversation
Neil :ok guys let’s move inside pls help us to lift these boxes pointing towards the boxes in the car
Both smiled sheepishly ??and headed to pick up the box …
All the four picked the boxes and moved towards the stairs Sam and Neil were busy in talking arjun and radika silently followed them they reached thier flat opened the door and placed the boxes one by one

Sam and Neil were lost in each others eyes….
Suddenly Radika smiled mischievously and placed the box she had over Arjuns feet hardly
Arjun shouted in pain ?
Radika : omg Sry Acp sir the box slipped from my hands ?(with fake sad face )
Arjun : shouted no u did this intentionally to break my leg ?

Both started arguing and fighting like two angry birds

Hearing the sound Sam and neil come to reality and stepped to pacify both
But both didn’t stop Sam pulled radika and Neil pulled arjun but all their efforts go in vain…
Finally both Sam and Neil shouted stoppppppp
Arjun and radika stopped atlast..
Sam pulled radika with her and moved out to their flat by signing bye to neil and telling them to come to their place for lunch

Sam and radikas flat:

Radika was sitting angrily her face was red because of anger her nostrils are flattering ?
Sam : Wats all this radika? (Sam calls radika with full name only Wen she is angry)

Radika :(sensed that Sam is in full angry mode ) Sam I didn’t do anything wrong, he only blaming me, how can I accept that false accusations (faked some tears), u know abt ur radu na how innocent iam and faked some more tears

That’s it Sam can tolerate anything but radikas tears will mealt her to core because on their initial days radika used to cry to Sam how she grown in an arphonage without anyones love how she is expecting love from all she meet but all deceive her the one she love always left her alone to struggle etc. After so much encouragement from Sam radika started living a normal life still now radikas tears make her remember those days
Though Sam knowns she is faking the tears she don’t want her radu to cry

Sam: ok drama queen stop this crying drama I know wat u r capable of doing and winked at her
Radika smiled and hold her ears and said I will not do anything like this hereafter with pleasing face
Sam: laughed at radus antics ? and thought this girl is perfect combination of angel and devil
Seeing Sam smilling radika pulled Sam towards kitchen to make lunch for all the four.

In Arjun and Neils place :

Neil was sitting sadly because their romance is stopped in the middle because of Ardikas fight
Arjun : Neil y r u sitting like this
Neil turned his face in opposite direction
stop this Neil she tried to break my leg exclaimed arjun
Neil : oh that little girl has strength to break the leg of this great ACP who have dealed with country’s most dangerous criminals in a taunting tone
Arjun : Wat? She? Little girl before he complete his sentence Neil throwed a angry glare to arjun

Den only arjun realised he is one of the most efficient police officer in the country he had acted childishly by telling radika tried to broke his leg.. No one will trust him Wat a stupid thing I have done!

Arjun : holding his ears sorry Neil
No reaction in Neils face
Arjun : I will buy u ur favourite drink today ?
Still no reaction
He hitted his head with his hand
To change Neils mood he remained Neil about going to Sams place for lunch…
Neils face glowed by hearing this…
Arjun added before that we need to settle our things and pulled Neil to unpack the boxes…


Lunch at sams place…

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