Will you miss Sony’s Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania?


Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania airing on Sony Tv is soon going to end. The show brings a tale of a sweet extended family, where all the family members are dependent on the only bread earner Abhishek, who they call Bade Bhaiya by love. Abhishek is very responsible and a selfless guy. He lives his life not to fulfill his own dreams and aims, but does responsibilities towards his family’s dreams.

Abhishek believes his family is his strength. When he gets a good proposal, and the girl’s family dislikes Pant family, Abhishek was given a choice to either the girl by leaving his family, or lose the proposal. Abhishek chose his family over everything else, and shows his heart roots.

On the other hand, his fate has immense love which soon reaches his way. Meera comes to stay in Pant family house as a PG. Meera and Abhishek’s heart connection soon establishes. While Abhishek realizes his love earlier, and lets Meera live her life on her own terms, Meera too realizes her love when Abhishek is about to marry Radhika. Meera proposes Abhishek. Abhishek and Meera’s mutual love reaches the step of marriage. Abhishek accepts her proposal and soon the lovers will be getting married. The show will be ending on October 7th and will get replaced by the new show Beyhadh, starring Kushal Tandon, Aneri Vajani and Jennifer Winget. Will you miss Sony’s Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania? Let us know in this poll. You may leave your opinion on this show.

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  1. Latha

    Very much gonna miss it. I don’t want to end the show. I loved the show sooooooooo much. Love u pj and going to miss you a lot.

  2. Plz don’t end this show. It is my fav serial.I think there was a lot more potential in its storyline.I m surely gonna miss it.

  3. Superb show.pls dont end. I dont think enough ppl know abt how gud this show is. It needs more publicity. Ppl r used to seeing the same masala again and again. To be honest … i never thought this serial is soo gud seeing the trailer.i saw it just by chance and its now my favourite show. I dont think the ads have created enough curiosity amongst audience and with the title..i was expecting an offshoot of tht movie with imran khan. But this show and its cast is awwwweeesoommeee. SONY… U NEED TO ADVERTISE THE SHOW BETTER… NOT END IT!

  4. can it happen that in two months a show can go off air citing low TRPs?? what nonsense is this

  5. very much.

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    Well i didn’t watch this show much. But whenever i watched it I liked it. And Sony should have given enough repeats and promo for BBKD.

  7. Please don’t end the show……!!!!!!! It’s going great

  8. Tiyasa

    Its not so interesting…….It may end or may not……I don’t have any problem if it ends……

  9. plz dont end this show….ek yehi to show h jiska m poora din wait krti huu….plzz timin change krni h to krlo ye bnd kyu krre ho..????
    m gonna miss u abhishek nd meera…

  10. D ont end it, start it again after they get married, it will be wonderful to see them in this family after marriage.. it’s one of the “it’s different” show, kindly continue….

  11. The show forced me to add my comments. This is the first time i’ve sent in my comments. Pls don’t end the show. I’ll NEVER watch the sick Beyhadh.

  12. I dnt und y ppl don’t like these kinds of shows n y r all the intense highly melodramatic showz a hit…This show is really unique in itz own sense, no extra melodrama, lead pair n the waanar sena so good acting. It just aired for 2 months n the production team realised that this will not give good trp…how.?
    N how can beyhadh replace bbkd.? These both are soo diff…not liking the decision….sad it is as they show it just fr 4 days and on fri itz always ersk mahaepisode…i mean um liking dat show too as of now but vl nvr accept that it should be extended for an hour n i hv to miss bbkd….anyway just a week left vl enjoy it too d fullest…

  13. Seriously r u ending dis show…aftr so long Sony hs gt best story n masala soap…y r u stopping it?I m really fond of dis show.

  14. This is currently the best show on TV, across all channels. How can you end it??? Am flabbergasted!! Sony Entertainment has disappointed its viewers BIG time.

  15. Please
    Don’t end this show

  16. This show was amazing one. I only watch this serial but if it stops it will be disappointing

  17. Sooperb serial …. Jst amazing ..Plz dont stop …It was the only show that i watch on tv n w8 for

  18. This is the best show I have seen after a long long time . It should not end so soon. I am going to miss it a lot…

  19. Good shows end and idiotic shows keep going on and on and on

  20. I love this show a lot, aprreciable new concept, I wish second season of BBKD come soon.

    Miss u guys n wait for the second season.

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