Will you miss Star’s Siya Ke Ram?

Star Plus’ hit mythological show Siya Ke Ram is soon going to end. The show will be replaced by Drashti Dhami and Arjun Bijlani starrer Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil. The latter is a romantic remake of the movie Pardes. Ram and Sita’s journey is seen in full depth and details. The show presented the story of Ramayana from Sita’s perception, and hence started the track since Sita’s miraculous birth. Currently, Sita’s sons Lav and Kush are in full action. The boys have won hearts of everyone by their bravery and justice-seek for Devi Sita.

Ram gets to know about his twin sons. Ram decides to get Sita back to the Rajbhavan and make his sons the heir of Raghukul. There are major hurdles in their union. Ram gets bad signs in form of dreams, which signifies he should not unite with Sita. Ram does not care for any inauspicious prediction by Guru Vashisht. Ram reaches Sita in Valmiki ashram to apologize to her. Sita speaks out her helplessness when Lav and Kush asked her about their father. Ram understands the sorrow he has given to him. Ram and Sita’s union does not get possible. But, Lav and Kush keep a condition in front of their parents to unite, else they would walk away from their lives. The final phase of Siya Ke Ram is interesting. The show would be ending on 4th November 2016. Would you miss Siya Ke Ram? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. yes , a lottttt. it was an fabulous and awesome show . it showed us many unknown stories of ramayana . i just loved it through out . all the characters were just fit for the role because their acting was so good that we could relate them to the original characters . the leads of the show madirakshi mundle and ashish sharma were just awesome as sita and ram . their acting is just fantastic i think that is why people r connected to this show . i am going to miss skr a lottttt

    1. ?????

  2. NABANITA626

    Ofcource…………………skr is the one of the best mythological serial that Indian television ever had…….
    We will definately miss our favourite serial siya ke ram?????

  3. Of course…it’s one of the best mythological drama I had ever seen..I have been watching it since beginning..costumes actors everything is superb…..I learned so many things from skr…wil miss it so much….?

  4. Thanmathi

    Yes terribly???

  5. love u skr ,

  6. I will miss it a lottttttttt ????

  7. Mona146

    4th october has gone long back. change the date. I guess it is 4th november.

  8. Its 4th november

  9. there is no doubt in this that I and all those who have watched Siya ke Ram will miss it. I have never seen such grand show in my life but want star plus to come with such shows. But Siya ke Ram means much more to me. When I was missing my friends desperately as I had to shift to another town then at that time Siya ke Ram deviated my mind from that.

  10. siya ke ram is one of my best seen mythologica show seen in favourite channel starplus i must really miss this show from my heart its ending is making me so emotional for the acor and actress of it such as ram, sita, lakhman and all of those who are inthis .i watch this from its first so its making so terrible that how can skr will end from our life. Its one of real hit show on starplus as mahabharat i will miss it from heart.

  11. Padmaja

    Realllllyyyyyy a lottttttttt. The missing can’t be explained in words. Really this has given me a new perception. Love skr a lottttttttt. It really gave us so many things to learn. So I will miss skr badly and the family too ????

  12. Shrinithi

    ya gonna to miss as frankly frst i hate ramayan and after watching siya ke ram i fall n love with ramayan……d show which changed my mind s gonna to end..i dont wish this but what to this is EPIC so i need to change my mind and move forward…i cried a lot when i heard d last date of skr but this s best mythological show ever…….

  13. of course I will miss it badly,

  14. will miss it desperately..extremely in love with Ram and Sita!!

  15. Of course I will miss it very much………. Bcoz I love SKR very very much…..
    I see all episode 2 times as usual….. More than it…………..
    SKR is the most grand show after mahabharat………. No other shows can not equal to SKR at this present Indian Television……………………………..
    There are no word for explaining the actor’s of SKR………………

  16. Supreetha (Soups)

    Yeah definitely! This is one show which has actually touched our hearts….as usual great sets, costumes, jewellery, visuals and of course the best parts are the direction, editing and casting……HATS OFF….hopefully we can see another show of this kind with the same team….. 🙂

  17. Tiyasa

    Of course……After CAS its my 2nd fav show……
    My luck is only bad as CAS has already ended and now SKR will also get over……

  18. I luv skr very much and will really miss very much

  19. I ‘ll miss skr , I loved the music ” suta sita” and melodious tone when ram and sita are 2gether. I loved kaikai maa…,janak maharaja….ravan…last but not the least urmila and lakshman…really gonna miss such a beautiful show …… Love u skr thank you star plus.

  20. Yes of course! Siya ke ram is the best mythological show I have ever seen! It explains things, POVs… clearly. Ram and Sita’s dialogues have taught me a lot of knowledge such a as, if you lit a candle with the light of another candle then the candle’s wouldn’t get dim but give other candles ? light, in the same way if you share your knowledge then your knowledge wouldn’t lessen instead it will reduce illiteracy in the world ?!??????

    My face when I heard that Siya ke ram is ending – ????????

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