Will you miss Colors’ Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi?

Colors’ Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi which started on June 24, 2014, is heading towards the closure. The show is much in news as the shooting has wrapped up. With the show slated to end in February, the new negative lead Nirbhay Singh has more to show up towards the ends. The show took a leap recently, when a new family was introduced. Ishani was again targeted to get tortured for her love sake. Ishani wanted to save Ranveer and thus stayed as Nirbhay’s wife. The show started with a charming love story of Ranveer and Ishani. The good thing is they still love each other despite so many hurdles in their lives. They have proved their true love a lot of times.

Nirbhay’s mother has tried black magic on Ishani as well, to keep Ranveer and Ishani distant. She wants Ranveer to be with Naina. Ranveer recently confessed his love to Ishani, when she was bitten by the snake. He could not see his lady love dying in his arms and sucked the poison out of her body. Nirbhay gets jealous seeing them. Later, Nirbhay finds out that Ishani secretly met Ranveer. He assumes they both have an affair and beats up Ishani. Ishani is then forced to give Agnipariksha to prove her purity. Ishani gives the test to save Ranveer from Nirbhay’s anger and bad plannings. She tolerates the torture of Nirbhay’s family. Ranveer and Ishani will be uniting at the end. It is matter of few episodes now that their love story will reach the final destination. Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi will air its last episode on February 26. Radhika Madan as Ishani and Shakti Arora as Ranveer will be immensely missed by their fans. Will you miss Colors’ Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.


  1. Nipuna Weerasekara

    As matter of fact we won’t miss MATSeHi anymore because in Sri Lanka it will be showing again as “Sadahatama Oba Mage” in english “You’re Forever Mine”… So we will be watching MATSeHi again from the begining…

  2. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    I’m gonna damm badly miss this show its my one of important part of life…..still crying

  3. Devga

    Though me not a Regular watcher of matsh but with the few months back watch I became big fan of shakthi and then now ishveer …. But recently the plot was just rubbish wig new families…
    So I was not able to bare it …. Now it is gud it is ending …. But can’t tolerate tht ishveer WIL no longer be available on screen together .. 🙁

  4. Fatarajo

    Show started really well. The one-sided love story of Ranveer n later how he n ishani falls in love. I read somewhere last year that MATSH was suppose to have 3 chapters, 1) Ishveer friendship where Ranveer was loyal 2) 2-years leaps where ranveer becomes rich 3) I think after they get seperated(Shikhar track) I think till the 3 chapters show was good if they were supposed to end it after Shikar reunites Ishveer show would have become evergreen n maybe come with season 2 most probably with same leads, but Milan track n Nirbhay track were totally Not needed I think thanks of immense fan following show got extended after Ishveer reunited , I would love to see Shakti n radhika as a pair in another show, but I still miss this show (before Milan track show was awesome)

  5. Ya we miss matsh a lot,there is lot of dieheart fans for ishveer like me so pls give second chance for matsh,ektaji pls dnt end our matsh,i cant live without my ishveer ,atleast cast shadhika as a lead role in kasam pls pls its my humble request,both are amazing actors,their chemistry is mindblowing pls dnt loose such a talented actors.now a days many ishveerians not sleep well becoz of tis news,pls considers this true fans ektaji pls

  6. arshi

    No doubt i’m going 2 miss matsh…its one of the best shows of balaji telefilms though it lost its plot recently…but still people are hooked up to the show just coz there are such wonderful actors in the show!!!every 1 will miss “MERI AASHIQUI TUM SE HI”…sincw last 1 and a half years i hv been watching this show at 10 pm slot & 9pm in the morning… But in its last days no repeat is being given…i’m not being able 2 watch it…so if any 1 can request colors 2 show the repeat telecasts???its just a matter of 1 month and then no 1 will trouble them with such requests for MATSH…

  7. ankit sharma

    ya ofcrse we will miss the shw its a vry intrsting n loving shw of mine bt unfrtntly its going to end i hop it could continue my al life n ya my little sistr is vry opst fr the ending of the shw she lv to watch it always she nvr misd any episode of ishver we bth lv to watch the shw n we hop it mst go on and onn

  8. Yaaa i miss matsh yeh bhi koi puchne ki baat h tv par mujhe yehi serial best lgta h n also some news is coming na that radhika will enter naagin as 3rd ichhadhaari naagin but not confirmed

  9. Aurelia

    I will miss it soooooo much
    Plz ekta ji don’t end this show
    Atleast cast them as lead pair in kasam
    They r the best jodi in world

  10. IshuRV

    yes of course I’ll missed the show. please don’t end it . we all want it . if matsh ends I’ll never ever watch any serial like how I watch matsh until and unless my sweety heart shadhika enters any serial…..will love ekta mam if she doesn’t end my matsh

  11. Matsh Ishveer Shakti

    It’s Not Fair…. ❤ How Can They End Up A Serial Like This… ❤ This Show Is The Best Of All Ekta Ma’am’s Shows… ❤ Especially My IshVeer… ❤ Plz Don’t End The Show Ekta Ma’am…❤ Or Else Plzz Cast ShaDhika As The Lead Pair Of Kasam… ❤ It’s A Big Request… ❤

  12. teenu


  13. Shażñä

    Dfntly m gonna miss ths shw..sad to hear tat shw gonna end in feb..i thot ths ll go on @least 4-5 yrz bcz f ishveer…juz luv ishveer osm chemistry btw shadika n bst onscreen couple..

    Storyline ws superb n beautiful till shikharz exit n nvr missd any epiz till shikharz exit n sumtymz i used to watch sme intresting epiz repeat lso..thn thy simply draggd into milans track n trp gt lill dwn n thn writer thot by seperating ishveer ll get high trp n again draggd into nirbhays track n viewers gt irritated wid repeatd ishveer seperatn n show lost itz n trp totally dwn..bt @least thy wd hav change d storyline by uniting ishveer n thn facing prblms togthr n al n continued d shw n dfntly trp ll b high n Matsh ll b rocked onc again as ishveer having huge fan following ♥♥ bt channel n makers dint evn given a second chanc juz opted fr ending shw 🙁 🙁 colors n ekta hate u fr ths 🙁 🙁

    Shakti n Radhika juz luv u guyz..talentd actors n u both ll b lways in ma heart as ishveer..beautiful luv story taught hw to luv som1 unconditionally n lwayz remembred as true luv ♥♥ MATSH n SHadika luv U forever♥♥ hoping to see u both togethr as couple in future ♥♥

  14. swana

    I really miss this show very the scenes becomes cute if they r together no need anything other than that …Nirbhay track only got worst before that it was awesome ..especially their chemistry and I love shakti’s acting..i will be very happy if there is any good news abt MATSH

  15. Ishveer

    It’s really not fair…. how can they end up like this… they may continue the saga by uniting them no…. it’s good to see when ishveer together face some issues nd show their luv in that…. two cast r awesome in their roles…. pls understand fans feelings. … we only want to see their luv not their troubles. … if the separation btwn them happens once means… it’s bearable…. again nd again they r trying to show their troubles only…. why can’t you unite them…. move the track with that…. we only want see ishveer together… not to end the show…. PLS DON’T END IT…. BIG BIG ND BIG REQUEST….. ONCE THEY UNITE IT IS LUV TO WATCH…. FANS LIKE THAT ONLY

  16. Kim

    The show started really well with English subtitles so that we who are from other countries could follow.Sadly colours have been mean to the viewers abroad no subtitles.

  17. happy

    I also miss ishveer. Plz plz ekta mam do not end the show.or else plz cast shadhika as the lead pair of kasam. Its a big big request. Plz.

  18. K.praveena

    Ofcourse. I miss my matsh seriel. When i heard the news that matsh going to end then i’m not feeling well as yet.in this year its worst bad news 4 me. I can’t imagine in 10.pm not in matsh show. I want ranvi and ishani comeback in matsh2 r any other seriel. From my heart i says that i never miss in any single epi of matsh. Many of them says this matsh now it going to draging but i never feel this. I saw the every epi its like first epi of matsh. I never forget ranvi first dialogue. This is first seriel i feel like this. I don’t know what its reason of i like matsh most. Whatever seriel comes in r goes out but i never forget my matsh show.

  19. The storyline lost its plot when Milan and Nurbhay track came in. Why couldn’t ishveer have a normal married life with romance and problems? Ishveer were the idols and viewers only watch because their pairing fantastic. Last year I didn’t go on holiday because I will miss my ishveer. This year i was worried how can I go and how can I live without ishveer? Let’s put a petition or request or vote to Balaji or Raj Nayak to cast Radika and Shakti together in another serial. How am I supposed to live without Ishveer?

  20. Plz don’t stop it becaz I will miss it more or plz start again by part 2 I want to watch ishveer more and its awsome serial and I awosome characters that ranveer and ishani

  21. ishaani

    OMG i never thought that that matsh will end soooo soon….pls dont do this to us …i love ishveer and the thought that i am not going to see ranveer and ishaani on screen kills me man…..ektaji pls do take this show further………why didnt sakthi and radhika didnt tell anything about this off air….just 16 days more…..

  22. Nishaanth

    Surely I will miss this show very very much its my favorite show forever ?
    RV (Shakthi Arora )n Ishaani (Radhika Madhan) I love their acting very much
    This show is A best example of a love lols ? dat is my favourite pairs Ranvir n Ishaani ?
    Going to miss this cute pairs very badly

  23. Anisha

    Yeah matsh will be missed!! It’s ekta kapoor after all, and she cannot really make shows with good plots! And if the plots are good like JA and PKHJD, she finishes it either in a tragic way, like PKHJD with the protagonists dying, or in the JA way, jst to give the time slot to TEI!!! Ishveer will terribly missed, but I think that we have all got used to the ekta kapoor way!!

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