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Sanyu and randhir are looking at each other…
Sanyu-I am..ummm..[she looks everywhere] Randhir too looks..people are lookinggg…he leaves her..
Randhir-are you ok?
Sanyu-ya I am.i was just frightened….[still scared] Randhri-[looks at Aryan]are you blind?or this is your habit?
Aryan-I am really sory [looks at sanyu] Sanyu-its ok..no problem
Randhir-if I had not been there she might have been on the floor right now.
Sanyu throws him a look…
Aryan-I am really sory.
Sanyu-its ok..lets not stretch the subject..people are looking..[she looks at randhir]err…thnx for the help…actually…
Randhir leaves…
Aryan-are you fine?
Sanyu-yes I am..actualy its not entirely your mistake..i was also reading this book[she smiles and picks the book from floor] Aryan too smiles.
Aryan-ok then..see you…
Sanyukta-yes bye.[smiles] Randhir is looking at the pair from behind..
Randhir-[to karan]look at those jerks…I helped her and she is talking with the one who….
Karan-forget it..mad people are everywhere…both of them leaves.
Sanyu is finding books in library..
Sanyu’s pov
Oh gosh these boys are such….anyways why should I care…I must find the right books..i want to pass the test…and to prove vardhan sir that I am the best..
She issues three books and sits on the stairs in the campus reading it..many people are reading there.[.its such a beautiful place to read[thinks sanyu looking everywhere..]

Vidushi is roaming in the corridors..she sees parth
Vidushi’s pov
Oho!!!!my fate is not that bad…look at him yarr..he is so handsome..i feel like talking with him.but how?ohh vidu think think its easy think..you can handle more than this…think…..idea!!!….[she says happily a naughty smile on her face.] Vidu goes in canteen.
Vidu-excuse me 1coffee please..
The waiter gives her the coffee…she takes it…takes one book from her bag and starts reading the book walking ….
Vidu comes near where parth is sitting..she looks at him from behind her book[plan will be succeful..she thinks]..she walks closely looking at him from side..she is near him.he is reading the book.she is very close…he has no idea..she spills coffe on his shoes..
Parth- [looking above]what thee..[he looks at her] Vidu-ohh shit!!!i am so sorry yar[making a face as if she is realy sorry]I am sorry..i didn’t mean to..
Parth-ok its ok..[he takes hadkerchief from his pocket] Vidu-are wait wait..dnt use hanky..i have tissue paper[she opens her bag] Parh-no its ok ..i will manage..
Vidu-are no..its my mistake.. am really sorry[she takes tissue paper and gives it to him] Parth-[takes]thankyou but there was no need..
Vidu-are there was need..it must be your branded shoes..i spolit them
Parth-[little amazed]are no.you didn’t do it deliberately na..its ok..
Vidu-thnx for understanding..[smiles.a genuine smile..] Parth-no problem[smiles ] Vidu –[stretches her hand for shake hand ]btw I am vidushi kumar.you?
Parth-I am parth kashyap[shake hands] Vidu-oh so you are in which stream?
Parth-1styear mbbs..you?
Vidu-wow tats great!mee too..
Parth- oh good…..

Precap-shanaya is listening songs.vidushi enters followed by another girl.

Guys sorry for short epi…I am little busy..hope you all likeit…

Credit to: dhruv

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