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Randhir enters college campus with his friend karan.
Karan-[looking at a gril]hey randhir bhai look at that girl!kitni kadak hai!!1
Randhir-[laughing]haha you are here to look at girls or treat them.
Karan-hahahha bhai what pj!1
Randhir-hey bro lets go to canteen.
Karan-[lokking at randhir from upside down] do you know..i think you want to become a obese doctor…koi ladki dekhegi nahi bhai..
Randhir-I have not come here to look at girls.they all are mad.
Karan-smiling]okok..be a bramchchari…
Both laughs

A Tall cute girl enters college corridor..She is waering high heels shorts and is extremely beautiful as well as haughty.Having coffee In one hand and luggage In other she looks everywhere
Girl-ohh gosh college hai ya market..[looks at two girls with a haughty look]downtrodden people]how will I adjust here with such people. Ohh gosh!![she thinks] Suddenly a guy comes so fast from behind that the coffee gets splled on her top
She looks back angrily
Girl-what the hell you think of yourself???are you blind??cant you see I am standing here?
Boy-[with guilty on face]I am really sorry.i was in little hurrr..
Girl-[screams]oh really???you are in hurry??so you will keep running on people??
Boy-[thinking what the hell..why I met this girl yar]I am sorry miss..if u want I will give you my jacket[starts taking out his jacket] Girl-you flirter get away from my face [she leaves dropping her purse their] Boy-[looking down]oh miss your p..
Girl-shutup [leaves] Boy peaks up the purse..thinks[why I am helping her?anyways I will give it t her or she will think I have stolen..] He leaves …

Scene 3
Sanyu is in room. She I liying on the bed reading[BASICS FOR DOCTORS]…vidushi is looking from window.
Vidushi-heyy sanyu come he quickly…come na..look at that guy..[she is looking too lost ] Sanyu-hey vids what are you saying?[laughing]comeback idiot don’t look or people will think we are mad.
Vids-are come na.look at him his body ohh gosh sanyu[she looks back at sanyu]come na.
Sanyu gets off her be reluctantly..
Sanyu-what now .where?
Vids-there[pointing on the baclomy opposite to theirs still giggling ] A boy with cute look is siting on a nature playing guitar…he is too handsome to describe..
Sanyu-[looking at him]good..now vids you gonna keep an eye on hhim right?[laughs and smirks]…by the way he is not that bad.but you know what he is too silent..i mean a guitar boy…hehe
Vids-shutup sanyu..look at him..the way he is playing guitar and he is so cute yar…hope he is in our class..by the way whats his name.
PARTH A PARTH…A boy comes from the room near the guitar boy..
Boy-parth if you have completed your sad guitar bajana come down..i am going to canteen
Parth-[stops playing his guitar]ok.you go I will come..[he looks directly infront and sees vids and sanyu looking at him]..[looks down immediately] He leaves
Vids-see he is so cute and gentleman too…
Sanyu-[laughing]tu to pyar me pad gayi..

The boy who met that cute girl was walking too immersed in his thoughts that he again collides with randhir
Randhir-[looking at the guy]are you crazy or blind?
Karan-[looking at rd angrily] [then looks at the guy]hey bro what happened?
Boy-sorry..i didn’t saw..i am sory.
Karan-whats your name[randhir throws him a look] Boy-aryan
Karan-oh[smiles]helo Aryan..we are 1st year MBBS students.you?
Aryan-me too[smiles and shake hands with karan]..so you too are freshers nice to see you..
Randhir-ya,we need to go..see you soon bye..
They leaves him standing alone..
Karan-that was too rude randhir bhai..
Randhir-are bhai look at the time…if we don’t hurry we wont get our dinner..ithis not house Mr.
Karan-are ha..chal…
Both leaves….true bffs

Precap-the cute girl enters sanyus room…finds her purse missing….

Hey guys this is for today..please do comment guys..and thankyou once again for readinG..i will update next episode soon..

Credit to: dhruv

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    Now.I am dam sure that ,that girl is sanaya nice story Dv

    1. hehee that is a secret dear..thnx for reading..n where are your ffs?

  2. SidMin

    Loved the episode it was very cute and the way Vidhushi was looking at Parth (same like the serial but just situation change)

    1. thnkyou somuch for reading dear

  3. I think so she might be taniya from season 1

    1. its secret dear but thnx for reading

  4. Wowwwwwww nicee brooo…

    1. thnxxx bhai

  5. nice epi dhruv…keep going

    1. thnkyou for reading karu

  6. Mayurii

    Love it … Going awesome .. I think it should be sanaya that cute girl ..

    1. thnx dear

  7. The epi was very nice.???. Keep writing Dhruv.

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  8. Apu

    nice epi dhruv

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  9. Sheena

    Hey dr. dhruv!! Nice epi!! 🙂
    N i think that girl is sanaya…!! Lets see 🙂

    1. thnx for reading dear

  10. Nice episode 🙂 and is that cute girl Maya? Ammm My guessing is totally weird but still guess so….Let’s see and please update soon 《Thank you》

    1. haha letsee n thnx for readng meeti…n yep i will post next epi soon

  11. Radhika

    Nice suspense created for that cute girl. Nicely done

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