“Will you be mine valentine” a mehrya os

Hiiiiiiiiiiii beautiful girls I am here wid a os…..so first let me introduce myself well mine name z Sweta i am 15 year,studying in cls 10,n wish me on 11 Jan….

(am posting this on the behalf of sweta )

I am here wid a os on mehrya “will you be mine valentine”
Mehek sharma-female protagonist,she have a perfect figure in dis os,she belongs to a rich family,she modern,bold, smart,kind hearted
Shaurya khanna-belong to rich family,happy go lucky guy n he z really kind n loves to help people
Sonal khan-mehek’s best friend belongs to rich family
Vicky varma-shaurya’s best belongs to rich family

A black mercides z stopped infront of Delhi collage n from it two girls stepped out they are none other than mehek n sonal.mehek was dressed in a black crop top wid a high wested short skirt,she had done little makeup n she was wearing a black stilleto looking hot n s*xy n sonal was wearing orange crop top n white denim wid white stilleto n was looking beautiful too…all boys n girls were staring dem…..boys being mesmerized n girls being jealous….mehek n sonal was going when 4 to 5 boys stated chasing dem…
Boy1-jaaneman hamare pass toh ao(darling come to us na)
Boy2-haayee ye gora gora badan(haayyee dis white white skin)lyk dis he was just going to touch mehek….

Yes guys shaurya come n beat the boys lyk black n blue……n wid him mehek started to beat too by using her stilleto?????
Mehek-kamine tu mujhe chuyega han???????(bastard u ll touch me han??????)
Boy2-maaf kardo(forgive me)by wincing in pain….
Shaurya-maafi manga(ask for forgiveness)
Boys-maff kardo…aj se sabhi ladkio ko behen ki najar se dekhunga(forgive me..from today I ll eye every girl as my sis ???????.)
Mehek-go I forgave u….I hv a very big heart…bt next tym if you repeat dis behavior den I ll eat u raw huh???????…
Shaurya-chal bhaag yahan se..(get lost from here now)

Den the ran away
Mehek-thanks for helping
Shaurya-you r most welcome
When mehek n sonal went to their cls dey was only one seat coz sonal quickly ran sat next to vicky n vicky was continously staring sonal….
So mehek went sat next to shaurya as there was no seat left.
Mehek-hiii I m hpy to see dat we r of same cls…bdw whts ur name well mine z mehek..
Shaurya-well I m also hpy to see you…n my name z shaurya….
Mehek-so frnds by extending her hand…
Shaurya-yes frnds n dey did handshake..

Leap of one month
In dis one month so many things changed lyk mehrya bonding was growing stronger,dey were best friend nw,dey use to share everything wid each other,dey use to fight,bunk cls,night stay n so many things dey use N in this one month Vicky had proposed sonal n sonal happyly accepted his proposal n dey both r happyly in relation..it was February month so shaurya decided dat he ll propose mehek on valentine day….soon valentine day arrived…mehek was sleeping n when she got up due to the calling bell of her house…she opened d gate n found currior n think I had not ordered anything I think it may b nehal’s currior…the currior man gave a bouquet n a parcel on the bouquet it was written “beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady” mehek smile’s open d parcel to see wht z inside..n when opened she found a red gown inside with a note “Dear mehek,
Be ready by wearing dis gown I ll come to pick u up

With lov
Urs shaurya”
By reading dis she was so hpy n eyes were sparkling in xcitment n loved the gown too….

In the evening she got ready in dat gown,she did light make up,she covered her lips in blood red lipstick,she left her hair open n was looking xtremly gorgeous…soon she heared car bipping sound..when she came shaurya was totly mesmerized by her beauty n mehek got mesmerized too by seeing shaurya n shaurya was wearing red n white tuxedo..so see waved him n he came back from his world den mehek came near him..
Shaurya-mehek u r looking really beautiful today…
Mehek blused hard n turn red…den she spoke
Mehek-shaurya u r looking handsome too
So shaurya smiled n blindfolded her..

Mehek-shaurya wht u r doing????
Shaurya-u trust me na..
Mehek-more from I trust myself
Shaurya-so keep quite…
Shaurya made mehek sit in front seat..he sat on driver seat n drove up…
Soon reached the venue..n shaurya took mehek inside to a room….den he removed the blindfold…it was room bt it was dark…

Soon d light came n she was amazed to see the decoration..it was a date setup decorated in white n red combo decoration matching to their outfits..their are so many white n red lights n white n red balloons were shattered on the ground n in middle there was a table n two chairs in white-red combo…mehek so hpy dat she jumped in joy…bt she did found shaurya anywhere so started calling him..den from back someone tapped her shoulder…n next she can saw DAT shaurya sitting on his knees…

Shaurya-mehek I love u yes mehek I am madly in lov wid you,when I saw you for first tym I fell for you,I lov ur naughty ness,ur cute antics,when u use to became I use to became sad too n when u cry it lyk some is stabbing my heart contineously ,n when you use to became hpy,I use became too,my happiness lies in ur happiness mehek,I lov the way you r n one I know I lov to the moon n back,mehek WILL YOU BE MINE VALENTINE…
Mehek was so hpy dat her eyes ate welled up so shaurya got n cupped her face..
Shaurya-mehek plzz don’t cry its k if you don’t lov me its k bt I ll always lov u till my last bre

Den mehek kissed him yes mehek kissed him first shaurya was shocked bt den started responding wid equall passion….shaurya,shaurya bite mehek’s lower lip while mehek moaned shaurya deepen the kiss by entering into her mouth they played with each other tongue n testing each corner n after 15 min dey pulled up due to lack of oxygen…den quickly mehek hugged shaurya.shaurya responded too
Mehek- idiot who told dat I don’t lov you…I lov u too jaan(life)
Den they join there forhead..

****THE END****

So guys here I ended my os,I know its very bad coz for first tym I wrote something lyk dis n if you thought dat worth reading den plzzzzzzzzzzz comment guys… I ll be waiting for ur comment n silent readers (if any) plzzzzzzz do comment…lov u all??????…I am waiting for ur comment guys
With love??
Urs sweta

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  1. Hi sweta…excellent plot buddy…keep goin…????
    It was full of dreamy dreamy sequence…i loved it…???

    1. Thank u so much dolly….I am so happy dat u loved it…I ll post the next os soon..lov u????

  2. Guys one more thing I forgeted to told…
    Posting credit-goes to my strawberry(moni akka)
    Yesterday a short story came into my mind so I wrote it n sended to my strawberry n my dad posted it thank you my lyf….lov u so much

    1. Moni7

      Sweta dear…No need of credit…i just copy and paste..?

      1. Hahahahahahaha

  3. nice episode dear

    1. Thank u shaya?????

  4. superb os. just fabulous. its really very good one.
    love it.

    1. Thank u reema..I m so happy to know dat u loved…????

  5. Moni7

    Sweta dear..????…superb proposal??…luv u dear?

    1. Moni you are very sweet yar……

      1. N shabnam my strawberry is not sweet,she z sweetest..lov u my strawberry????

    2. Awwwwww my strawberry….thank u so much baby…lov u too?????

  6. Subrbbbbbb

    1. Hiiiii shabnam…thank u????

      1. Hey sweta….what’s up

    2. Moni7

      Thanks shabnam ???

      1. Most welcome dear

    3. Nothing yaar shabnam…wht bout u????

  7. Vinitha

    Hi sweta superb yar cute proposal scene very nice.

    1. Hiiiii Vinita di….thank u so much dear????

  8. Supperb yarrr. ..

    1. Thank u salma???

  9. wow gys…. U gys roks… Sweta diik.. Monii dii u gys made my evry day happy…

  10. wow gys…. U gys roks… Sweta diik.. Monii dii u gys made my evry day happy… i love ur evry os….

    1. Hii sapna…thank u so much dear????..

    2. Moni7

      Thank u sapna dear??

      With panda love ?❤?

  11. Hey sweta… I’m seeing a lot of lovely ladies showing their creativity here… It was a lovely OS??.. With so many beautiful stories one cannot stop craving for more.. I really liked the way you portrayed mahek as a modern girl here. Different yet beautiful. Waiting for your next OS. Take care ??
    And sorry for the delay in commenting…

    1. Hiiiii vishi don’t b sry dear I m hpy dat u commented…thank u so much yaar….u too take care…don’t wry I ll try to post the next is coz my xams r nearing…so I ll try k…lov u

  12. Super dear I love it plss come with. Next OS waiting..

    1. Thank u vavachi????..n I ll try to post next os coz my xams r nearing k….


    Wow sweta dr… lovely proposal…?? cute one.. ☺☺loved it sissy… ??

    1. Hii siso…thank u dear…I m glad dat u loved it????

  14. Preethiilang

    Hey sweta darling u too started to write OS ah ………..come on girls ZKM is bringing lot of young writers wow nice story sweta

    1. Moni7

      Me too young oly preethi dear

      1. Preethiilang

        Ama di namba rendu perumae youth tha youth tha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. He he preethi akka thank u so much siso…lov u???

  16. Sorry sweta for this much late comment par kya karuu yaar btw i am shagun hope u remember me bhul to nahi gai??vaise maine tera ek pet name decide kiya hai..shakkar ki bori..i know u dont like it but i am sorry i will call u by this name ??shakkar means sugar fine..coming on to the episode shakkar ki bori kya likha ha8 yaar damn awesome ..amazing vaise..proposal was awesome shaurya beating goons lajawaab mahek wearing western super se bhi uper aur aur kya bataoon starting se leke end tak sabh super outstanding ..ab emotional mat ho jaana mere comment ko padne ke baad varna kajal pure cherw par spread ho jaega ?????

    1. Haayyee re meri choco?????…..are me tujhe kede bhuli….pata he me tera cmnt ka kab se wait kar rahi thi finally tune cmnt kia…thank u so much choco itni cute cmnt ke lie….me tujhe kisses de rahi hun ye le?????….n my pet name shakar ki bori I loved my new pet name jaan…acha tu tera ff kab post kar rahi he…me tujhe aur tere ff ko kitna miss kar rahi hun jaan….so jaldi post kario….tujhe pata he me tera cmnt padhkar kitna blush re thi itna cute cmnt thank u once thank u….me tera cmnt padhkar dhanya hui??????….k choco tata…aur tu fb me he????agar han den tera id name n kya dp rakha he bol….choco reply kario me wait kar rahi hun….lov u choco????????????????

      1. Sry its kese bhulungi not kede bhuli

      2. Shaguu

        thnx sweta vaise sabraka phal meetha hota hai par in ur case it is shakkar ki bori and I don’t have id on fb I will make it after march

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