Will you be mine forever ( vitharv ) episode 2

Recap : days pass by and atharv and vividha become good friends.
They goes for higher studies
Atharv joins Delhi university and becomes topper of university
Vividha joins the ajmer college and now she is on BA history third year
Guddi is 1st year same in vividha’s college
Ravish is on army training
Atharv is on the way to ajmer.
Vividha returns from college and thinks to go to temple for praying shiv bhagavan for her results
Sujatha and guddi is so happy on knowing about atharv’s presence after 4 years
Vividha after praying stands in the road and looks for bus or rickshaw
But no vehicle come that way

At last a bike came
Vividha shows hands to stop
The bike stops
Vividha:can u pls give me lift
The man in the bike is none other than atharv sujatha
Atharv:where u have to go
Vividha:u can drop me to nearby bus stand

Atharv: I will drop u
Vividha :thank u sir
Atharv:no need to cal sir
On the way to house vividha was struggling to catch somewhere because she is not able to sit properly because road is not smooth
Suddenly a brake applies and vividha hugs atharv
A silent wind blows
Atharv:excuse me

vividha:oh I am really sorry
Atharv:it’s ok is this the place u have to come
Vividha:ha and thank u very much
They both smiles and shows bye
Vividha and atharv thinks that they forgot to ask each other’s name
Atharv reaches home
Sujatha:oh atharv Beta

Atharv :Maa
Atharv takes blessings from sujatha
Guddi comes and hugs atharv
Atharv:guddi hw r u
Guddi:fine bhai and ….

Sujatha stops and tells
Sujatha:he came now only u started to kill him by ur mouth atharv come inside beta
Vividha by rickshaw reaches home
Vividha:ma what happened Maa y sujatha chachi’s house is decorated
Uma:vi idea if u can guess u guess urself
Vividha:no idea Maa
Uma:bet atharv came there
Vividha:atharv. . (With happy )
Sujatga:beta get fresh I wil give u food

Sujatha:y r u roaming here and there tell me the matter
Atharv:ma now where is our vividha and family is living
Sujatha:our vividha
Atharv:no no ur vividha
Sujatha:ha atharv they are on there old house itself
Atharv:it means they are in this house right?

Atharv and vividha comes outside the house to see each other

Precap:kailash drags vividha inside the house atharv and vividha attempts to see each other

If any grammatical mistake sorry
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    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

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