How will they meet ?? [ edkv and ishqbaaz ]

Hii Guys my name is yuveni actually I’m a silent reader but now I want to write my own fan fiction so I will start with an intro if you guys like it then I will continue so let’s start …

My ff :
It’s a combo of ishqbaaz and ek Duje ke vaaste

The Singh Oberoi’s
Dadi : (the same in the episode)

Tej oberoi : dad of Shivaye, Suman, Omkara, Rudra . He called suman “ princess ” (after she the only daughter of oberoi’s family )(same in the episode ) but don’t have an affair with swetlana ) but have a secret … 🔜🔜🔜

Jhanvi Oberoi : (same in the episode but not an alcoholic ) pamper shivaye and omkara a lot ( more attached ) she always scold Rudra cuz Girls (the same in the episode FLIRTY )

Shiv Oberoi : ( same in the episode ) treat Shivaye , Suman , Omkara , Rudra like his own children and pamper Suman a lot . He call suman “ Guriya ” . The Oberoi’s siblings call him chote papa

Pinky Oberoi : ( same in the episode ) take the Oberoi’s siblings as her own children . They call her choti maa . She is more attached to Rudra and Suman ( her ladli guriya Rani )

shivaye Oberoi ( Shiv ) : (same in the serial ) love family siblings and business . Not interested in love pamper Suman a lots

Suman oberoi ( sumo ) : love cooking and bike racing and has her own hotel “ SSOR = Shivaye Suman Omkara Rudra ”and run a NGO with her bestfriend ( Anika ) all call her sumo she don’t know Anika’s surname cuz she believes that friendship is made from heart not name / fame / …

Omkara oberoi ( Om/ Omy ) : (same in the serial ) … very possessive and protective towards Suman. He don’t have a girlfriend ..

Rudra oberoi ( Dumble oberoi / Dump oberoi ) : ( same in the serial ) flirt … love bike racing with Suman but always lost 😀

The Rana’s :

Ramnath Rana (RM) : same in the episode but don’t have problem with Nirmala .. Love his family a lot .. Modern dad

Nirmala Rana : same in the episode ( no past ) ..

Buamaa ( Priya Rana ) : Ramnath older sister .. Have not married or has a past (🔜🔜 ???) treat Malhotra siblings like her own children ..

Shravan Rana : lawyer but handle Rana empire as he is the only son (Business tycoon . ..) Attitude (the same in the episode ) Don’t know Suman yet … very possessive and caring towards his sister . He is Buamaa ladla

Anika Rana ( Ani) : lawyer ( has her own identity nobody know that she is one of Rana ’s daughter ) Suman Best friend and handle NGO with Suman .

Ishana Rana ( Isha ) : She is one of the best choreographer in India she has her own academy ( her own identity ) ( she is not like the Ishana in the serial ) and she is very modern

Soumya Rana (Somy ) : college girl (same in serial ) hate flirty guys and she is modern and sanskari ladki opposite to Rudra

Couple : ❤❤
Shivaye – Anika 👉👉 AnSh

Shravan – Suman 👉👉 Shraman

Omkara – Ishana 👉👉Omish

Rudra -Soumya 👉👉Rudya

Singh Oberoi’s background : very very rich family business empire business in all the word
Live in New Delhi everybody know them

Rana’s background : very very rich family business empire business all over the world live in Chennai now shifting in New Delhi everybody know them

* shravan lives in Dubai alone .
* Anika lives in New Delhi alone ( she is making her own identity )

Rana’s and Oberoi’s don’t know each other they have only heard names ..

If you want me to continue then comment plze lot of love


  1. Nandini aka Nandu

    Hi yuveni! Or I rather call u di. Idk abt others but i seriously want u to start it jaldi. P.S.- where are u from?? Do u know hindi??? Lkts of love. Update soon.

      • Nandini aka Nandu

        Hey dear! Well, where in Maurice?? (Asking coz I have been there twice, in that place well😊😊😊) God bless u! And don’t worry there will be a lot of people here to call u di. Like me(Nandini),Nikita,neeti,sriya(sharmansamgel) and many more. Lots of love. Post soon.

    • Yuv



      Port Louis choose whatever you want I like both 😊😊 I hv already upload it lots of love and thanks and where are you from ???

  2. Anamika

    Hey yuv/di
    I m in love with edkv n also liking ishqbaaz as it has a unique storyline
    I would love to read ur ff
    Plz continue
    By the way whats ur age??? If u dun mind to tell😜

  3. Ariana


    |Registered Member

    Cool…. Geeting a combination of both of my fav shows. Sounds super interesting. Post epis soon. I’ll be waiting. Lots of love nd blessings,

  4. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    hey yuv its awesome intro I m so happy when I saw a ff on edkv n ishqbaaz combined as these two are my very very favorite shows and I m a big fan of shraman and ishkara. I also like anshi a lot they r one of my favorite too, and can’t wait for rudmya story to start awesome intro keep it up can’t wait for the episodes

  5. Sumo


    |Registered Member

    hey, m a die heart fan of edkv n also loving ishqbaaz .. so I’ll be hooked up.. 😊😊
    waiting for the ep.. ✌

  6. Nikita


    |Registered Member

    Hey !!
    I have not seen ishqbaaz, but I know many people who do, and they sound interesting !!
    I’m very excited about it..
    Please post soon,
    And I’m Nikita..
    The smallest in the TU family.!!
    A very hearty and warm welcome to you !
    Post soon !

  7. Marie


    |Registered Member

    Hello..yuveni …!! 🙂 😀
    Well well well wat to say abt d intro yr…!! MiNdBlOwINg’…!! Awesome…I think these r small words….to describe how much I loved it….
    U r a great writer my dear….!!
    Plz plz plz post soon I m egrlyyyyy waiting fr 1st ep….
    Btw got to knw dat u r frm France n is 16 years old so I should call u di…. 😉 😉
    Acha I have a question can we be frnds….?? 😀
    Anyways loved it n love ya….!!
    Take care…
    Maria 🙂

    • Nandini aka Nandu

      Nice… Waiting for it… Do lemme know if u people need any ideas or inspirations from me. Even though I am not writing anything but still I have a romantic and intelligent mind😘😅😅😎😊😉😉😉

  8. pretty preeti

    Hello yup so sorry I m really late but it was superb sweety
    U r from france right
    I m from India
    I m preeti loved ur ff intro
    I am very happy that u also came to edkv page and posted ur ff
    Love u a lot
    Di or smaller
    What’s ur age
    I will call u yuvi or yuvi di
    Love u

  9. Shiny

    Hi yuveni…ur intro sounds intersting …i luv edkv..n also like ishqbaaz…will be eagerly waiting for ur epi…post dem soon

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  11. Neeti


    |Registered Member

    yeh finally a ishqbaaz and shraman ff
    I watch both of the serials and love the both so I’m very exited
    pls continue..
    I love AnSh from ishqbaaz and Shraman is my most fav small screen jodi..
    love frome me too-Neeti

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