How will they meet ?? [ edkv and ishqbaaz ] episode 1


hii everyone thanks a lot for the comments I think this 1st episode is a bit boring so rotten eggs shoes tomatoes are accepted ?? but I promised that next episode will be mind-blowing and but still hope you guys like it
ya sorry it not Shiv it’s shakti sorry Oberoi’s siblings chote papa ..
So let’s start …

Intro :

My ff start :

(the Rana has already shifted in Delhi ) Ishana has shifted her academy in New Delhi .

A big beautiful mansion is shown “ Oberoi’s Mansion ” . Inside a woman is scolding a servant :

Pinky : – where is the lemon juice ?? It’s going to be 7 u haven’t prepared it yet . My Guriya Rani is about to wake up. You are meant for nothing. You are fired. I will make it myself .
Just then a man ( Shiv ) come with a doggy (cooky )

Shiv -pinky calm down what if my guriya found that you are firing him just for a lemon juice she will be angry na

Pinky – what my guriya she is my guriya too haan nahiin to .. He smiles and leave ..

She goes in the kitchen .

The scene shift upstairs: A man is scolding someone on the phone

The man – what are you doing ? You can’t even do something properly

someone – I’m sorry shivaye sir but this lawyer is not ready to withdraw this case

Shivaye – I will handle her myself then
He cut the call angrily and start thinking how to deal with this lawyer ??

Just then a beautiful lady come there :

Beautiful lady – Shivaye beta is everything alright ?? why are you looking stressed ?? What happened ??

Shivaye – nothing happened maa

Jhanvi – let me guess business problem na

Shivaye – how do you know ma??

Jhanvi – after all I’m your mother

Shivaye – love you ma

Jhanvi – love you too my Bacha

Shivaye – ma where’s om ??

Jhanvi- you know him na he has already gone to his gallery

Shivaye – and Rudra ??

Jhanvi – this dumbo is still sleeping I’m going to wake him you go and get ready and I will send your expresso you have a important meeting today naa

Jhanvi leaves and shivaye go in the bathroom
Jhanvi is going to wake Rudra just then she meet pinky

Pinky – di ap

Jhanvi – haan pinky I going to wake dumbo oberoi

Pinky – Didi ap bhi naa I’m going to wake Guriya Rani

Jhanvi – haan today foreign tourists are coming naa

Pinky – haan lets go and wake them together

Jhanvi – good idea pinky

They go and enter Rudra

jhanvi – wake up dumbo Oberoi you will get late to college

Rudra – Baby I love you but let me sleep

Pinky groan the curtains and …

Rudra- Sheena let me sleep baby

Jhanvi – I will show him now

She goes and take a glass of cold water and split it on him

Rudra – it’s raining and it’s so romantic

Pinky laugh : he will never stop ..

Pinky – wake up now mera bacha

Rudra wake up and make an angry face

Rudra – ma choti maa thats not fair

Jhanvi – acha Bachu and who will go to college and who’s Sheena and tell me the truth or I will call your dad

Rudra – how will I know ?? I don’t know her and don’t tell rajnikant please or else he will murder me

He see the time and

Rudra – oh shot I need to go

Pinky – go and get ready the breakfast is ready
Jhanvi and pinky go in another room( fully decorated with butterflies and stars )

They enter the room and saw nobody

Pinky – guriya where are you ? Guriya

Jhanvi – maybe she is in bathroom or doing yoga and thank god she is not like Rudra lazy after all whose daughter is she ??

Pinky jhanvi at the same time – humari beti hai and they laugh

Just then a beautiful girl comes out the bathroom with a beautiful white dress beautiful long hair bina makeup she looks totally like a pari and ma choti maa ap yahan

Jhanvi – princess we have come to see if you have wake up or not ..

Pinky – here your lemon juice

Sumo – thank you choti maa choti ma who have you fired today ??

Pinky – nobody but they are all lazy

Sumo – hug both them love you both
Ma where’s papa I need to talk to him

Jhanvi – what happened princess ??

Sumo – nothing much ma all is well don’t worry

Pinky – guriya I forgot to tell you Anika has call she said if you are coming to NGO today

Sumo – haan choti thank you I will call her and tell her that I’m coming

Jhanvi – OK then get ready quickly and the breakfast is ready

Both jhanvi and pinky leave and sumo call Anika

The scene shift in a gallery lab a guy alone and is making a ganesh idol he is Omkara suddenly his phone ring
He answer the call

Om – good morning shivaye

Shivaye – good morning where are you ?? I was looking for you

Om – I’m in my lab gallery what happened every thing alright naa

Shivaye – don’t worry just papa is looking for you he said that he needs to talk to you

Om : tell him that I will talk to him later I’m busy

Shivaye : OK all the best I will come to meet at your gallery in the afternoon see you then

The scene shift in the living room where a beautiful lady “ dadi ” is talking to a photo : ji it has been 30 years now that you have left us
Our elder son tej and our shakti are the richest men in this country
just then Tej and shakti come and take dadi blessing and says

Tej and shakti – Good morning ma

Tej : how is your health ??

Dadi – I’m fine and u seemed to be tired

Tej – haan maa I hve lots of work and meeting

Shivaye come
shivaye : Don’t worry dad today will handle all the meetings today u rest

Tej : nahiin beta I will manage

Shivaye : no papa I said noo

Tej : OK baba maa he is coming very stubborn

Just then jhanvi come

Jhanvi – anyways who’s son is he ?? Yours naa

dadi laugh and continue talking to the photo

Dadi- your 2 daughter in law don’t let me do anything

Pinky comes there and both jhanvi and pinky take blessing

Dadi bless them
And continue

Dadi – your grand son shivaye handle all business sumo this house princess help in business and handle an hotel Omkara became an artist the statues he made are sold in crores and Rudra aka dumbo Oberoi who is more ahead than you he never stopped when he is asked to stop running after girls
Now I wish that this stay like this and your grand kids get love in their lives ishqbaazi should be equal

Everyone goes to the dining table sumo and Rudra come there and …

Sumo – good morning dad good morning chote papa

Tej- good morning princess

Shakti – good morning guriya

Sumo – today don’t worry day papa I will take care of all meetings and u rest

Jhanvi – but today your foreign customer are coming na and NGO …

Sumo – don’t worry mum NGO work won’t take long and priyanka my manager she will handle it .. Today I won’t go to hotel

Tej – OK then today I will be a house man

Sumo – bhai can you drop me to the NGO plze cuz my car get repaired

Shivaye – ya sure everything for you princess but then how will come to office

Sumo – don’t worry bhai till then mechanic will drop my car there so don’t worry

Shivaye – OK then let’s go

Suman shivaye Rudra leave the house

Aftersome time they reached a place (NGO )

Sumo – bye bhai see you in the office

Shivaye – see you princess

Shivaye saw that she has forgot her phone and think I should give it to her

He goes inside and collides with a girl and all the paper from her hand have fallen down
Shivaye without seeing her say sorry and collect the paper that have fell down and then …. The scene freezes ….

Recap: AnSh meeting ( we know that they are meant for each other but what will happen will they have a tashan ishq or first sight ishq guess ?? ) OmIsh meeting and RudYa meeting ……

Sorry guys if it’s boring ??

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  1. Yuv

    Sorry I made some mistakes ??

  2. Neeti

    no prob di
    thank god Anika nahi thi warna again espresso Shivaay ke upaar dal deti and pani bhi dal deti…hahahaha? sry if u mind it was a joke
    you know I have few friends name Anika
    I tease her calling her Shivaay ki Annika hehehe
    really gud epi bt wen will Shraman meet???!!!
    pls clear dis confusion and pst soon
    lots of love- Neeti

  3. Neeti

    *one special friend whom I tease

    1. Yuv

      Hii neeti I didn’t mind me too love cracking jokes they will not meet now but soon ?? thanks lots of love ✌✌

  4. Di,Very nice ..

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  5. Manya

    It was not at all boring lovely episode post asap

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  6. Nandini aka Nandu

    Hi yuv di! Don’t even dare to feel sad and say that it is boring?? it was really nice sweety
    Coming to this topic if u don’t mind talking abt it – I just love p. Louis. Lots of love. Keep writing.

    1. Nandini aka Nandu

      P. S. – am from india
      Post soon. Lots of love di???? keep writing. We all are always here to support u writers????????☺☺☺??

      1. Yuv

        Thanks nandu it’s so sweet that u love it ?? and I will post it soon ✌✌✌

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    hey yuv its amazing I love ur ff soooo much its too good and good to know u r from france well i m from singapore gonna be 18 next week and well i also write ff i make millions of mistake 😛 urs is still better and i loved the way u made oberoi brothers n sumo siblings and haha tashab-e-ishq that show used to be big fan of that too once upon a time until the leap

    1. Yuv

      Hiii thank you so much me too I used to love this serial now I don’t like it I also read your ff and I just love it ??✌✌

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

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  8. Marie

    Wow yuv…!! It’s great n amzing….!! Ohoooo who said it was boring not at all dear….!!loved it to d core…n Han waiting despretlyyyyyy fr d nxt 1 plzz yr post ASAP… 🙂
    Take care
    Love ya……

    1. Yuv

      Thanks Marie and ya I will try my best ✌✌

  9. pretty preeti

    It was superb epi
    Loved it
    Loved ur imagination
    Love u
    Take care
    Yuvi di

    1. Yuv

      Thanks prettypreeti love u 2 and take care

  10. @Fatarjo
    Am from SG too

  11. ????????? no words can describe that how good u have wrote actually I love reading and ur one is interesting????

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  14. Didi, the story was really nice. Please post soon! Eagerly waiting for it

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