i will make u my old sanskar its ur swara promise (episode 7) (swara entry n swasan fight special)

Hi guys thanx 4 ur support n comments so let’s start

recap-sanskar win swada’s custody kavita btray rajat n ragini btrey kavita

in mm

sanskar n girl (shout):-aaahhh……

Some time before

sanskar enter in mm full angry mood

“what the hell u guys fix my marrige without asking me,sanskar said

“we r sorry beta but we don’t have any choice we lost our daughter we don’t want lose our swada that y we did this,ap said n cry

“but ma papa i know u love swada but thats y u did this i don’t have any problem but u want that i marride to that swara i didn’t saw her i saw last time when we r just 6 year old n i was 10 year plz,sanskar said

“we know that but we saw swara she so nice we met her we always wants that u n swara as couple plz be ready for this not for us just sake of swada,ap n dp said

“ok fine but frist i will meet her than i will decide,sanskar said n goes towards room ap,dp happy n dp phone rings n they heard sanskar that girl scream

in present

sanskar see that girl memorised to see her cute,inoocent face her open wet hair that that girl close her eyes bcoz of fear n she showly open her eyes n see sanskar

“u r so heavy plz get up,that girl said sanskar come to sence n get up

“don’t u have any manners u should knock the before enter anyone room,that girl said

“oh hello who knock the door to enter own room,sanskar said

“no one but if u go any1 room than u should konck,girl said

“btw y should i knock this my house n this is my room,sanskar said

“ur room this is my room that servent told me,girl said

“this is my room n btw who r u what r u doing here,sanskar ask n ap,dp come shock to see her

“swara (finaly swara ki entry hui) ,ap said n she ran n hugs her n toches their feet ap see her in bathrobe n signal to change she goes to bathroom

“wow she is swara so beautiful like an angle,sanskar thinks ap,dp see this cough n sanskar come to the sence

“what r u thinking sanskar,ap asked

“nothing wo actully what she is doing here y she didn’t go to her home,sanskar ask

“we forget to tell u that sharmishtha n shekhar went out of city n in her house theis chief got fever n u know our ragini n her food useless (sanskar n dp make face ragini’s hand food) so thats y raglak n swara come here n stay for some day and btween this u decide that u want swara or not,dp,ap said n swara come from bathroom she wearing blue jeans n sleeve less white colour kurti goes towards ap n dp

“badi ma who is this devil,swara ask n sanskar makes face

“swara he is sanskar ur childhood friend,ap said n swara smile

“chintu badi ma he is chintu,swara smile sanskar fumes in anger n ap,dp laugh

“chintu do u remember me or forgot me,swara smile n sanskar give fake smile

“how can i forget u my bhaisu like always u forget deffrence btween daye(right) n baye(left),sanskar said n pull her cheeks n swara fumes in anger

“what u called me bhaisu u chintu,swara said n sanskar smile

“so u called me chintu,sanskar said

“i like ur nick name chintu that y i called u,swara said

“so i like ur nick name bhaisu,sanskar said n swara bcome more angry

“did u remember once u pushed me in mud n i got injury on my head n see this i try many medicine but this marks never gone,swara said

“i remember par main kya karta u were so heavy n u fell down omg bcoz of u till todays my back was very paining me thats y i pushed u,sanskar said n swara angry

“u call me heavy now see what do i do with u once u back painig n now head will be paining,swara said n taking pellow start beating sanskar n he ran from the room but swara follow him continously beating at the time swada came see this n bcome angry

“papa plz leave my dadi dada see this aunty beating my papa,swara stop beating sanskar n see swada a pain in her eyes come when swada call sanskar papa n ap,da come

“oh my bachcha u came thank u for saving me from this bhaisu,sanskar said n swada start laugh

“aunty ur name is bhaisu what kind of this name is.swada said n swara come in sence give death glare to sanskar

“no my name is swara n u know what is ur papa name his name is chintu,swara says n sanskar give her death glare n swada start laugh

“wow papa ur name chintu nice name n auntry name n my name is similer ur name is swara n my name is swada,swada says to see he inocense swara like her

“oh ya thats mean we should bcome friend,swara says n both shakes hand n screan freez

recap- family try to make swasan close but the always fight new charecter entry

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