i will make u my old sanskar its ur swara promise (episode 2)


Hi guys sorry for delay guys what happened marriage day I will revealed latter so here we go
After 5 years later
A temple shown in a house where a woman doing puja n sing a bhajan (radhey Krishna ki jyoti alaukik) n after sing bhajan she prayed n crying said to god -plz god give me my old sanskar he is not my sanskar after that day I lose my two child uttara n sanskar after dead of uttara n betrayal by of kavita he is become a devil he plays with their dignity n suddenly a man put his hand on her shoulder n said – don’t worry everything will be alright have faith on god ap (yes guys she is annupurna n the man dp )
Ap-but how ji we lost our uttara n sanskar he is become devil he never respect woman after that woman just coz that kavita
Dp – u wrong I know he is become bad but he is not fully change he loves her sister ragini u n her dearest daughter swada (guys its not swara its swada so don’t be confuse n she is uttara n rajat daughter but illeganet n after death of uttara n he adopted her )
Ap- ji ha aap sach kah rage hai
Dp-ya Maine kabhi jhooth bola hai tumase
N they started laugh n suddenly a man screaming ap n dp hears n shout sanskar n they rushed to his room
Sanskar room
Sanskar wake up he is breathing heavily n see some flashs where a woman told to man plz don’t leave me I can’t survive without u she goes to her room n cut her wrist n faint n sanskar shout uttara ( ya guys that woman is uttara ) n ap n dp come sanskar room n see him in that state
“Sanskar what happened u all right”,ap said in nervous tone
“Ya mom I m fine”,sanskar said
“I know u didn’t tell us but u see that dream once again”,ap said
“Ya mom n hugs her I couldn’t save her coz of me I lost my sister n u ur lovely daughter n cries”, sanskar said
“No beta its not ur fault they didn’t deserve our uttara”,dp said carrising her hair
“Y don’t u forget about that accident “,ap said
“No mom I can’t forget they kill my uttara I will spare tham “,sanskar said in angry tone
“I will take revenge from them n destroy that rajat n kavita”,sanskar said
“But now u will have to save ur daughter u know today is court hearing n today is decided that who take swada responsibility “,dp said
“Yes dad I remember this day I will never give my daughter to that ba***rd”,sanskar said
“No bhai we will not give our daughter them”,ap turn said ragini (that girl is ragini)
“So my lion u r ready for hunting”,ragini said
“Ya my sis I m ready u go I will come join u after two minutes, sanskar said
Ap dp n ragini goes from sanskar room n taking some bf
N suddenly a 4year old girl come shout – Bua u came I miss u so much
“Ya my I also miss u much my swadu”,ragini said
(Yes guys the girl is swada playd by ruhi of yhm ruhanshika dhawan)
“So where is my gift”,swada said with making a puppy face
“OK I will give but what will u give me”,ragini said
“Hmmm I will give my special gift”,swada said
“OK take ur gift n give me my gift”,ragini said
“Wow so many chocolates OK now my turn to give ur return gift she kissed ragini cheak n say here is our gift”,swada said
“Wow this gift is so special for me “,ragini said
N suddenly sansksr n said – oh all gifts for Bua nothing for me
“No papa I have also a gift for u she eats a chocolate n give him a kiss
“Wow this is so sweet “,sanskar said
“N what about us “,ap n dp said
She gives tham a kiss in cheak take her lunch goes to school
“Now let’s go to save our child from than”,sanskar said
“OK bhai let’s go “,ragini
Both r take blessings from ap dp n lord Krishna n goes to court

Guys ragini is lawyer n she takes swada custody case n after 1 more episode swara entry

Precap -rajat n kavita entry ragini proves that they r not right parents for swada

Credit to: priya tripathi

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