I will make u mine once again – swasan few shots (summary)

when swara put gun on her head n dp saved so twist started

Dp saved swara but swara lower portion start paining she beg help from maheshwaries but dey didn’t n goes some people help her take her to hospital sanskar,shomi,raam n sujata reach doctor said swara was pregnent but she lost bcoz of much stress swara gain consious n got 2 know everything n cries faint due 2 effect of medicine after sometime sanky goes near window n found ragini who giving some money 2 a wardboy(wb)

who was operated in swara OT he run swara also wakeup go behind him dat wb says dat her wife’s miscarage done by ragini he shock n turn found swara she sit in a cab n gose somewhere sanky call shomi sujata n told dem everything shomita goes to mm n sanky serch swara where laksh misbehave with shomita n shomita breaks all relation with dem here sanky got a call from an unknown person who said her to swara location sanky reach deir found swara in pool of blood he take her to hospital where doc said something n all bcome shocked

Summary end

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  1. Vishnu

    hi when r u giving ur episode….?interesting twist….

  2. Superb…… Continue soon…..

  3. awesome continue update soon missed ur ff so much

  4. Sus


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