I will make u mine once again – Swasan FS (part-1)

Hello guys i was writer of i will make u my old sanskar but i stop that ff bcoz of some reason but now i m going to start a new ff n this ff will be on that track when swara put gun on her forehead n dp stop her but but but guys there is a twist with now come with me :-

When dp stop swara 4 killing herself than she fall down

Swara(shout in pain)-aaahhhh….. Sanskar

Dp,ap n ragini r shocked to see swara pain n they was about to go near her but pairnita come n stop them

Parinita-mummy ji,papa ji n ragini plz stop don’t go near her she is doing acting like always they do

Ap(with concern)?-but i think she is not doing acting she is actuly will be in pain plz let help her

Hear swara shouting in pain

Pari(come b/w in ap n swara)-plz mummy ji i think u 4got that what they with us or (pari says something in ap) u 4get that what we can do let’s go inside plz mummy ji ragini plz u make her understand

Ragini remembered whatever happened with laksh n said

Ragini (with haters ?)-bhabhi is correct ma let’s go otherwise we once again bcome fool

They going inside

Swara (with so much difficulties?)-raaaginiiii….plz help me

But ragini ignored her n went swara shouting in pain all people saw her n old lady come near her n cheak her

Old lady-are what r u watching she is pregnant call the ambulance if we didn’t reach hospital on time she lost her baby

Swara bcome shocked n 2 other people r shocked to hear this 1st is ragini n second is pari

Ragini (with happiness?)-swara is pregnant i should help her no i won’t she did so much wrong with us (but she think sometime)whatever she did but there is no fault of that child i will help her n she calls ambulance

Pari (in anger)?-maheshwari’s hair never come in this world never

She calls some one

In hospital

Everyone reach hospital swara in icu everyone is tensed to see swara’s condition but they compose theirself 4 swara doctor come out 4rm icu

Sanskar-how is swara plz tell me doc

Doctor-mr. Maheshwari ur n ur child is very in critical condition

Every1 shock to hear child


Doc-ya ur wife is pregnant from last 1 month n this is her 2nd month n may she was in some tension thats y her condition is very difficult

Every1 shock hear docter statement

Doc-go n get some medicine plz

Sanskar goes n bring medicine but b4 he could give this medicine to doc

Doctor-i m sorry mr. Sanskar ur wife is save but u lost ur child

Precap- misunderstanding b/w swaragini,swara met with an accident 1 year leap n a blast

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  1. Simin

    First chappy me hi itne saaare shocks

  2. Interesting….

  3. Tamil

    Nice continue soon

  4. awesome update next part soon and plz be regular and update

  5. Yashu24

    Ohhh my god, very much shocks

  6. U just nailed it

  7. Lovely reethi

    Wow. Awesome. Interesting track. Will be waiting for next part.post asap please

  8. AngelTara

    My God! In the first epi itself, you gave so many shocks??
    But its inetresting! Loved it❤

  9. shock pe shock… great Kris…… good job

  10. Shibil

    Interesting ….more shocks …update next soon

  11. Shilpi99

    Awesome please update soon

  12. Simi


  13. nice..and continue ur other story..tc..

  14. Praju


  15. Awesome

  16. Niku

    I liked it…..n ready for more shocks too??

  17. Vyshu10

    nice…swasan’s child??

  18. Shocking yet interesting..

  19. Jannatul.Nayma09

    So much of shock!!! ?? btw the concept is awesome
    Eagerly waiting fr the nxt prt
    Update soon

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