I will make you mine… part – 9

Hello everyone …thanks alot for love and support…i dont knew what you thought is correct as fb which you all think related to abhigya is like you all expected…lets see whether its correct or not…so lets move on to story…

It was morning…sunrise falls over pragyas face..like a morning kiss for her cheeks ..she wakes up from sleep and sits in bed…

Bul;di..why are you sitting like this..get ready di..we have lot to do…so many things…

Pr;haa..and hold her hand…bulbul sit with me…

She sits beside her..

Bul;di..tell me fast i have to do alot..

Pr;no Time to talk with your di…

Bul;its not like that di…

Pr;bulbul..iam really happy for you ..now i can see my old bulbul..the one i missed in these 2 years…bulbul i have only one wish i want to see you like this everytime…bulbul you are my life..without you iam nothing..

Bul;di..why are you speaking so..look from tomorrow onwards you are going to start a new life ..now your life is jiju not me..

Pr;whatever happen you are my life..no one will be there in your place…

Bul;di..look from tomorrow onwards you go to jijus house na..then your house become jijus and jiju will be your first preference..

Pr;who told you all stupidity..if i leave ,you will also be with me..

Bul;di what are you saying..

Pr;its not only my opinion..jijus too..

Bul;what ???

Fb shows..

Ab;fuggi..if your problem to agree with this marraige is bulbul then i can solve it..

Pragya look at abhi..

Ab;i knew if you leave from here then she will be alone..but i dont want to make her alone..she will stay with us only..in our house..look i have no person other than you both..from nowonwards she is my sister too..

Pragya get teary eyed..

Fb ends..

Bul;di..you are too lucky to have jiju in life..he will take care of you ..love you…if sid is there he will be the most happiest man ..and cries…

Pr;bulbul..and wipes her tears..look sid wont like you cry like this.

Bul;di..you knew sid always talk about you marraige..how it happen about your hus..everything is happening as per his wish…but he is not there to see all this..

Pr;bulbul..who told you that he is not ..he is withus watching everything..

Bul;leave all this di..di..get ready fast…and gets up from bed..pragya hold her hand..

Pr;bulbul..sit here..i want to tell you one thing too..bulbul..what is your plan..look life is still a long journey to go on…

Bul;what you mean di..

Pr;bulbul..iam talking about your future..

Bul;whats there to talk about on it..it will move on like this..

Pr;then marraige..

Bul;di..iam already sids  wife na..iam happy for that..  we are not married as per rituals..but he is my husband..he is not with me..but his memories are there for me to go ahead…

Pr;no bulbul..its time to forget all the past and you must move on..

Bul;di..how can i forget sid di..can you forget him no na..then how will i…di..i think we are wasting our time ..get ready i have lot of works..she leaves..

Pr;bulbul..i knew you are escaping from me..but i will not leave you like this..you too must have a life to live…

Suddenly her phone rings..she knew who it will be..


Ab;good morning fuggi..getting ready ah??

Pr;no still sitting simply..

Ab;what?? Look there is no much time ..get ready fast..soon i will reach there..i want to  see my beautiful fuggi…

Pragya smiles.


Ab;for what??

Pr;for hurting you..

Ab;no need of that fuggi..look you can tell whatever you want…

Pr;but the way i treat you was bad..i must not like that..

Ab;its not your fault..it happened because of me..if you worry for it..dont worry still there is time to sort out it..by loving me..

Pragya blushes…

Ab;k..will see you soon and ends the call..

Pragya blushes..without thinking we must not badmouth about others..the abhi which i thought and the one i see now is totally different..he really loves and care me alot..and i too started to love him..not rockstar..i love my abhi..

After sometime


            Bulbul costume

            Purabs costume

The function starts…bulbul brings pragya to stage and make her stand with abhi…

Bul;you both look so cute…really superb..made for each other ..

Ab;thanks alot saali…wait i want to make you both meet a most important person …

Bul;who is that important than us..

Ab;you both came into my life recently na..like tanu..there is one more person in my life..

Bul;k..did you intro over then meet with the person..

Ab;purab…come here..prabul look at the direction and sees a person who is busy in talking…purab turns..and get shocked by seeing bulbul…same with bulbul too..

Ab;this is purab..my close friend..

Pu;so this is my bhabhi..right and this is her sali…not bad..and look at bulbul..

Bulbul gives an annoyed look..

Pragya greets purab..

Pu;bhabhi..dont be causual with me..you may have doubt..why i call you like this right..actually he is my friend…but for me he is my bhaiyya..i have no one other than tanu and bhaiyya..now i have you too as family..

Pragbul can see him as upset..

Bul;we have na..now you wont feel need anyone more..

Pu;haaa..that i knew..as i was searching you na…

Bul;what?? Nothing..

All are enjoying the party..but this purab was continously ogling at bulbul…she too can see the way he look at her is not correct…bulbul who get annoyed to core confront purab..

Bul;hello purab..whats all this..

Pu ; what?

Bul;why are you ogling at me..

Pu;what you…do you feel am i sick..


Pu:haa..did you look at your face…while looking that you feel i will ogle at you..look bulbul you are not an angel or princess..there are so many girls looking good rather than you ..so dont think that i will fall for your beauty..

Bul;you…and get annoyed and leaves..

Screen shifted to abhigya…

Ab;you look beautiful in this..

Pr;thanks..you too..

Abhi smiles..

Ab;why are you too silent today..everytime you have alot of lectures na…

Pr;its not like that na now..

Ab;what happened now..

Pr;nothing and leaves..abhi holds her wrist and pulls her towards him…pragys head hit on his chest..

Ab;tell me what speciality is there now..

Pr;now…iam seeing you not as before…

Ab;now..how you see me..

Pragya didnt answer..

Abhi place his hands around her waist..which make pragya to shiver..

Ab,tell me fuggi..what difference happens between us..



Pr;now…i hate the rockstar and love my abhi..which makes abhi in shock..

Ab;what ???

Pr;haaa..i hate rockstar and loves my abhi…abhi who become super happy take her in arms and twirls..

Pr,abhi..look everyone is watching..abhi…abhi came in sense and sees everyone looking at the both…pragya get shy and leaves..

Pu;bhaiyya..what happened ah..so happy…

Ab;kuch nahim…and leaves to look at pragya..as he cant find her anywhere else he was sure that then she will be at her room..

Abhi marched towards her room and sees pragya standing near window looking outside..abhi hugs her from back which make a shiver on pragya again

Ab;so..someone is blushing here…and make her turn towards him..pragya is not looking at abhi..abhi raise her chin and make her look at him..

He gave a sudden peck on her lips which make pragya  in shock..he make her pinned at window  by placing one hand on window and another on her hip…

Ab;fuggi..thanks alot for everything..the happiness which you gave to me means alot..if i died in this second too i will be happier..pragya shuts his mouth..

Pr;dont talk so..both look into each others eyes..

They hear some murmur and came back to sense..see purbul and tanu there..

Ta;so we disturbs your romance right..abhigya get shy..
They continue some chit chat..purab take pragbul with him..now abhi and tanu are alone at room..

Ab;haa bolo tanu..
Ta;abhi..did you really loves her or is it sacriface for what you did.

Episode ends…

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