I will make you mine… part – 6

Hello friends..back with update thanks alot for constant support and accepting the story wholeheartedly..iam really impressed by your actions..so going back to update…enjoy reading..❤❤

Pragya enters bulbuls room and sees bulbul sleeping hugging sids photo..she get teary eyed and kissed at her forehead..make her wear blanket…

Pragya was standing outside looking at star
This 2 years didnt make her forget you sid..that much she loves you..i always pray to god to make her move on in her life..but…may be she will find someone like you soon…sid not only bulbul..i too miss yaar..if you were with me then i get some strength to fight with him..he is making bulbul as his trumcard..
Suddenly her phone beeps..

Pr;hello …hello.(no response) hello who are you..

Ab;oh so bad baby..why dont you save your hubbys number too bad…

Pr,you why do you call me..

Ab;whats this baby..usually when someone going to get married will call like this na..to talk each other to enjoy their day…

Pr;iam asking for that why you are calling me as we are not like others na…

Ab;baby…we are like them …

Pr;such things happen when both are loving each other and are happy for being getting married…here in our case..i hate you

Ab; hey baby…dont say like this..look my heart is bleeding by hearing that…

Pr;why are you making my life complicated mr.abhishek ..

Ab;because i love to be complicated and i love you…

Pr;is this your so called love..

Ab;ofcourse it is..

Pr;is that so i dont like to be loved by you…

Ab;uff baby no one have the right to say others dont love them..

Pr,but they have the right to reject their love na..

Ab;haa thats right..but in your case no such things as i will go any extend to make you mine…so good night and dont forget tomorrows meeting…
He cuts off…

Pr;i hate you mr.abhishek mehra..i hate you to the core…

Next morning…

Bul;di…di…why dont you getup..look whats the time now..always you make me awake but today..i think someone get really late to sleep while dreaming about his hubby..pragya tries to blush..
Oh my di is blushing…oh really great…iam happy for you di..

Pr;bulbul where are you going early.

Bul;di..iam on leave today..as i want to go for purchase..to make my dis and jijus designer outfit for marraige..

Pragya just smiles..

Bul;di iam leaving and goes…

Its 10 am …as per abhis advice pragya get ready too..

A horn sound is heard…pragya by locking house , gets in the car…

Ab;oh baby you look too cute today

Pragyas outfit

Abhis outfit..

Pragya get angered..
Ab;baby do you knew when thier would be say like this all will blush but my baby become angry bird…iam saying true na

Pragya who become iriked to the core..will you stop calling me baby..dont you knew how irritating it is..

Ab;is that so baby…as abhi see her getting annoyed more ..k  i will call you fuggi then..

Pragya looks at him…fuggi..its suits you most that perfect..abhi the rockstar always be perfect na..

Pr:strange person praising himself…

Ab;what to do the person who must do like that never care about me ..so i must do that..

Pr;why should i care you mr.rockstar…

Ab;because you are going to become ms.pragya arora to mrs.pragya abhishek mehra…

Pr;i hate you…

Ab;but i love you…

Screen shifted to a city street..people are going there and where…bulbul is walking through foot path with lots of covers and she is checking something in one among them while walking get dashed with a person talking in his phone…as bulbul gets to fall down that person holds her while all her bags falls down..he shared an eyelock with her..

Bul;hey are you in sense just leave me..

The person who came in sense leave his hand which make her fall..bulbul who fell down give a death glare…

Bul;hey are you mad..dont you have brain.where is your eyes while walking?? could you see me …leave me means making me fall ..idiot hey why are you standing like a statue could you please help me to get up..she forwards her hand..the person helps her ..bulbul takes all her bags from floor ..he too helps by admiring her..

He is just trying to pick things but didnt take anything from floor as he is mesmerised by her..which annoys bulbul..irritating idiot..by saying so she leaves..he is sitting like that and smiling..it was after sometime he came to sense..

Oh god purab..what you have done..go and meet your destiny…he rans..and ends at a junction..look all around..he dont knew where she goes…uff idiot you missed her…no i meet her na if she is my destiny then i will meet her again and blushes…

Screen shifted  to car..abhi is singing songs while drive which is making pragya iriked she just shut her ears and close her eyes….abhi smiles by seeing that..suddenly he taps her shoulder..pragya just open her eyes..

Ab;if you dont mind can you get down as we reached destination.pragya get down and shocked by seeing the place..she look at abhi..but he didnt look at her and moves forward pragya follows him..suddenly a huge sound is heard..yes the screaming of lots of children…calling abhi uncle rockstar…

All surrounds him..pragya keep on eying all this staying at some distance..

One boy;abhi uncle..dont you bring gift for us..

Ab;oh no..i forget it..

One girl,always rockstar forget about us as he is busy with girls na..

Ab; hey chiku…what you said..who told you all this..

Who will tell none otherthan me rockstar..abhi who hear this sound just go and hug the person..pragya look confused..

So my darling..how can you tell like that..

Only i can talk like that na to the rockstar .

Of course as you are my darling…

Pr;darling who is she…how he can cal her darling..ofcourse he will as all girls are darling to him na..that girl is looking god and hot too ..so he will call like that for sure..pragya why you think about all that..who ever she is it doesnt matter to you
.as you dont care for him..but can you find something that girl has an important role to his life as she has all right on him..if i can take her help this marraige right..pragya you are really genious..

Abhi uncle ..gift..

Ab;k baba..he opend dicky and takes gift from it …

Pragyas moutu get open by that action.as it was that much he brought for them.as for her he is heartless person ..but now proving that he has own a heart…

Chi;uncle who is she ???points at pragya…

It was that time abhi notice pragya…

Ab;oh..i forget to introduce her..she is fuggi..my would be..

Chi;would be means..

Ab;she is going to become my wife..

Chi;what wife..you are going to married..and started to cry..

Ab;chiku why are you crying..look tanu she is crying..

Tanu;hey achu ..why are you crying..(as for abhi she is chiku and for others she is achu)

Chiku;tanu..look he is going to marry that chashmish..

Abhi chuckles by hearing the word chashmish and smiles at pragya..

Ta;haa..what problem in that..

Chi;what problem ah? You knew what he promised..

Ab;what i promised you.

Chi;you tell me na..now iam only 5 years..after 15 years you will.marry me..now you are marry her..
By hearing pragya smilea by her innocence..pragya came near chiku and kneels down make her turn towards her..


Ch;dont call me like that only rockstar have that right..

Pr;k achu..i will divorce him and you can marry him after 15 years

Ch;such mein..

Pr;haa..chiku hugs pragya..pragya too hugs her..abhi smiles..as children started to take gift and tanu helps them to pick it up.

Abhi confronts pragya..

Ab;so you are ready to marry me right..

Pr;who told you..

Ab;you itself as you will divorce me afterward ..for taking divorce marraige must happen na..

Pr; i just say so to make her happy..

Ab;which means you wont divorce me that means lives with me happily ever after…

Pr;i wont marry that i mean no other than as you think abhishek..



Ab;as you get promotion from baby to fuggi i get promotiom from mr.abhishek mehra to abhishek..so you started to like me

Pragya get annoyed as leave..

Precap;why he is confusing me this much..abhi holding her close by saying that because i want to show you my both sides..

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