I will make you mine… part – 3

Pr:you dont worry bulbul..everything will be fine by this evening..and smiles..

At evening..
Pragya reached her home first and started to prepare all favourites of bulbul…especially her panipuri..she arrange everything on table..

Pr; bulbul…my pyaari bahan..i knew you will get flat with the smell of this food.or by this panipuri and giggles..

Time flies..bulbul havent reached yet which makes pragya tensed.she tried to call her…but her phone is switched off…she contact with her friend..

Hello priya..this is pragya..bulbuls sis..

Haa.didi bolo..why are you so tensed..that idiot bulbul again fights with you..today i gave her a class for fighting with you yesterday..i have make a perfect plan for patch up…did she fail in that too..

Pr;priya what are you speaking..

Pri;yes didi..today she was half day leave for all arrangement..what happened there..

Pr;nothing..i just call you..catch you later..i have an urgent work..

Pri; k didi..good night…

Call ends..

Where did this bulbul have gone..suddenly pragyas phone rings again..

Hello bulbul where are you idiot..why are you making me this much tensed…

Hey relax baby…dont take stress…

You…how did you get bulbuls phone…

Ha.ha…if bulbul is with me then i get her phone na..

What are you telling monster…

Baby..i told you na..i will make you reach at me..my next step is severe…this was my next step kidnapping bulbul…


If you need your sis..as do as what i said..meet me at 10 pm..if you tried to inform police..then you can collect your sis from railway track…you have 2 options..you can choose it yourself…

Phone falls from pragyas hand..she started to cry…she look at the clock..time is 9 now…

Screen shifted to abhis house…

Bul;did you call my di..

Ab;ha..bulbul dont worry i have informed her that your phone is switch off because of low battery and you are here to make a designer outfit for me for tomorrows concert…bulbul thanks alot.

Bul;for what..

Ab;if you wont help me then..actually my designer got accident and he cant complete my outfit..it was that time i remember about you…

Bul;i havent started to make outfit for celebraties..as iam not that much good..

Ab;no..bulbul i enquired  about you from your head and i have trust on you..go ahead…i am leaving ..otherwise it will be a disturbance for you..

By saying this abhi leaves..

Abhi is getting ready at his room by his assistants..
Suddenly Ronnie came..

Ro;sir ..she has reached…abhi smriks as like he get victory..
Abhi gets up from his seat and moves out and opened a door…he slowly get inside…

pragya is sitting in a room with a fear.

So miss.pragya you are here na..i told you na..i can make you mine…tears started to roll through her cheeks…so you have this much love for your sister…

Where is she..where is my bulbul..by saying this he holds on his collar…abhi make her loosen her grip from collar and holds her waist…

Hey baby…relax ..you want to see your sister right…pragya is pushing his hands away from her…abhi takes his hands back and takes his phone and shown the video of bulbul who is working on his outfit..there is a camera in the room where she works..

Pr;bulbul..bulbul and started to cry..abhi turn off the video..

Hey baby…dont cry..you need your sister right..k..i will give her back.actually i dont like to see girls  crying. abhi move forward to wipe her tears..but..she stops him..

Ab;let me see how long you stop.me like this…and smriks at her..so you need your sis..for that just do a simple thing..he takes a set of dress from his shelf and forward to her…get ready soon in this outfit…pragya look at that dress ..you have to miss.pragya arora…otherwise..without uttering a word…pragya goes to washroom..
She came back in that outfit…abhi ogles at her..(guys what you all think about her outfit…will it be in a way that she looks hot…lets check..)

This is the outfit of the both…

Ab;you look good at this…come lets have our dinner..
She stands there…i told you to come…

Pragya moves..abhi make her sit..and started to serve food..

Ab;have it…

She didnt respond ..

Ab;are you obeying me or  i make bulbul..

Pragya started to have food fastly..abhi ogles at her innocence..
After finishing dinner…

Ab;then whats next..

Pragya started to shiver….

Abhi approach towards her..she moves backward atlast hits on wall…abhi came to close to her..now they both can feel their hot breath on each other..abhi placed his hands over her face and kissed on her forehead…

He leaves from there by saying ..you can go now..bulbul is waiting for you outside..he goes…

Pragya cant understand anything from his action.she moves out and seea bulbul and hugs her..

Bul;oh my di…you get so emotional..di..iam not kattis with you lets go home.

Prabul reached home…without saying anything pragya moves to her room..

Pr;what really happened..what he really means by that..is for this he came here…why dont i restrict him from kissing..is this all for another plan..

Precap;bul, di..you are going to get marries with rockstar abhi..


Bulbul happily hugs her..

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