I will make you mine..part -2

Hello everyone..thanks alot for your support and love ..here goes the second part ..hope you all like this..happy reading..❤

Pr;what he is thinking of himself…how dare he talk to me in such a way..may be he is a rockstar ..people may mad at him..it doesnt mean  i will also get mad at him…he spoil all my mood..is this the way to talk with a girl..how can he judge a girls pride in such a way..when he is interested in someone ..which means they must spend their day with him..how mean he is..is this what he think about his mind..dirty thinking…why men always consider girl as a tool for their s*xual need…i feel myself pity to talk a sometime with such a person..what ever he did i will not fall in his trap…abhi..the rockstar..he is not a rockstar..he is a dirty star..and threws a pillow …

Screen shifted to outside…

Ab;close and bash door at me..but i will make you mine miss.pragya arora..no girl can get escape from me..not you..and no one in future…

As he was moving back to his car..he sees bulbul..the girl he saw with her in scooty…

Bulbul is excited to see him at her doorstep..abhi smiles at her..she was in cloud nine..

Bul;abhi..the great rockstar here…is i seeing any dream..she pinched his hand..ouch..no its dream..he is really here..sir..did you really came here..or just mistakenly..

Ab;rockstar will not do any mistake.i really came here..

Bul;for what?

Ab;for seeing your sis..

Bul,my sister..whats the matter…

Ab;actually i have already talk about the matter with your sister..but she is not willing for it..

Bul;not willing for it means ..whats the matter…

Ab;did your sister gave any resume for play back singer post…

Bul; haa…

Ab;then she is seleceted  to work with me for new album..i thought to inform her that and work will start tomorrow..but she is not ready to work with me..

Bul;how can she..do you knew its her greatest wish..

Ab;i think she have problem in working with me..

Bul; sir..dont mistaken my sis.i will make her ready for it…but i have a doubt..for that you came here..i mean a rockstar to a new singers house..

Ab;haaa.iam always like this..as i consider those who working with me as my family…

Bul,oh..thats so sweet of you sir..dont worry i will make her to be present there…



Ab;bulbul…nice to see you..give a shake hand and leaves..

Bul;this di na..

Screen shifted to abhis car..

Ab;my plan starts miss..pragya..now wait and watch the game..how iam going to trap you…and smriks..

Screen shifted to pragyas house..


Pr;why are you shouting bulbul..

Bul;whats di..how can you do this..

Pr;what??? What happen now..

Bul;dont you knew what happen..how can you reject him..

Pr;reject him means..

Bul;haa..iam talking about abhi the rockstar…when he is bringing the proposal directly for you why cant you accept that ..

Pr;bulbul are you in the sense..do you knew what he said..

Bul;haa..di iam in sense its you have no sense..its your greatest wish na..to become a play back singer..when you get chance why are you rejecting it..

Pragya get shocked by her reply
..then she get to knew its abhis trap..

Pr;bulbul…i dont like to work with him..

Bul;how can you di..if god is giving you chance you are destroying it..

Pr;bulbul..you dont knew what chance he has given to me..then how can i accept..

Bul;di..from today onwards i wont talk with you..if you want to me as normal..just accept that proposal.and go for recording tomorrow..by saying so she goes inside room and close the door..

Pr;oh god..how can i make her understand..if i tell the real truth then she will kill him..

Suddenly pragyas phone rings..she takes it..

Hello baby..how are you…

You again..what are you..

Hey chill na..i told you na dont get anger…this rockstar just take a single step na..for that your are getting this much anger..when you get to knew about my next step then..started to laugh loud..

Hey ..dont laugh monster..

Monster me…i like that..actually i love whatever girls call me..so i accept this name too…so you get attracted to me thats why na you gave me names..


Ofcourse its the truth do you knew..we will gave names only to our loved ones..

You devil ..go to hell..she threws her phone…

Abhi smiles..and cut his phone…
Pragya…i told you na..dont mess up with me..thats why na iam irritating you..actually i dont like to irritate girls…girls are like flowers…to take honey from it..he takes a rose..and ate a petal from it..

Screen shifted to pragya..

Oh..he is making my life a hell within one day..pragya you must be really so careful..and dont underestimate him..to manage him is simple..but how iam going to manage this bulbul…

Next morning..

Pragya arranged food in dinning table..bulbul just eyes on it..and without having she left ..

Pr ;bulbul..are you leaving without having food..

Bul;dont show any care at me as its all a show off ..if you really loves me ..then accept the assignment..by saying so she left..

Pr;i knew you anger will get down at evening..as i knew how to cool you and smiles..

Precap;pragya is sitting in a room with a fear…

So miss.pragya you are here na..i told you na..i can make you mine…tears started to roll through her cheeks…

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  1. Oooh I can’t just wait for the nxt part

  2. Super dear….waiting for next one…

  3. B.k.maha

    Superrrrrrrrrrr……. But now I hate abhi’s character…. But I know you will be changed abhi’s character soon……. Waiting for it…. I tell my view of it if I hurt u pls forgive me…. But its a nice story…. Waiting for next episode…..

    1. HARITHA

      Whats this maha sis..how can that hurt me…you are my sweet sis hey na..always keep support show concern at me..enquire about my exam and study..one thing i forget to tell..my exam is semester ..2 of them finished remaining on 6th and 20th..

      1. B.k.maha

        Thank u dr…. Ok dr and all the best for ur remains exams…. I know u do well…. After this what ur going to do dr because its ur final year…. Next u continue M.Sc., or any couching classes…. Love u dr…. Keep try to touch with me…. Its my humble request…. I love u dr sisy…????

  4. super honey keep rocking yaaaaaaaaaa

    love u n muhmaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  5. Superb dii…

  6. goddd!!!! my head will surely break! i mean!!
    waah….this cruel avatar of abhi is killing me! i dont know, but i actually love this avatar!!!
    maybe he is acting or he will turn into good after some time… it doesn’t bother… right now, he is just cool and awesome. and i like his attitude so much. pragya… praying for her!
    bulbul! feel sorry for her…. fell in abhi’s trap so easily…
    everytime i can wait for urs… but this time i cant!! please post soon…. a humble request…. as sooon as possible chechi….

    1. HARITHA

      I have uploaded it sis..soon it will appear..my sweet aniyathikutty..what about my cd

  7. nice update and the precap was interesting
    waiting for your next update

  8. Saranya24

    Awesome darlu actually i hate abhi being bad bit tis one i love as thr nhok jhok is nice and u ll change him fr sure loved it love u??????

  9. I don’t know whether abhi ‘s character is good or is pragya thinking bad about him di pls tell abhi is good or bad pls di if ABHI is bad then change his character please nothing should happen to pragya in precap I am scared don’t make anything happens like that please di but update was superb haritha di it is lovely and can’t wait for next update

    1. HARITHA

      Next one will give you abhis character..lets wait for that..it will apper soon

  10. Nice one sissyyy…. yyyy abhi character is rude……..

  11. Lopez

    aweeeeeeeeesomeeeee eagerly waiting for next part lovvvvvvve uuuuuuuuu

  12. oh diii ….this is awesome… wat a attitude of abhi…I liked this story diii…really mind blowing diii….pls continue further… waiting for you next update….

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