I will make you mine… part – 12

So lets coming back to story…

Miss.pragya and touch her shoulders and comes close and smells her hairs..hmm..what a smell..and look her up and down..look like  gorgeous..a flower to be crushed..pragya just slide away his hands …

dont you dare to touch me..if you come close then sure i will kill you..

Hey baby chill…iam not that much bad to touch a women without her will..i will wait till you give me permission.she look around…hey dont get tensed..you can sleep peacefully here as i wont disturb you..good night my fuggi  …we need to act infront of them na as cute ..lovely husband and wife..

He leaves by closing door..screen shifted to abhi in his room..he open his cupboard and takes a peg and have it..and smriks..

Well done rockstar abhishek prem mehra..you suceed..you broken her ego …what an acting na…i knew my plan wont success if i havent create a big drama infront of tanu.as she is the only one who will make me fall..as she is too emotional..wont stand with me if she came to knew iam doing all this to take my revenge..its only for her i cooked a good story..

Fb shows..

As abhi returned from pragyas house and reached home through his tab have seen tanu is at his home and coming into direction of his room..so he take  suddenly  a photoframe..actually it was his..he hold it in a way that she cant see..
Fb ends..
My plans second step was at pragyas house …that sids story..thanks man ..oh i knew you are rest in peace for helping me that time..he takes another sip…what a change na..miss pragya to fuggi and then mrs.abhishek prem mehra..what a love she shown…but pure girl dont knew me na..and laughs aloud…now you must understand miss pragya arora what is the fate of  person who shows their attitude  to the rockstar…he takes another sip …

Next day….

Abhi get waken up and comes to his living room.Abhi look amused…his mouth get wide open…

Pragyas attire

Pragya is sitting on couch by  placing one hand over the other with full of attitude and surfing through phone..she not even look at him which shocks him to     the core.

Pr:robin…can you please book ticket for me ?

Ro;yes madam..

Pr;i told you na dont call me madam just di..k di..

Ab;robin whats going on??

Pr;robin make it fast i want to leave..tell driver to start the car ..and she gets up from couch and moves…and stops by abhi holding her hand ..

Ab;hey pragya whats all this drama..dont create scenes now..

Pr;hello ..can you please leave my hand..actually iam getting late i want to go…

Abhi holds her more..iam asking you whats all this..why you look like this..

Iam l look good na..pragya stands like a model…

Abhi gave death glare…

Ro:di..its getting late..

Pr;haa..iam coming…can you please leave my hand..i want to leave now..and the question what you asked..this is not a drama as you played before me..and actually i must thank you for that drama..because of it i get this status of wife of rockstar and i myself change into the attire and cosy world which i loved to be..look iam not going to disturb you ..you can do what ever you want..and i only want is dont interfere in my personal matters ….take off her hands and moves…

He look at her in anger …he look through window while she leaves…

Act as much pragya ..but i wont believe all this  as i knew you are putting a mask to fight and make me lose ..but you under estimate me…dont you knew iam rockstar abhishek prem mehra and smriks…

At noon…abhi is sitting hearing some music and sees pragya in her normal attire and talking to someone ..he comes out and sees tanu , bulbul and purab..

Bul;jiju..you came…we thought not to disturb you as you are hearing music..

Ta,so abhi..are you tired of yesterdays night..all laughs…pragya blushes ..

Pur;look our bhabhi is blushing..

Pr;arrey you all just stop teasing us ..come i have prepared food lets have it together..

All sits around the dinning table ..pragya serves food and sit beside abhi…

Pur;so bhai..whats your plan about Honey moon…where you both are going??

Ta;no purab..its our duty to make all arrangements for that..

Bul;haa.tanu we must choose some nice place for their honey moon trip..

Abhi look at pragya ..she is still blushing..

Ab (in mind)..hey abhi..look she is blushing which means she is all set ready to back fight with me..but poor girl if we gone for honeymoon trip its only she who is going to be trapped..so i wont restrict them..

Ab;k guys you choose any place iam happy with any choice as my fuggi is with me then all places are beautiful for me..

Pr;same for me too..i only want to spend sometime with me ..for that no need of a travel..but if you like that then k..

Pur;oh what a love..what a jodi..abhigya blushes..

Bul:di..we all are going for movie. are you both going to join with us…

Pr;haa..ofcousrse..suniye…if you have any problem..

Ab;fuggi..if like to go then just order my almighty accompany you…

Bul;then get ready fast…abhigya leaves to room…

Episode ends..

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    Ohh god top bad y abhi doing like tis but pragu attitude awesome waitng fr nxt love u??????

  4. Amazing twist. Waiting for the next

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    Pragya’s play is so amazing !
    I hope she is not acting !
    eagerly waiting for your next update !

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