I will make you mine… part – 11

Hello everyone ..so back with update..happy reading ❤❤…

They are again busy with chats and laughs…as party ends…

Pu;bhai..can we leave now..

Ta;yaa..you need to take rest to look dashing tomorrow na..

Bul;hey tanu…dont pull legs of my pyaari jiju..

Pu;oh what a saali..

Ab;k bulbul iam leaving will see tomorrow and hugs her..fuggi iam leaving and smile..as everyone moves to bid adieu..abhi turns and pulls pragya towards him..pragya struggles inside her hands..

Pr:abhi…leave me what are you doing they all will see..

Ab;i dont want to go yaar…will really miss you..and started to move close…

Pragya stops him..abhi make a pout..fuggi..will really miss you..i cant wait for tomorrow..come with me now..

Pr;oh my romeo..stop your drama ..they all are waiting for you..

Ab,oh i will go..but i need and press his lips..


Ab;pls fuggi..


Ab,k..and leaves her..pragya giggles..but for her shock he come back takes away one kiss what he want..

Ab;now good night fuggi..sweet dreams..will try to come in your dream..

Pr;no need …i have lot of otherthing to dream..

Abhi make a pout and leaves by looking at her..

Pr;arrey look forward and move otherwise will fall…

Ab,already i have fall for you na..

Pragya blushes…

Ab;hey blushy baby …if you continue this i cant go..

Pr;purab…take him with you…
Abhi again made a pout..

Pu;arey bhai..i think you are not in mind to come with us..

Ta;haa..yaar i too..


Ab;baas karo teasing..come lets leave..

Screen shifted to pragyas room..

Bul;so my di is dreaming about tomorrow..pragya blushes..oh my blushy girl..sleep soon otherwise you will look tired…then jiju will complain us..so goodnight di..


Bul;haa di..

Pr;we can sleep together..as may be i cant do it later ..bulbul too lies beside her..

Next morning…

Tanu bulbul and purab are busy in arrangement..pragya is getting ready in one side..same abhi too..

Ta;wow pragya..you look gorgeous..

Bul;my di is always like this…my jiju will get flat seeing her like this..

All laughs..

Purab brings abhi to mandap..abhi waits for his fuggi..there comes his juliet..his mouth wide open seeing her..pragya too sit on mandap..

Ab;you look baeautiful..

Pr:you too..

Bulbul did ghadbandhan …all rituals done one that swing..abhi ties mangalsutra around her neck and fill her hairline..marraige rituals got completed..now fuggi become abhis fuggi…all happily hugs..

As all rituals ends…

Pu;so lets take bhabhi with us..

Ab;not only bhabhi..bulbul too come along us..

Ta;sorry today bulbul ,purab os with me i will send them tomorrow..you both enjoy your private moments…

Bul;ya tanu is right…di..get in car..they bid adieu..now abhi and pragya is moving in car..abhi is contiously starring
at her..

Pragya is blushing hard…abhigya enters their mansion..

Ab;so my princess for this dynasty have reached iam happy..fuggi..get inside  ..make your fragrance all around…

Abhi make her enter to their bedroom which is all set for their first night…

Ab;take rest fuggi..i will be back..

Pragya look around and smile continously ..she touched the flowers and the love shaped arranged with rose petals in kingsize bed..she dreams about ..time flies pragya dont knew about it as she was in dreamland..pragya came into sense when she hear noise of door..she look to that direction there he stands her abhi..

Ab;so my fuggi was in her dreamland ..pragya blushes..so tell me fuggi..what all things you dreamed about our first night..

Pragya blushes and said nothing..

Ab;speak up fuggi…then only i can act na..

They both remained silent…

Abhi started to laugh aloud..pragya look at him..

So the person…the egoist so called miss.pragya arora become mrs.pragya abhishek mehra…and laughs..what happened fuggi??why are you looking like this..


Ab,what you said…i cant make you mine na..look now you are ready to give  yourself to me that is this rockstar..the person who show this much attitude now fall for this rockstar…you are really fool miss.pragya arora..when i act sweet you beileve …how can you believe me..that too within less time..do you knew thats the problem of women ..they are too emotional..when someone shower some love they belive that..now iam really happy that i break your ego now..the day you shout at me that day itself i have planned to make you trapped…i make a good plan and you fell in it simply…do you knew it now no one have the willpower to stand and shout its only you who did it..its only you who shows this much attitude to me ..but by a simple drama of love i break all that na..and laughs…

Pragya who was hearing all this in hellshock..she completely break down…

Abhi moves towards her and hold her waist…

Ab;so …you are ready for our first night and nuzzles her neck..pragya forcefully pulls him which make him fall down..

Ab;oh baby..dont do this to your sweet hubby..abhi again touch pragya …she pushed him again..

Pr;dont touch me..

Ab;heu baby..look you are my wife and today is our first night right..so i have full right to touch you..he comes close to her .pragya moves backward and hold a flowervase..and break it and shows at abhi..

Pr;if you come close then i will..

Ab;you will hurt your hubby …your hubby is so nice na..abhi holds pragya hand forcefully and take the flowervase and turns her towards his chest..

He hugs her from back and placed his chin on her shoulder..pragya is continously struggling to move..

Ab;look baby…if i wish i can tell all this after spending a day with you making you as mine ..but i havent do that na..now you are under the tag mrs.abhishek prem mehra..

Ab;dont struggle more yaar..and make her fall on bed..he place his leg on bed and says..

Sweety …this hubby will wait for you..for the day you yourself present me..and its better this all lies between us otherwise your sweet sister…

Episode ends…

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  1. Sema twist but I feel what abhi now does is acting not the thing before he did
    I hope you will reveal your secret soon

    1. HARITHA

      May be ..but by telling all this still you believe so..

  2. B.k.maha

    Superrrrrrrrrrr….. I didn’t expect this twist…. But I hope soon he will be changed by our pragya…. Waiting for next episode egarly…. How are you dr… After a long time i can read your ff…

    1. HARITHA

      Hello maha…how are you..iam absolutely fine yaar..but took a long break..and make you all wait for me…i think its not easy task for pragya..

  3. Prabhigya

    Nice ff I like this twist…it will be interesting to see how Abhi will make Pragya fall for him again…
    And how Pragya will start loving him….as in kkb…..come on I don’t want simple going on love stoy..there should b some twist na….keep moving

    1. HARITHA

      Thanks yaar…but i think this story is not like you think and what you said was not all possible too..lets see..anyways thanks for comment…as iam getting back here after long time

  4. Please don’t make abhi as villain as I am feeling like he is turning to villain but anyways loved it and waiting for next update

    1. HARITHA

      Actually to talk about abhi..till now i dont knew whether he is good or bad..so cant tell anything now..and thanks alot for comments as i knew iam doing all this after a long break..still you all are supporting mw

  5. Eyes widened in shock !
    great twist haritha !
    I didn’t expect this !
    eagerly waiting for your next update !

    1. HARITHA

      Ya i knew its somewhat shocking and thanks alot for comments and support as iam doing all this after long break and till now you have patience to read it

  6. oh my!!! chechi! ippdi pannitingale!! i never thought that sth like this will occur…semma twist!!!!
    unbelievable…it was just rocking…me completely in love with this villain abhi*sry if i hurt u or some1* but whether he is good or bad…no problem…he is too wonderful! but feeling sad for prags…
    cant wait to read the next…post soon

  7. Awesome chechi…

  8. I don’t expect this twist…. Its interesting…. Its dream? Awesome…..

  9. Saranya24

    Ohh no i dnt expect tis soo soo sad but thr may be some reason love it darlu love u?????

  10. Sethidisha002

    nice but sad for pragya

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