I will make you mine… part – 10

Hello everyone..thanks alot for your love and support. So back to story …(all are curious to reveal the suspense right…)

Ab;haa..tanu bolo..

Tanu;abhi..did you really love her or is that sacriface???

Ab;what sacriface in shockingly..

Ta;abhi..dont ever try to hide something from me ..i knew you and pragya has some connection..

Ab;connection …what you are blabbering..

Ta;abhi..dont act In front of me..your acting wont work her..tell me yaar..i have seen you talking with that photo…
Abhi look shocked..tanu get terrified..

Abhi started to cry..tanu cant understand anything..

Ta;abhi..why are you crying…

Ab;tanu..if you said a brother is the reason of other brothers death then this cant be his reaction na..

Ta;that means..

Ab;he is my brother tanu..my brother…

Ta;but how?? You are orphan na..we meet in orphanage..

Ab;yes iam orphan..but i have a father and mother…


Ab;tanu..iam living in a orphanage during that time sids parents adopt me as their son later they have their own baby sid..but they didnt discriminate with us..loves me just before..but as he was 6 years they died in accident..sid was taken by his uncle and aunty..they are not ready to

Abhi that day i came to meet you..but i have seen you talking with a photo..i cant see that photo..but i hear your conversation tell me abhi..whats all this…

Abhi look shocked..abhi i want to knew is this sacriface..is you behind sids murder tell me..

Abhi shouted tanu…

Abhi started to cry ..

Ta;what happened abhi.

Ab;if you said a brother is a reason of other brothers death then …

Ta;that means sid is your brother..

Abhi nods..

Ta;but how.?? You are orphan na..

Ab;ya..iam an orphan..but i have parents who take me from my orphanage as their child..who loves me and cares me..sid arrival was after 3 years of my life with paa and maa..as sid become 7 years old..my parents died in accident ..after that sid was taken by uncle and aunty..they refused to take me as iam an orphan..it was that time i came to your orphange and later we become friends..sid always meet me at every weekend..do you remember i leave by saying for music class..its with his help i reach here..and he died in accident..i havent knew about bulbul is his love ..i knew he loves her..

Ta;but here you havent do any mistake na..

Ab;no tanu iam the reason of his death..

Ta;what are you saying..

Ab;that accident happens while he drives my car..i must check whether its break is correct or not..if then he will be with me..and cries..

Tanu console abhi…

Ta;sorry abhi..i dont knew..why you hide this much pain..you can say all na..

Ab;tanu..after sids death pragya and bulbul was totally shattered..i want to make them normal..and i too loves you.tanu..i have request dont tell this truth to anyone especially them..

Tanu promise him..

Ta;abhi…come lets leave they made be waiting for you..

Screen shifted to bachelor party..

Bul;at last jiju came na..look di was upset without seeing you..

Pragya twist bulbuls ear..

Bul;di its paining..

Pur;she is too naughty na bhabhi and smriks..

Bul;purab i will see you afterward..

Ab;fuggi..leave my saali..she was saying a truth na..

Pragya blushes .

Ta;oh my blushy girl..all tease pragya..

Abhi and pragya are talking and continously smiling..bulbul is watching them seeing at a distance she has tears on her eyes..

Pu; hey are you crying? What happenss.

Bul;no purab..its tear of happiness..


Bul;my di got a perfect jodi na..

Pu;oh..so next chess number is you right.

Bul: iam already fixed na..

Pu;what??(in mind) oh no..how can this happen i cant ask about it directly to her what will she think about me..but i want to knew..she is my girl na..

Bul;puarb where are you??


Bul;then come lets make a fun..


Bul;couple dance..did you dance with me..

Pu;my pleasure.

Abhigya , purbul and all others play couple dance for song janam janam from diwale..abhigya was completely lost in their eyelock..bulbul imagines sid in purab and enjoyed dance..it was at last she found it purab…she moves away..

Pu;bulbul what happens..


Pu;why sorry…

Bul;for my closeness while dancing..

Pu;(oh bhudhu..you knew i need that only..i need you always with me..) its k yaar..i can understand.

Bul;thanks bulbul..

Pu;no mention…

Screen shifted to abhigya..

Abhigya are still in their dance position..

Tanu coughs which make them come into reality..

Ta;oh what a romance yaar..abhigya blushes..

Episode ends..

Precap;abhigyas wedding…

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