I will make you mine..intro and part -1

A city is shown..heavy traffic is there at signal..somany vehicles are waiting for signal..it was that time a vehicle approach to the junction…a posh luxurious car..in which its written Rockstar abhi…All started to shout abhi and waves their hands..

Camera focused on the inside of the car..

The great rockstar abhi is taking his glass from his eyes in a hero look and look outside through window..it was that time his eyes falls on a girl..a girl who is her scooty with someother girl in the back..

Di..look rockstars car…di..we willnot get such a chance again..just look at him..

Bulbul ..he is not a hero or such a greatman to look ..so just shut up…

All people are looking at me and waiting to just see me..but she is the only who is not interested in all that..he cant see her face as the scooty is infront of his car..Ronnie…(he is his personal secratory) get the details of that girl and points at the scooty..

Ro;but why sir..

Ab;do what i say ( in anger) which make a fear in Ronnie.abhi reached his flat..actually its not flat 5 layered house..the most luxurious villa..abhi is resting in his bed..where two girls are massaging his hands sitting at the either side..

Ronnie…Ronnie…ronnie reached there by running..

Yes sir..

Did you collect details of that girl…

Yes sir..she is pragya arora..who is working as lecturer in st stephen college..she has a sister her name is bulbul working as a fashion designer…her parents died in an accident at their early ages..its pragya who raise her sister and reach upto this level…

Ab;then make me a meeting with her within an hour..

Ro;meeting..but sir we have another important meeting at the same time..

Ab;that i dont care do what i say…and one more thing call her madam..
Ronnie leaves..

Ro;what he is thinking about himself …iam his personal secratory..not a person who connect him with girls..i have to do this…i have no other way…

Screen shifted to a house…

A calling bell sound is heard…pragya opens the door..

Ro;hello pragya mam..iam ronnie abhi sir ki Pa..actually he want to meet you within an hour..if you get ready fast then we can go..

Pr;hello..abhishek who is that? What is the need of meeting with him..if he want to see me..he must come here..not you..and you cant order me to come as its my decision..so inform your sir that i cant..by saying this she bash the door infront of him..

Screen shifted to abhis flat..
Ronnie when will she come..

Ro;vo sir..mam…sir..( he explain everything that happened)

Ab;till now no one neglect this rockstars invitation ..then how can she  and smriks..

Screen shifted to pragyas house..
Again calling bell sound is heard..

Pragya open the door..and sees a person standing in the door step by facing opposite side..

Pr;who is that..what you want..

It was that time the person turns …his face is shown its none other than abhi the rockstar..he take off his glass and move towards her ..he enters the house by passing through the door where pragya stands..pragya pinned herself to wall so that they both didnt touch each other …

Pr;hello who are you..how can you enter my house without my permission..

Ab;hey cooldown baby.why are you getting angry for such a simple thing..you knew well who am i? K let me introduce myself..iam abhi the rockstar..i have send my pa to make a meeting with you..till now i didnt go myself to meet someone..as everyone will come by themselves by hearing my name..its first time this happening..

Pragya was in the peak of anger..

Pr;iam not like all that type of girls..

Ab;that i knew baby..thats why na you didn’t look at me at traffic signal..thats why na …i pulled myself to be here..

Pr;i dont like person like you..will you get out of my house yourself or can i call police..

Ab;hey chill baby chill..look dont get hyper..girls doesnt look good in angry bird look ..they look good while they are romantic..

Pragya takes her phone.and started to dial..abhi who sees this…holds her hand and snatch phone from her..

I like smart girls..but dont be oversmart..so get ready tomorrow by 10 pm..my car will come here to pick up you..

Pr;hey what you thinking of yourself…i will not come..i dont want to see you..

Abhi pinned her to wall..he came close to her..pragya struggles herself to lose from his grip but she cant…

Hey baby..just chill..you will come or otherwise i want to make you to reach there..

You tried anyway but i wont…

Oh baby..you are making me pull close to you..do you knew getting something directly..and getting something by with some work action…it will be more fun na..you choose yourself the second option..then what will i do..

Pr;leave me..i say leave me..

Ab;baby..you are incredible..look your cheeks get red..he pulls her cheek..and make her face just closer to him..just like for a kiss at lips..no not now..i will dont break the thrill today..

Abhi leaves her from his grip…

Ab;so get ready miss..pragya arora to spend a day with me..
He smriks on her..and went down to the doorstep..where pragya angrily bash the door at his face…

Episode ends…

So guys just drop down your views..about this new shots..its not a long story may be ends in few shots…







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  1. superbb yarr………………….

  2. Super entry dear….. Super…

  3. Haritha chechiiii you are awesome. Super chechiii your story is too too good. I really like it. Chechiii what about your other stories. Please update them also when you get enough time. Please it is a small request from your aniyathi. Love you chechiii love you too and your stories also.

  4. interesting lot update soon pls……….

  5. Vaishali

    Woah. …awesome one dii how can you write like this it is just beyond perfect man abhis attitude was so enticing that’s why he is a rockstar..love u abhi dear….. love u too dii… looking forward for rockstar’s day out…

  6. Its very interesting yaar…..waiting for next epi

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    nice update

  8. awesome start dr
    waiting for your next update

  9. Very interestng cnt wait for nxt episode

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    Superrrrrrrrrrr….. Interesting……

  11. hey chechi! that was awesome. abhi’s attitude!!!! awwwwww!!!! killed me!
    i loved every move of his.
    pragya was also so cute with her stubbornness!
    she looks cute when she is angry *i can imagine* 😉 🙂
    looking forward for this chechi….
    love u!

  12. Superbbbbb sissyyy…….

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    Nice One!

  14. Rocking update sissy… very interestinggggg…loved it so much dii.love you diI.. .

  15. Very nice but don’t leave it in middle di till now what all I read they left in middle.But it’s very interesting……… Superb

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    Omg suprb yaar i love tis a lot pls update tis soon its awesome love u muuaahh?????

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