We will make them accept their love(shivika) Part 1

Hi guys..thanks for all those who commented except ooshi di..here I sm with the first shot..a small word bigs s big smile to my face..do comment in this one

Here we
Om:how will we execute our plan??
Mallika:no fear when Mallika is here n I am going to get changed u all guys go n manage the party
All were about to leave but Rudy stops everyone
Rudy:all of u say mission panillu
Rudra:panika n billuji panillu now all say
All:okk mission panillu now can we go

All were about to go now om stops
Om:what about Tia n daksh??
Mallika:I have already diverted them now all go
Meanwhile shivaay came .he saw Anika alone..he was mesmerized by her beauty but did not show up b asked Anika why she is standing alone
Anika:they all left me n went(makes a puppy face)
Shivaay:ya how can a person stay with u for more than 5 minutes so only they left
Anika:hello u am not angry n irritating like
u no watch Singh oberoi
Anika:not coming on time n blaming others
Shivaay:when did I blame u?? They both start fight..
All came n saw them fighting
Rudra:we did party to make them unite
here thorny both r fighting..
Mallika:It would be a wonder if they don’t fight n says turns to shivika n says guys stop ur Tom n jerry fights
Shivaay:thank god u guys r here soo let the party begin

The party starts n all dance songd n in middle Mallika stilops the party n says it boring yaar we will spice up the party
Mallika:Rudy go n bring a paper n pen n says i will write all our name in paper n will select a two slips one boys n one girls..n whoever name comes u have to do whatever others say
All say okk except shivaay
Shivaay:it’s stupid I am not coming
Anika:if u come ur kanji eyes r not going to be red billuji n guys lets do it
Mallika writes the names n was about to take two papers siddharth said in Mallika ears:if anybody others name comes what can we do??
Mallika:don’t worry in all papers I wrote only Anika n shivaay
As she knows Anika n shivaay only came
Mallika:so guys u have todo what we say till tomorrow 7 am n all come with me except shivika
They do some group talk
Shivaay seeing this says what r they planning??
Anika:I don’t have 10 eyes to see
Shivaay:leave it
Mallika comes wearing Anika’s dress
Shivika is shocked
Everybody came
Omru n siddharth comes front n says
Disclaimer what ever happens in next 6 hours we’ve not responsible for it n everything was planned by only Mallika so if u have any complaints pls hurt us
Mallika in her mind:hmm siddharth u too..I will see u guys later
N they started
The act was started by soumya saying yeh shivika ka rista kya hai??
They started to enact all that happened in both of their life right from their first meeting..shivika was shocked n when they started to watch their romance being enacted..Anika started to blush n shivaay though was happy at heart but was fuming in anger..in middle Mallika stopped the act n said lets fire the act so guys ready one two three goo n played a video

All r like hell shocked n especially shivika
So what’s in the video??guess it guys
That’s it for today..hope u liked it..all tomatoes n eggs..but do comment guys..hungry for ur comments


  1. Kehkasha

    |Registered Member

    May be their dance which they performed when they were under the effect of Rudy’s punch. Hope that my guess comes out to be true.

    BTW awesome start.😊😊😊😊

  2. Pri_24

    |Registered Member

    Eager to know how Panillu mission get accomplished with success and ShivIka’s nok-jok is good I enjoyed it and Mallika’s plan is good waiting for next part update soon and lil lengthy…

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