We will make them accept their love (shivika) Part 2

Hi guys..thanks for all those who commented..lets go into the story..
The dance of shivika which was effect of rudy’s punch plays
All acts like they are shock..
Om to rudra silently says in the ears:why all r reacting like u guys don’t know any thing..
Rudra:if u shivaay bhaiya comes to know that we know this already he will beat black n blue tomorrow so act like u don’t know anything
Om:I can act yaar
Rudra:then go outside n when everything finishes I will call u
Now to shivika (the talking silently that no one hears but only they two)
Anika:how they got the video??
Shivaay:hmm I am too confused I deleted the video then how it came??
Anika:you would have not deleted correctly if u had said to me that u don’t know it I would have said anything body to delete..shivaay:I know to delete n I deleted
Anika:then this video came from heaven n Angels gave in hands mallika??accept that u didn’t delete it correctly
Shivaay gets anger but controls himselvrs n says now there is no time to fight with me now thinkkk
Now another video plays this all r really shock except Mallika
Shivaay which he was talking in effect of medicine to Annika was playing
Shivaay was totally shocked then asked Annika about it she was about to say something Mallika said that lets have some dance n started to play some music track..
Shivika wanted to talk with each but when they see each other they have no words to talk.
Mallika says lets have some coupls dance guys n played Tum hi ho
Mallika n siddharth started to dance later roumya danced n of course shivika had to..they were totally struck in each other’s eyes..om who went out didn’t come back as Rudy forgot to call him..the party ended all went..
Shivika wanted to talk but they couldn’t make up to each other..shivaay n Annika decide to talk the next day
The Rays light felt on the face of shivaay..he woke n remember all movements which happened yesterday..

Shivaay’s pov
I have to talk to Anika..what should I talk?,what to tell her??i am totally confused..hmm he keeps on thinking but nothing comes to his mind
He went fresh up n again went into thinking
Anika came to oberoi mansion didn’t show off what she was thinking
Shivika’s thinking was disturbed by a voice..it was of om
Everybody came down

On started to play a video it which it was Tia her selves accepted that she already married n dakksh was the stalker n all things.shivika was broken as the persons whom they believed cheated them..
There question arouse between all where did Om got the video??om started to talk..Rudy as u I went off from the party in middle..
I saw Tia talking to someone on phone..she was using the words like baby n all..I was shocked to hear it.
Tia : all r fool to believe me n this Mallika thought that I would be a fool..she arranged a party n tried to make me fall in the eyes of pinky aunty..I overheard the talk by Mallika n went to pinky aunty’s room to hear prayerful songs with her..it was totally boring n made some excuse from her..n this daksh I do see him anywhere..that man will seeing live telecast of Anika’s house but she is here then where did he go??baby it’s not my problem..why I am wasting time??soo baby I love u much..
Om continued n I made video of it n played it
Shivika who were hearing it was shocked
Anika went from the place..shivaay went to his room.omru followed him..
Shivaay said to them that he has to stay alone for 5 minutes
Om:if u be like this here everybody will be worried,u go outside n spend time
Shivaay found the idea good n went to the park where he found Anika there.
He went near her n sat beside her..
Anika had a diary in her hand n was smiling.
Shivaay was totally confused n asked
Why do u feel soo happy Anika
Anika:I am happy that bad left from my life
Shivaay:don’t u feel sad??
Anika:do u??
Shivaay:of course I am totally angry n was pouring his heart out
Anika after listening all this said:I was also like this before I read this diary but when I read this diary I got a positive vibe in me n stopped crying for foolish things
Shivaay:what is there in this diary??
Anika:a girl’s life..I don’t know who’s story is it but I get tears in my while reading it..
She gave the diary to shivaay n said to read it
He opened the first page..it was written
“The most happiest hurt in the world”
He turned the page it was written as follows

Hi I am xxx.i don’t want to reveal my name..this is a story of this princess..I was born in a middle class family n was black in color..many people talk great things that color does not matter n big big things but my grandmother hated me as I was black..she used to scold me a lot..in small years I did not understand anything..I went to school but no one talked I don’t know why??i was a lonely child in the school who does not talk ..in home i was a soo happy n I was a talkative..later one day my mom n dad fought n didn’t talk with each other I don’t know why??..I was not in age of understanding..they didn’t talk for 5 years n I didn’t enjoy my childhood..I was a silent girl..grandma was scolding me n I could understand..I did have a even photo of my childhood..then mom n dad talked for some says it was happy but later again fought..I totally hated my life..but when I became 16 I learnt a lesser n named ground floor..I was about a beggar who had no legs..he worked hard in spite of his disability..I understood that many more people r suffering a lot n mine was no match to difficulty they face..I started to work hard n to be happy as far as I could..I was crying daily but now it reduced..I daily wake up by making a decision not to cry..I just want to be positive..be happy with what u have..n I living a life princess n the happiest girl in the world..
As soon shivaay finished reading
Anika said:we will play a game..stretch ur hand front n see that tree with one eyes closed
Shivaay do’s so
N now closed the eyes n open the other eye..do u see the back ground changing..the same way with persons we see the one thing in them but the back ground may be different..soo why to fell sad n waste time
Shivaay:yeah true but I won leave them
Anika:forgive them
Shivaay gets into thinking

That it for today guys
Hope u enjoyed it..all eggs n tomatoes accepted..if u read pls drop a comment..I think I did a lot of philosophy in this epi sorry guys.


  1. Kehkasha

    |Registered Member

    OMG it’s tooo good. As soon as I read ur first part it strikes my mind that the dance of that night must be disclosed and may be u are trying to do that.
    It’s amazing dear amazing 😊

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