Will love you forever -fan fiction by Param_Manu (episode -3)

Hi all I am back with part 3

Both family talking about preparation of marriage ?.
Rudra- o what they would be doing?
Om- duffer they would be recalling old memories.
Rudra- o you are intelligent just like me.
Om- shut up rudra.
Rudra- aree what shut up shut up. You and Shivaay bhaiya know only to say shut up nothing else.(to both family) From now I am declaring ‘Shut up’ is tag line of Shivaay Singh Oberoi and Omkara Singh Oberoi.
Dadi(shouting)-shut up rudra.
(authors’ note – sorry for this ‘shut up’ session ?.)

In Shivaay’s room.
Shivika breaks the hug.
Shivaay-finally you are back my Anu.
Anika-yes I am back only for my Shivaay ?.
Shivaay(hesitating)-I..i wan..i want to to say something.
Shivaay ask Anika to close her eyes ?.
Shivaay-you are not at all changed asking questions on everything just like college ?. Close your eyes its my order .
Anika-ok boss.(with a puppy face)

Shivaay sit on his knees. Take outs ring ? from his poket.
Shivaay-Anika I have waited for you so long but now you are with me and I want you to be with me for whole life. I love ❤ you Anika. Will you marry me.
Anika opens her eyes ? and was happy to see shivaay proposes her the great Shivaay Singh oberoi bent his head in front of her . She starts dancing in front of Shivaay who was waiting for anika’s reply.
Shivaay-Anika please give answer fast my knee is paining.
Anika-o sorry sorry. Ok so my answer is yessssss.
Shivaay make Anika were ring ? all claps. Shivika turns to see and see both families standing at door.
Dadi-I know they will have ishqbaazi in there relation. God bless you both.

Precap-Leap(i think so directly to the marriage ?).

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