Will love you forever -fan fiction by Param_Manu (episode -1)

Hi all this is Param. First time writing fan-fiction so please consider this.
So,lets start.
Episode -1
A big mansion is shown, a girl of age 26-27 came running to his father.
Girl-papa! I am not going to anywhere I have to go to office there is much pending work.
Father-but anu we have to go to Oberoi Mansion .
Anika-First tell me why we have to go there?
Father-relax anu that I will tell you in the way.
Anika-So you are not telling me. Ok I will find the reason myself and I will not come till you don’t tell me because I am Anika Agnihotri.
Father-Ok so find the reason yourself.
After some time a lady comes to Anika ‘s room .
Lady-anu you are not ready till now and yours would be in-laws are waiting for us.
Anika-maa what are you saying in-laws? I am going to get married and I only don’t know.
Mother-Arjun has not told you?
Anika-noooo!Now I understood why he was telling me to take leave today from office.Ok fine now I am not takeing leave.
Mother-Why? Please anu don’t do this.please anu for me.
Anika-ok. I will take leave.
Precap-Anika in Oberoi Mansion. Anika meets Shivaay

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