Will she love me?? (Devakshi ff)By Akshada (Part-21)

hey guys srry srry srry srry i was busy wid my xams plzs forgive me ….nw let me stop my bakwaas and start my ff and this epi is especially fr Ritika …hope u r reading the story
sonas pov:
i felt so….hungry but i cant eat like a stupid before him so….i had it slowly though i was nt able to but i controlled myself….
me: hmm…..aapko kuch nahi chahiye kya??(u dont want anything??)
mr…no….dev nw it vil be kk (heheheehehehe)
dev:nope i am nt hungry
i had 3 parathas but i was still hungry i am actually a vry big foodie…..i cant show off to him tht i am a foodie tht would be my stupidity then
i told him it was enough fr me he asked me again to make sure but i said its kk
end of sona s pov

devs pov:
she told me 3 parathas was enough fr hr but i did feel tht she was satisfied maybe she feels i may think hr as a foodie
god!! i cant ask hr more than it so i thought to stop
we went near my car and sat in and i started my car
sona: mr.dixit can i switch on the radio maybe i would feel better if i listen to some songs
i jst gave hr a smile and a nod
she switched on the radio

and it played the song soch na sake (guys actually thts my fav song heheheehehehe)

Tenu itna main pyaar karan
ek pal vich sa baar karan
tu jaave je mainu chhad ke
maut da intezaar karan

ki tere liye duniya chhodi hai
tujpe hi saans aake ruke
main tujko kitna chahatha hu
yeh tu kabhi soch na sake *2

kuch bhi nahi hai yeh jagha
tu hai toh ghai isme zindgi *2

abh mujko jana hai kaha ke
tu ki safar hai aakhiri
ki tere bina jeena mumkin nahi
na dena kabhi muhko tu faasley
main tujko kitna chahati hu
yeh tu kabhi soch na sake

end of dev s pov

sona s pov:
i jst love this song my fav song i feel so….fresh nw like nothing happened to me….but remembering tht incident i had tears in my eyes i turned my fave towards the window so tht he could nt see my fav line

aankho ki hai yeh khwahishein
ke chehre se tere na hatein
neendo main meri bas tere
khwabon ne li hai karwatein

ki teri aur mujhko leke chalein
yeh duniya bharke sab raaste
main tujko kitna chahata hu
yeh tu kabhi soch na sake

ki tere liye duniya chhod di hai………..(srry guys i hav no time so jst finishing the song here itself)
i wiped my tears and i am still confused tht why did i feel secure in his arms……and i feel tht if a get chance again to hug him i would totally forget wht ever happened to me(nt only once aftr some episodes u vil hug him so…may times or maybe he vil hug u hheheheheheheehhhehehehehe hahahahahaha)…
he is so…gud at heart….normally people say tht maybe in movies heros and heorins can be gud but wen it cms to reality they r nt tht gud ….but thts wrong
i felt so…sleepy and i did nt wen did i sleep
end of sona s pov

devs pov:
wen we reached hr home i saw hr sleeping quietly……she looks damn cute while sleeping….i dont want to disturb her sleep
i went up to their house dey opened the door i told them everything wht ever happened her aunt and uncle started crying
and i told them tht she is sleeping and i dont want to disturb hr sleep……i told they told wht can they do they cant leave hr sleeping in the car…..i told shakti to carry hr but he told he dont knw hw to carry ….and then he told me to carry hr cm in…..thanks to shakti
i went inside the car took hr slowly in my arms so tht hr sleep was nt disturbed…..i took hr to hr room and dropped hr slowly in hr bed..i adored fr some time and cam out ….i stayed out wen hr uncle aunt went inside to check hr
they cam out and thanked me
aunty: aap mere baghwaan jaise hai really thnxs usse bachane keliye
me: arrey aunty it was jst a small help which i could do fr u…….aur haan Hana ne kaha ki aap bohot hi beautiful hai…but i did nt believe tht and wen i saw tht i was sure abt tht
and i laughed i jst told this to distract them
aunty: badmaash
and everyone laughed
i cam bak to my house i saw Hana tensed wen she saw me she ran to me and hugged me and cried
i explained hr everything
she became kk
dev:kal hum usse milne keliye jarahehai teekhe
Hana: hum??
dev: haan
hana: aap kyu aarahiho??
dev: oh hello maine usse bachaya tha tum nahi jst wanted to check whether she id kk or nt
hana: ohh teekhe teekhe (and she gave a smirk)
dev: oh madam tum jaise soch rahi ho na waisa kuch bhi nahi hai…….tum toh bohot hi soch ne lagi abh jaao …jaake so jaao…
so guys thts it fr today and Ritika i hope u r satisfied wid this epi
and vil try to post tmrw
until then bye frm
AKSHADA and Harshita

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  1. First of all thank you sooooooooo much for posting on my request. Awesome epi. And yes I am satisfied with this epi. Now waiting for more.

    1. V.V.harshita

      Ur welcome Ritika and vil try my best to post soon ??????????

  2. Awesome plssss post soon

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      Thnxs vil post soon

  3. DramaQueen1004

    Nice epi
    But it was really short
    Pls post soon
    Love u

    1. V.V.harshita

      Thnxs vil post soon and srry fr a short one
      I dont hav time but vil try my best to post a long one

  4. Darshana

    Short but nyc..post next soon..??

    1. V.V.harshita

      Srry fr the short one vil try to give a long one and vil post soon too

  5. Ridzzzz

    Nyc epi ?

  6. I am already waiting for your next part and @Ritya;- please post your ff my secret admire’s next part pleaseeeee I am waiting for it since more than a month or so you ended it last time with suspense plsssss

  7. Sorry I meat to say RItika not Ritya

  8. Muthash

    It was a very good episode…. loved it….??

  9. Aarti32

    Superb episode..luv d song

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