Will she love me?? (Devakshi ff) by Akshada (Part 22)

Hey guys and srry srry srry i one u guys are ready wid jhoota….tomatos…. Egg maybe heheh i am srry
So lets start

Dev’s pov:
It was almost 12! But i was nt getting sleep….i jst wanted to knw wheather she is kk or nt……i was nt able to control myself….. I went to ur house usual jumped inside hr room…..she was sleeping peacefully…..i hope abh se i hav to be a little careful fr hr
Kya karoo
I thought fr an hr and suddenly something strike my mind
Yup SPY!!!
But is it kk
I mean….hmm par abh keliye i hav to do this (like possessive in the serial????????)
I sat near hr bed….. I was lookng at hr pata hai kya jadoo kiya mujhpe tumne
I felt a little tired and did nt wen did i sleep
It was 5 in the morning
Before jumping i gave a peck on hr forehead and jumped fst and ran home fst……ran means nt ran exactly hehehe
I went inside my to sleep fr some more time
I was looking at the ceiling thinkng abt wht happened yesterday if i would hav nt reached at time
No way!!!
I am nt gona leave tht a** guy ???
I would hav nt been alive if something happnend to hr
I am nt able to get sleep but seriously i slept fr 5 hrs near hr
She has some magical power
Arghh!! I got up put my earphones on my ears and started hearing some songs
End of dev’s pov

Aftr some time Hana too got up
Dev saw Hana still tensed
Dev: Hana tum itni jaldi utt gayi??
Hana: hmm needh nahi aarahiti
Dev: i knw

He went and hugged hr
Dev: dont worry kuch nahi hoga usse
Hana: mujhe pata mere bhai realality main bhi hero hai
Dev gave a peck on hr forehead
Dev: relax jaao……get ready hum usse milne chalenge
Hana: itni jaldi!! Bhai wo soo rahi hogi…..lagta mujhse zayada yaha koyi aur bhi pareshaan hai Sona ko lekar
Dev gave a death glar
Dev: aapni bakwaas bandh kat aur jao
And then she left
Dev: pareshaan hona hi chahiye
He mummered

It was 8:30
Both of them got ready and left to Sona’s house
They reached aftr some hrs
Hana pressed the bell
Shakti opened the door
He was surprised to see Dev too
He welcomed them he told tht she is still sleeping peacefully

And this side Sona got up
She opened hr eyes and she was surprised to see Dev sitting nxt to hr and starring at hr…..she had a bright smile seeing him starring at hr like this….
She snapped but still he was starring at hr….she again snapped and this time Dev took hr hand and kissed the place where she got hurt yesterday she blushed ? ?
She lowered hr eyes

He made hr look st him….he went near hr he kissed hr forehead Sonakshi closed hr eyes feeling him so close to hr and wen she opened hr eyes no one was thr
She smiled thinkng abt the imagination
And then Shakti cam in he saw hr smiling like a stupid
He got scared
He checked wheather she is kk

Sona:arrey kya karahiho
Shakti: checking wheather u r kk or nt
Sona: i am fine
And again smiles Shakti again got scared
Shakti: par tume dekh kar aisa nahi lagta
Sona: kyu??
Shakti: arrey kyu ka kya matlab hai?? Pagal ki tara kyu muskura rahiho??
Sona again smiles
Shakti: arrey Sona kya hua yaar mummy….. Tum pagal toh nahi hogayi ho na??
Sona: no ????
Shakti: toh smile karna bas kar…….
Sona:kk kk ????

Shakti: seriously!! Kal tumne mujhe bohot dara diya yaar
She thinks wht happened yesterday ajd has a little tear in hr eyes
Shakti consoles
He hugs hr tightly
Shakti: abh main hu na yaar tujhe kuch nahi hoga…..main toh superman hu hahahaha
Sona: haan isiliye uss ne mujhe kidnap kiya na
Shakti was gulity abt tht
Sona saw him

Sona: arrey yaar maine toh aise hi kaha tha yaar
Tum bhi na
Shakti: haan pata hehehe bas acting tha….. Hehehehehe
Sona: arrey stupid i thought u were seriously feeling guilty
Shakti: r u serious
Actually u knw i would hav helped him in kidnapping u hahahaha ? so tht i could be free fem ur stupidity
Sona: ??????????????kill u

And they had a gud laugh
Shakti: haan Hana aur ur FAV HERO has cm to meet u
Sona was surprised
Sona: kya Mr Dixit has cm to meet me
Wah!! Dekha main kitni lucky hu ussne mujhe dekhne keliye hahahahaha ????
Shakti: ohho!! Ovr acting mat kar……unhone tum bachaya isiliye jst would cm here to knw u r kk or nt
Sona: whtever ?????

Shakti: abh jaao…. Get freshen up and cm fst
Sona: kk baba
She went inside the washroom got a hot shower cam out and wore a orange top and purple full skirt
She cam out and saw Hana talking wid shakti but hr eyes searched fr a vry speacial person
And ya he was thr in the kitchen talking wid Asha
Both were laughing giggiling….and Dev was helping Asha out in cooking
Like seriously!! Helping??
She went near rhe kitchen toh hear their convo
Dev: par aunty Hana toh kaha ki aap bohot hi short tempered hai…par mujhe aisa nahi lagta
Asha: Hana ne aise kaha??
Dev: haan

Asha: haan wo ek baar kya hua….i had my vase in the hall aur jab inn log ne khel rahite Hana usse todiya……aur main already bad mood main thi aur usse datdiya
Dev: ohh mujhe meri maa ki yaad aarahata hmm
Asha: ek aur baat hai…wen ever we use to ask Hana abt hr maa Nd baba she doesnt even say anything!!??
Dev’s eyes got moist
Dev: hmm wo…tab main 9 saal ka tha aur hana 4 saal ki thi aur humare maa baba ne ek accident main…….
And he had tears in his eyes….he wiped his eyes
Asha consoled him and gave a side hug to him

Asha: abh se yeh tumari bhi ghar yeh….tabhi bhi tumari maa ki yaad aarahihai na….yaha aao aur mujhe se baat karoo
Dev had a vry big smile in his face
Aftr hearing abt Dev’s past Sona remembered abt hr parents too….she and Dev had some connection between them…..
And tht was this too

But she got another family too
And then Both Asha and Dev turned and saw Sona standing wid a smile
Aftr seeng hr Asha ran to hr and hugged hr tightly…..
Dev had an urge to hug hr tightly but he knw thts nt possible
Asha: kaisi hai meri beti
And she kissed hr forehead
Sona: of course grt hu

Asha: main kitni dar gayi pata hai??
Sona: srry
Bejoy: arrey main bhi yaha hu
Sona: bejoy!!
She side hugged him
Bejoy: mujhe pata hai ki meri shona bohot hi strong hai aur usse kuch nahi hoga (i knw tht my shona is too strong and nothing vil happen to hr) ?
Shakti: main bhi hu
Sona: arrey aur kitne log baaki hai hug karne keliye?? ( arrey hw many r thr to still hug me??)
Hana: main bhi hu
Everyone hugged

And Dev was standing in the corner admiring them
Oops!! Srry did i say it wrong ya admiring Sona
And then Asha and Bejoy signalled him to join he gave a bright smile
And cam near them and all had a grp i mean family hug or whtever hug it maybe
I hope this is enough fr nw…..srry fr the short one if it is…..
And vil try to post soon
Bye frm Akshada and Harshita ????????????????????????????

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