Will she love me?? (Devakshi ff) By Akshada (Part-1)

Hey guys actually this is Akshada bestie of Harshita ….I am actually using her account and she knws tht ….and this ff is some Wht different from all the ff’s so let’s start
Dev dixit : world wide famous actor (my serials…movies)26 years old…fun loving….handsome,hot, etc …and loves his only sis Hana he is an orphanage

Hana:sis of Dev..loves him a lot ….bestie of Sonakshi …..fun loving, cute ,pretty ,…studies in a collage …and the is a secret tht no one knws tht Hana is Actor Dev dixit’s sis coz she hates publicity. And even Sona doesn’t knw coz Hana thinks she vil my be hr frnd )

Sonakshi Bose :cute ,sweet ,fun loving , hot,the whole collage boy’s has crush on her ….21 years old …her parents died in a car accident so she lives with her uncle and aunt asha and bejoy

Asha:loves Sona a lot thinks hr has hr daughter and takes care of hr so much and she has a son named Shakti …(guys I am really srry if I am repeating his name again and again actually I am a vry big fan of Shakti arora ??…so plzs don’t mind )

Bejoy : loves both Shakti and Sona a lot …..he is a vry caring guy ….short tempered…etc (Wht ever u knw abt him)

Shakti : handsome,hot,fun loving …..treats sona has his own sis and bestie to they both share an gud bond …and bestie of Hana too….etc etc can’t even describe ….abt his helping nature (tht is helping others to copy in xams ?????????)

Elena:sona’s another bestie ….she has many boy frnds …sweet,carefree,gets angry soon when some one teases hr …21 years old

Sam: sona’s childhood frnd and secretly loves hr frm childhood ….cute,handsome,hates to study (who doesn’t hate ??)a business tycoon who works under his father in Delhi… 23 years old (so young rite ???)
So let me give a small Precap

Precap : Hana faints in the collage
So guys I hope the intro was nice and I knw this is somewht a differs frm all the ff ….

Hw vil Dev and sona fall fr each other ???
When vil they meet ??
When vil sona cm to knw tht Dev is Hana’s bro …??

And srry srry forgot to tell something tht SONA IS A VRY BIG FAN OF DEV ….HMM SRY FR INFORMING LATE …
UNTIL then bye frm -Akshada

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  1. Richa144

    Loved it..post soon

  2. Manya

    Ur ff seems really interesting?
    Post soon?
    Love u and Harshita Di too❤️❤️

  3. Darshana

    Interesting…post soon?

  4. Akshita

    Nice plot nd seems to be interesting looking forward to read it
    post soon?

  5. Awesome intro and precap..eagrly waiting for your first episiode post soon..and one request pleeezzzz be regular

  6. Sgatik

    Interesting plot. Post soon

  7. Riti1107

    Interesting ?
    Wait let me say it in ur style

    Awesome.post soon.

  8. Aarti32

    Ab Sona bhi kitta control kre..Dev ka jadu chal hi gya??
    It was really interesting dear

  9. Awesome intro

  10. Aamu

    Hey akshada…
    U wrote very welll..
    It was awesome…

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