Will LOVE Damage Our FRIENDSHIP (Promo 2)


Heyy…hiii hello guyz………posting short promo…as I cant post next epi today…..


Fight b/w ishu and pragya will take place

Pragya: ishu trust me

Ishu: get out from here……go away plz

Lagori gang shattered with IP’s fight

Pragya to walk away ..without anybody’s knowledge

Devil gang started preparations for ishra marriage but

Ishu to cancel her marriage….raman shattered

Small leap in story

Ishu to search for pragya

Pragya to stay with abhi

Ishra and abhigya to go in sadness….

With this fight asya, thahaan and devaskhi will come closer

Don’t worry I wont separate ishra and IP for long……….but plzz note that next 1 or 2 epi will be of sadness.

Guyz want to ask some questions……

• Which young heroine you want to see in my ff for only 1-2 epi ??

1.jasmine bhasin (twinkle from tei)

2.nia Sharma (roshni from jr)

3.krystal d’souza

4.tanya Sharma(meera from sns)

5. suman from EDKV

Select any two and cmnt

• Which old heroine you want to see in my ff for only 1-2 epi ??

1.bhabo from dabh

2.devyaani from yrkkh

3. leela from tei

4.tai from YVR

5.kokila from sns

Select any two and cmnt
This scene will be funny scene…so select most funniest character which you think!!!

The one who gets more votes will be selected


Should I take leap in the story or not

If I take it will be of one weak……..as per ur wish…if you don’t want I will not take…..ur wish…just cmnt

Byeeeeee guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….going to study
Will post next epi asap

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  1. I think jasmin bhasin from tei

    Ria sharma from jr

    And leela from tei

    Tai from yvr

  2. RiyaDcruz

    Jasmin nd Nia / Leela nd Tai……..
    Don’t take any leap yaar,………….

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Interesting!!! &My opinion is Nia/Krystal & Tai/Leela…& About Leap,AS YOU WISH…..

  4. Manya

    Nice promo nd I want Aradhya from krishnadasi or twinkle will also do and Leela ???plz try to add Aru ????????????????????

  5. good promo but some sad sure you take leap its a good idea
    and sorry i don’t like any heroine from your options

  6. hey what the need of leap yaar all thing going well judt clear all douts and and joins all pairs please its my request.

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    the promo not bad but i feel so bad for ishu 🙁 raman and abhigya also and happy 2 know devakshi thahaan and asya coming closerr to one another my vote goes for twinkle and sumo and for the elder one my vote goes for bhabo though i dont watch diya bate she can suit for funny role and tai as i watch yvr sometimes she is also funny 😛 and leap is ur wish haha love u dear

  8. Bhoomi

    Very nice…
    My vote
    For leap as u WISH ?

  9. Wow looks like the story gonna take a major turn amazing very excited to read and my vote for krystle and suman and bhabo and leela


    woow MY VOTE FOR Krystal or nia sharma and bhabo…

  11. Arshi

    Frankly speaking…. ishu s wrong… how can she just avoid pragya.. tat too for tat raman.. who she knew just a week or more than tat…

    Anyways its just a story?… coming to u… u have superbly explained…

    In last twl epis.. my comment didnt get post.. i found out later only ?… the dialouges and all the characterz.. r just awesome… amd leap is must in this situation… if its forjust a weak… then u must go for it…

    And a small suggestion… in this fight… dont let pragya to forgive ishu so easily… if i were in pragys position… i would just leave ishu just aftr a sec when she suspects me…. if u make ishu regretting in a very much hurtful way… it will be more sensible… i gues….

    But anyways…

    Pragya and ishu should get toghter soon tat too in a most cute emotional way….

    And i know u will have a superb plan for tat…

    Yaar if any of my line hurts u.. i m sorry..its just my opinion.. also my suggestion

    1. Arshi

      Oops forgot to vote …

      Babo for diya aur bhathi…

      And …. if its masthi wala track…. how about rajini in bahu humari rajini kant?

      Also nia sharma and twinkle will be perfect….

      Looking forward for tat masthiful epis…

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