Reallllyyyyyyy sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy for the delay…..there are some problem…I m not even able to read ff….sorry guyz……….i don’t know when I will post my next epi

Recap: abhi’s entry…pragya ask abhi to cancel the concert as she had challenged her frnds that she will cancel his concert…lagori gang goes to amma house when they learn about ishu’s to be husband is settled in America…they plan to spoil the marriage

Thapki call on the phone and puts it on speaker
Sona: hello…who is this peaking
Boy: may I know who is this
Zoya: I m zoya Sharma
Boy: but who r u
Sona: abbey idiot first tell ur name
Boy: this is …
Abhi: what r u saying I cant listen it properly
Pragya: so r u going to see some girl
abhi: yess….why r u asking
Zoya: girls whom u r going to see is really dangerous
abhi: what
Thapki: yes!!
Pragya: she can do anything
Sona: agar ek kaam batao to uske ulth kar dete hai(if one work is told is does that opposite)
abhi: but how do you know
Zoya: we r her neighbors
Sona: if tell her to do some sweet dishes she will add neem leaves instead of sugar….to make someone angry on her
abhi: wow that’s great news.
All makes strange expressions
Zoya: what do you mean by wow
abhi: you know what…I want that type of girl only
PSTZ: what?????
abhi; yes I want a girl…who is very kiddish
Pragya: who told you that she is kidish
abhi: by listening her activities I think she is kiddish
Zoya; so you want to marry her, right?
abhi:yes I want to marry her
Sona: if you will marry na then…ur lyf will be destroyed
abhi: let it be then
PSTZ: okk as you wish
abhi; btw from ur talking I guessed that you want to stop this marriage, right?
Sona: yes
Zoya: aree no..
Pragya: we only want to tell some qualities of her..thats it
Thapki: bye
Nd they cut the call
They put their one hand on waist and other on head…..nd think…first plan totally failed

Sona: now second plan
Zoya: hope that it success
Pragya: nhi toh pehle se hi dusra plan sochna padega
Thapki: okk….now we will all go home and get ready
Zoya: ya ya
Sona: u know na how we have to get ready
Pragya: yes baba….then we have to make ishu also ready
Zoya; okkkk….now lets go home and…then we will come
Zoya goes with thapki….and pragya and sona also leaves from that place
At 5pm:
In iyer mansion
Amma: ayyoo ishu ke aapa….jaldi jaldi sab kam khatam karo
At that moment aapa drops some glass from hands by mistake
Ishu: appa let it be…I will pick
Appa: now ishu beta…I will do that
Aama: kya aap bhi…ek kaam khatam nhi hua to dusra kaam shuru bhi kiya
Aapa: aab kar raha hun na
Aama: haa haa karo..par jaldi
First pragya and sona came to ishu’s home…when they were to ring the door bell….they heard aama voice asking ishu something
Aama: ishu you know….abhi is settled in america in chicago city
Ishu: appa tell na aama that im not interested in this
Aapa: ishu let it be na now
Aapa and ishu also make sad face
Pragya ring the door bell and aama opens it
Sona: aama what were you talking abt Chicago city
Pragya: you know aama…according to study…chicago worst city
Sona: and you know that there is much domestic violence
Pragya: waha na saas apni bahu ko…bahar nhi jane deti…kaam karvati hai..no stuies nothing..only ghar kaam
Sona:kabhi kabhi pati apne wives ko belt se marte hai
Aama: what?????
PS: yes aama
Ishu laughs silently which was observed by aama
Aama: toh kya kare aab
Pragya: aacording to me ishu ki shadi india mein jo settle hai uske sath karwa do
Amma: nhi nhi…rehne do..i know aisa kuch bhi nhi hota
PS: hota hai
Amma: nhi bola na..jao aab ishu ko ready karao
Sona: what’s this ishu…you are in salwar suit…don’t you wear sari
Ishu: no…I will not
Pragya: yaise kaise…we have wear it for you…and you are not wearing
Sona: chalo chalo…now we will make you ready
Pragya and sona takes ishu in her bedroom

Aama: ishu ke appa…suna na…pragya and sona came here..but what about zoya and thapki
Aapa: they will be coming na
Just then zoya and thapki came and screamed…we cameeeeeee
Amma: okkk….
And they hued aama
Zoya: what happen aapa…who broken this glasses and how did it broke
Aama: bahut dina se wohh glass cupboard mein tha toh bahar aakar ghir gaya…baas ka
Zoya and thapki laughs
Thapki: how I am looking aama
Zoya: mee too amma…how I am looking
Aama; aati sundar…bahut aache lag rahe he aap done…cute
Zoya and thapki hugged her…
Aama: thapki call pragya and you and pragya help me in doing kitchen work
Thapki: okk aama
TZ enters into ishus room
Ishu: I said na I will not wear sari…I don’t want to marry
Zoya: ishu listen to me
Ishu: no..i will not do any marriage
Ishu began to cry and PSTZ console her
They all share an emotional talk and hugged for much time….tears were seen in all eyes
Aama: pragya, thapki,,,come to me for helping
Just then they broke their hug
Pragya: yes amma coming
Zoya and sona makes ishu ready
Pragya and thapki were in kitchen helping aama in making food
Thapki: what we will do aama
Aama: we will do noodles and….
Thapki and pragya : what??????
Just then sona and zoya enter the kitchen
Thapki: why noodles aama??
Aama: arreee…you know na they live In america…so
Pragya: soo what…
Amma: so they will like noodles to eat..thats why I m making noodles
Thapki: noo..amma we will make some Indian food
Amma: noo
Thapki: yes
Amma: noo
Thapi: yess
Amma: nooo
Thapki: no
Amma: yess
Thapki: woowww now only you said we will make Indian food…so Indian food will be made today..
ammA: I said we will not
zoya: okk amma u make noodles today and we will make ishu ready in mini-skirt
amma widens her mouth n says: no no…..chi chi…mini skirt noo
PTS laugh silently at her reaction
Sona; why noo amma…see now you are making noodles which American loves to eat…so they will also like girl wearing short skirts….right na
Amma: noo…I said na…we will make noodles…and ishu will wear sari…..
Pragya: why
Amma: aree….mari maa…plz mere liye karo na
PSTZ: okk…but only for you
All make noodles and many more items for guest…..

to be continue

Precap: abhi mesmerized seeing ishu in sari….
Lagori gang watches his reaction
And they plan to talk with abhi

How was the epi frndz…plzz tell me

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