Will LOVE Damage Our FRIENDSHIP (PART 7 & 8)Is This First Step To Break Our FRNDSHIP??(MAHA EPISODE)

Guyz thank you soo much for ur valuable cmnt

Lets start with maha epi…..nd there is one note for you guyz its at last….dont be sad bcz of it
Recap: aamma calls lagori gang to their own house

At house around 5pm

Thapki: zoya ..sona…one surprise is there

Sona: what?

Zoya: jaldi batao intzaar nhi ho raha

Thapki: you know what

Sona: we don’t know thatswhy asking..understood na

Thapki: today at 7pm…there is

Zoya: what??

Thapki: the live concert of ROCKSTAR ABHI

SZ: woowowwwwwww

Pragya: what???will you go to that concert

ISTZ: yess ofcourse

Pragya: what kind of person he is…very rude I don’t like him n I hate his singing he sings like a monkey…when I will meet him I will show him his place…n u r very eager to meet him..u can go but I will not come..totally with attitude…n you know na I hate attitude

I: its not fair yaar..how can we go without you…

P: if you want then you can go..i will not

Z: pragya..plzz come yaar…not for abhi but for us

P: okk…but only for you guyz…

All get ready at 6pm to go for concert

All were looking stunning…all had wear black dress…extremely looking cute all had be dressed in fancy suits

They all came in concert

Z: wow…I m eager to see him

P makes an angry face towards her

P: if I will meet him…then mein uske izzat ka paratha bana doongi…usko uski jagah dekha doongi..aur aaj ki concert nhi hone doongi

I: pragya ye sab bolo mat..kar ke dikhao

P: ya yaa I will do that na..challenge accepted

Nd pragya goes from that place

Pragya goes towards abhi’s vanity car

While she was going in car..her leg slipped and she was abt to fall down but she sensed that she was fallen in someone’s strong and caring arm’s….guyz it was none another than ABHI THE ROCKSTAR

Abhi was mesmerized to see pragya’s beauty with light makeup

Abhi: hey hii miss. Beauty what do you want

Pragya: miss.beauty my foot…..(she was in hell anger)…first let me take inside people are watching

Abhi: ohh so tumhe andhaar aana hai mere sath..to chalo

Pragya: haa…..i mean I want to talk with you

Abhi: okk miss. Beauty

Abhi takes pragya inside the car

Abhi: now speak what you want to speak…I am getting late for my concert

Pragya: concert…what do you think of yourself..as rockstar??

Abhi: ofcourse I will think me as a rockstar bcoz I m rockstar

Pragya: what kind of rockstar you r…

Abhi: means??

Pragya: aapne kabhi gana dil se gaya hai kya

Abhi: noo

Pragya: kya aap kisike attitude se baat karte hai kya

Abhi: yes..i do

Pragya: kya aapne kisi fans ke promise pure kiye hai kya??

Abhi: no

Pragya: n you know what that kind of qualities should be there in a rockstar

Abhi: what??

Pragya: he should sing his song from heart….he should talk with everyone with love and most imp he shld fulfill his fans wishes

Abhi: yaa I know these r the qualities which one rockstar shld have

Pragya: but you don’t have any qualities..so

Abhi: soo..what

Pragya: aaj ki concert cancel kar do…then I will tell you how to be a perfect rockstar

Abhi: why shld I cancel??

Pragya: bcoz I m saying..thats why!

Abhi: I will not cancel..what you will do

Pragya: mein aapke izzat ka paratha bana doongi..pure audience ke samne aapke bare mein bura bolungi

Abhi: hey miss. Beauty..kuch bhi mat karo

Pragya: then cancel the concert

Abhi: okk…I will cancel…bt you have to teach me how to be a good rockstar okk

Pragya: okk..i will do that..

Abhi: frndz

Pragya: no…..never ever….

Abhi : okk    with sad face…

Pragya: frndz…

Abhi: not now..go

Pragya says sorry to him and gives her hands again

They both shake their hands..

Pragya’: soo…todays concert is cancel

Abhi: yess..but y do u want me to cancel this concert

Pragya: shall I tell

Abhi: yes!!

Pragya: actually I love ur singing…but infront of my frndz I show that I hate you..i hate your singing…she explained how they brought her here..and how she challenged them to cancel the concert…sorry

Abhi: ohhk…its okk..but not next time ha….

IPSZ were standing outside the vanity car and shouting pragya..pragya

Pragya: I will go now…my frndz r calling me

Abhi: ohhkk…bye..tc

Pragya: u too

They both give their phone no. to each other

Pragya came outside with smiling face

thapkI: what happen

pragya: concert cancel

ITSZ: what?????

Pragya: yess

Zoya: but but

Sona: how did you do that

Pragya: mera tarika (my style)

ISZT make sad faces

Ishu: aab chalo home

Meanwhile abhi’s manager announced that today’s concert is cancelled…all made sad faces and made their way to their home..except pragya all were sad

At night:

As they were tired they sleep…

Next day at morning

Zoya: ishu ..wake up yaar

S: pragya thapki plzz jaldi jaldi utho

I: are yar its been 6am n u r waking me up…

P: let me sleep

Thapki: I will also not wake up

Z: ok then don’t wake..we will cancel our plans to go to aamma’s house

IPT wake up quickly: noo…don’t cancel

All get fresh and done breakfast

Ishu: are you all done

PSTZ: yess ishu we r done and ready to go

Pragya: guyz want to tell one thing

Sona: what

Pragya: yesterday in abhi’s car…he

Zoya: what he had done to you

Pragya: he gave me my no.


Sona: show me

Pragya: yes really…wait I will show you

Ishu: wow…great news

Thapki:but what you will do with this no yaar

Zoya: she will call him…n talk with him abt love and hate…yes na

Pragya shys…: now…let it be

Ishu: okkk…we will leave in sometime

After half hour…they seated in their car and make their way to go for home….

Sona turned on radio..

Rj plays the song jiya re from jab tak hai jaan..

Zoya stops the car

Ishu: what happen zoya

Zoya gets down…

After that IPST get down from the car….volume of radio was made full by zoya

Zoya. Sona. Starts to dance in the middle of road

Chali re, chali re
Junoon ko liye
Katra, katra lamho ko diye
Pinjre se uda dil ka shikra
Khudi se maine ishq kiya re
Jiya jiya re jiya re
Jiya jiya re jiya re
Jiya jiya re jiya re jiya oh (x2)

Zoya takes ishu and pragya for dance
And sona take thapki for dance

Chali re, chali re
Junoon ko liye
Pinjre se uda dil ka shikra
Khudi se maine ishq kiyaaa re
Jiya jiya re jiya re…
Make the way for Akira…

Pop it up, move aside she is here
Hey get up everybody wanna be her
Wanna see her, she is Akira

They dance with making funny steps…all people who were travelling were looking at them

they all enjoyed the half song and sat in car

Along with radio song they started

Chhote chhote lamho ko teetli jaise pakdo toh
Haathon mein rang reh jaata hai
Pankho se jab chhodo toh
Waqt chalta hai
Waqt ka magar rang utarta hai Akira
Udte udte phir ek lamha maine pakad liya re
Jiya jiya re jiya re
Jiya jiya re jiya re
Jiya jiya re jiya re jiya oh ho(x2)
Make the way for Akira…
Halke halke pardo mein
Muskurana achha lagta hai
Roshni jo deta ho toh

They enjoyed a lot and hugged each other..

After an hour later they reach

A big bungalow is shown with the name IYER MANSION

IPSTZ enter that mansion with a glow on their face..

They went inside and rang the door bell…

Aamma open the door and was very surprised to see them

And IPSTZ hugged her and said: we missed you soo much aama

Amma welcomed them and done there aarti

Ishu: wow amma..now I m back..i will not go again for clg now…I want to enjoy my remaining life

Thapki: right..i will also not……

Sona: yes yes!!

Pragya: yup….btw now we will also go to our home

Ishu: aree thodi der ke liye ruk jayoo…let us spend time together

Thapki: ok…we will spend some time here…nd we will go to our house

All chit chat with aamma….n amma was also buzy in cracking some funny jokes with lagori

Time passed out….

Suddenly zoya remembered one thing

Zoya: amma you said that there is one problem..

Thapki: n you said that when we will come here then you will tell

Aama: actually…

Sona: aamma bolona kuch toh…

Pragya: is that much serious

Amma: actually the guyz which is coming to see ishu is settled in America

IPSTZ: what??????????

Aama scared that there reaction

Sona: aama how can you say this aama…..

Zoya: if this marriage will happen then..

Thapki: then ishu will

Pragya: settled in America

Lagori was in tears…

Bcoz this was the first step which will break there frndship

Ishu: how could you do this aama…my frndship will break na

Aammaa: ishu…I don’t want to break your frndship….i said them to come bcoz they are nyc family

Ishu: ammaa I m not ready for this marriage

Amma: ishu just for me..plz say yes

Ishu sees at her frndz…nd they nod their head saying yes

Ishu: okk…just for you

Amma: thank you soo much amma

Ishu: when they are coming

Amma: tomorrow, evening

IPSTZ: amma we will be ready

Pragya: we will see you tomorrow

Sona: now we need to go

Thapki: bye ishu amma zoya

Zoya: aree I will be also coming with you guyz today

Thapki: why??i mean you decided to stay here na

Zoya wink at her n said: I said I will come with you,..n that’s final

Pragya: soo lets go

Ishu: byee guyz

PSTZ: bye ishu amma

Zoya takes them to some garden

Pragya: what happen zoya

Zoya: you know pragya…this was our fav place..when we used to fight we used to come here

Thapki: and we used to cry a lot..

Zoya: today also I m felling like crying….

Pragya: we thought to enjoy these days…but it gave us another tension

Sona: is this first step to damage our frndship

Zoya: no sona..we cant do like this….

Thapki: its not in our rule

Pragya: sochna padega

Zoya: now lagori gang have to stop this breakage of frndship

Sona: soo…..now lagori gang mission is MISSION TO STOP ISHU’s MAARIAGE

PSTZ hold their hands and said….one focus,, ishu’s marriage

Thapki: but we have to think about how can we break this marriage

Pragya: think about it

Zoya: kuch ache plans plan karne padege

Sona: I have one idea..

Pragya: what

Sona: kyu na hum..amma se unka phone no. le…aur us boy ko hum ishu ke bare mein bahut bura bura batayenge

Thapki: our old idea wont work here

Sona: then socho na kuch toh

Zoya: I have one idea

PST: what???

Zoya tells them idea which is muted

Pragya: woow zoya…superb

Sona: but pakka it will work na

Thapki: sure yaar

They hi5 with each other .

.zoya: kyu na hum sona ka bhi plan try karke dekhe

Pragya: yes..if it will be also use then

Thapki: ryt….so both plans are ready

Sona: yes

They all share a group hug

Zoya: now lets go home..then we will go tomorrow direct to aamma’s house and take his no.

Thapki: okk…then bye guyz

Zoya went with sona..and pragya and thapki went to their respective home

Next morning:

At 6am:

Iyer mansion:

Door bell rings…..

Amma: yes I m coming……kinte baar door bell bajayenge

Amma opens the door and gets shock to see lagori gang their

Amma: ayoo, itni subha subha yaha

Zoya: why amma can’t we come here

Amma: yaa come inside now

PSTZ enters the house

Amma: you wait here, I will wake up ishu

Sona: no need amma

Amma: why??

Pragya: she mean that…we don’t have work with ishu

Thapki: but we have work with amma

Amma: what work

Zoya: actually amma..wee want

Amma: what??

Sona: our to be jiju’s phone no.

Amma: why???

Zoya: why are you shock amma

Pragya: we want no. for some work

Amma: what you will do??

Sona: kuch khaas nhi..

Thapki: we will call jiju, and ask him his likes and dislike

Zoya: so that we can make today evening more beautiful

Amma: ohkk….i thought that you will make some plans..like you used to do in childhood

Thapki: noway amma…see now we are big girlsz na

Pragya: amma you take care…we will leave now..

Zoya: yaa amma..we have to do preparations na

Sona: btw way amma..whats the name of groom

Amma: abhi….the rockstar…

PSTZ: what :-O ???

Amma: yes what happen

PSTZ: nothing

Pragya: we will go now

Amma: okk bye

PTSZ leaves from iyer mansion

They all jump in happiness as they got his no.

Zoya: don’t jump in happiness..we have to see that will our plan be successful or not
Pragya: yaa

Zoya: but I m happy that I will be able to see abhi’s marriage..wow

Pragya:zoya…can we call abhi now

Sona: so lets call

Thapki calls on that no.
To know abt the ans stay tune with me for next epi..
Episode ends here….

Precap:lagori gang’s plans to stop marriage ….and plan to spoil something..(hehehe…it will be told in next epi)

Note: guyz I will be not able to post on Tuesday..so next epi will be on Thursday…..bcz there is some function at our place and also I m not feeling well….my leg got slipped bcoz of rain yesterday…so I need to take some rest…don’t throw tomatoes or eggs on me in anger ha……I will pakka post next epi on Thursday…byee guyz take care……n cover pic credit goes to my frnd suni(sunaina)..thanx suu…..lots of luv to you guyzz……
And eid Mubarak to all….      


  1. Suni

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    Heyy Snehu!!! So finally im commenting on ur ff???…. I read all d epis.. nd they r jst amazing…. i loved all d scenes….?????especially tht 1 whn lagori gang was beatings those goons.???… ?????.. i lik how u ays put suspence in ur ff… Such a SUSPENCE QUEEN u r?….
    2day’s was jst awesome. must say u r superb writer..!!!!! Keep going lik this…
    Waiting eagerly fr nxt epi to see lagori gang’s plan… ??????…

    • Snehal


      ohhh…..sooo finally u cmnted cutie..was eager to read ur cmnt frm afternoon yaar……..thanx for those cute words….lots of luv………suu i have deactivated my fb acc due some personal reasons..so if you can tell all remaining member then plzz tell yaar…n m really sorry yaar……….anyways thanx for cmnting and be in touch with me on TU and this ff

      • Suni

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        Heyy.. sorry fr mking u waittt.. 🙁 . yeaa sure i’ll tell in grp to all…. nd yes we’ll be in touch on TU.. 🙂 😉 <3 <3 ….

  2. Nusz Khan

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    Hey Snehal, It’s been awhile seen I commented.

    Sorry I got busy with some work aha.

    But today’s episode was rocking and awesome.

    Keep up the great work Hun xx.

    Anyways keep smiling like always xx.

    ~Nusz xx.

  3. Ibtesam

    Wow superb episode …snehal ….wat a frndshp btwn lagori ……well done . Eagrly waitng for nxt epi…….and EID MUB..^_^

  4. arshi

    wowow.. superb yaar… and i crt.. abhi is the groom. hahah… waiting for the pranks…

  5. Fatarajo

    |Registered Member

    Hey snehu actually I read ur ff yesterday itself but couldnt comment as I was busy but now I am free I loved it dear keep writing and wow abhi and ishita lol i cant wait for the next epi and keep smiling love u 🙂

  6. nishu

    superb dea……… very interesting twist, wt a suspense, u r a great writer snehal, and waiting for next epi…….
    Btw when is ravan kumar’s entry……..

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