Gud mrng guyzzz

Recap: asad bears zoya’s punishment to clean all house and sona n dev’s meeting

IPST reach the and knock the door n zoya open it

Zoya: wel come welcome my lagori gang

IPST were shocked to see house…

Pragya: wow zoya..house is looking so clean

Ishu: how could you manage alone

Sona: its looking beautiful

Zoya: thank you thank you(showing fake smile)

Thapki: why r u smiling fakely

Pragya: something is looking fishy

Ishu; sachi sachi batao kya baat hai

Zoya: nothing yaar..lets prepare some food..i m too hungry

Sona: don’t change topic…tell fast whats the matter

Zoya: areee nothing

Pragya: plz zoya tell…aaj kya shaitani ki hai tumne

Zoya: aree pragya I have didn’t done anything

Ishu: jhooti

Sona: zoya tell fast..then I also don’t know what will I do to you for not telling truth

ishuL if you will not tell then we will not talk to you one whole day

zoya: what?? Now r u blackmailing me….but I will not tell the truth

pragya: means there is some truth beside this cleanliness

zoya: no no noooo

thapki: zoya tell fast then I will tell you one funny moment of sona & of that mr.khadoos

zoya: what??? Mr.khadoos….what he done now

ishu: first you tell who have done this house clean

zoya: wohh wohh,,h..woh..mr.asad khan

ishu: what??

Pragya: that person who was frnd of that 3boys na

Zoya: noo….he was not frnd of that 3boy….

Sona: then..

Zoya: to save them from us he told that he is frnd of that boys

Ishu: so then what you have done

Zoya: I had given him punishment to clean our house

IPST brust into laughter

Sona: bechara asad khan…

Zoya: hahahaha,…now don’t laugh…tell me what happen with you

Sona:hahahahahhaha….nothing….ullu banaya

Zoya: aww…how mean u r……

Pragya: shal I tell sona …

Sona: no pragya

Pragya: why..i will tell now…

Thapki tells zoya every thing about the quarrelling of dev and sona

Zoya:ohh ho sona fhir se tumne tumhare dreamboy se jhagda kiya

Sona stare an angry look towards zoya..n others laugh at angry eyrelock…

sona: I will not talk with you

zoya: okk don’t talk…n I know you will be not able to live without talking with me

sona: I will…

pragya: areee now stop fight…why you always fight on small issues

sona: she started first

zoya: nooo you started

sona: you

zoya: you
their YOU YOU was continuing just then ishu’s phone rang
ishu: guyzzz JUST STOP IT NOW

zoya: why??

Ishu: phone aaya hai

Sona: kiska

Ishu: aamma(mother)

IPSTZ were eager to talk with amma

Ishu picks the call and put it on speaker

IPSTZ: helllllooooooooooooooooooo ammaa….we are missing you soooo much

Amma: aww…my babies…just come here then you will not miss me

IPSTZ: okkk aammaa…we will come

Zoya: aama aaj kaise yaad aayi

Aamma: yaad to har roojj aati hai..

Aamma: aree I have to share one thing with you guyz

Ishu: what happen amma is every thing right

Aamma: yes yes ishu everything is right

Ishu: then

Amma: mein tumhare marriage ke bare mein soch rahi thi…I had choosen one boy also for you

Zoya: woowwwwwwwww aamma what a news!!

Sona: then guyz what say when we will go home’

IPSZT were very excited for ishu’s marriage bcoz it was the first marriage of their lagori gang

Aamma: but

Thapki: what happen aamma

Pragya: is there anything serious

Aamma: but one problem is there

Zoya: what problem

Aamma: not a serious problem but you all come home then I will tell you

Ishu:okk aama..

Aama: byee my girlz take care n when you will come

Pragya: day after tomorrow…tomorrow we will give leave letter to principal n then come

Amma: okk…bye

IPSTZ : byeeeeee aamaa take care ..love you

At night:

All went to sleep…they sleep peacefully in one room

At midnight ishu wake up by someone’s crying voice

She saw at window…zoya was crlooking at sky through window…ishu came from backside and hugged her and sai why r u crying

PTS wake up by their talks

Ishu: zoya what happen why r u crying

Zoyaa: after marriage our frndship will break we will not able to meet each other

Ishu: aree who said that our frndship will break

Pragya; ishu I am also getting fear that after marriage what will happen

Ishu: actually I m also not interested in marriage now…but for aamma I have agreed

Thapki: but what if our frndship…will it break

Ishu: I promise you that our frndship will not break

Sona: what if …

Ishu: I said na it will not

Ishu: from now no 1 will talk about breaking frndship…now sleep

Lagori gang had a group hug…with soo many emotions filled in it

Ishu: now sllep…n don’t cry

Pragya: yaa…n tomorrow I will go to college and give our leave application letter…will 1month enough or shall I give more days for leave

Sona: gud nyt ..sd

Zoya: haa haan sweet dreams about ur mr.khadoos

Sona: same too u mrs.khan

Zoya: mrs.sharma

Sona: ohh ..i mean to be mrs.khan

Zoya widen her eyes with that statement

Ishu: now also started

SZ: yesssssssssssssss

Pragya: aree now sleep…it will be late

SZ: ok…now lets sleep

Next morning:

Pragya went for college to give letter..nd came back within hour

In house:

IPSTZ were packing there bags

Zoya: wow…after soo much days I will go there..i m missing aamaa so much

Thapki: I am also missing her badly n also my family

Pragya: after how many days we are going to house na..

Sona: don’t talk now pack your all stuff

After packing all stuff they came in hall and sat on sofa as they were tired
Episode ends here…

Precap: abhi’s entry
lagori to enjoy their journey
And to get shock about ………(wait for next epi hehe 😛 :P)


Guyzz plz cooperate me..as I m not too good in English..so I can’t write perfect English….n sorry for any grammatical error……….silent reader plzz cmnt…it will encourage me to write moreeeeee

I know in this epi there are no funny scenes….this is boring epi….but next epi will be mahaepi…..n it will be main epi of this ff….so don’t forget to read it…

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