I m really sorry mukund Raj for not making an entry of abhi..actually I decided to introduce abhi a bit latter ..in next epi I will pakka intro abhi I promise…

Recap: asad rescue 3boys n asad ready for bearing zoya’s punishment

So….lets here have a look at epi5..

Zoya takes car keys from asad hands and begin to drive his car….

Zoya stops car near their plat

Asad: ms.hunter what r u going to do..n where we came

Zoya; mr.akdoo its my house n no one is at home

Asad sees zoya with weird expression

Asad: kuch galat kaam nhi kar rahi ho na aap…m thinking that your intentions are not good

Zoya: oh hello listen I m not that type of girl..samje na

Asad: then why have you brought me here

Zoya: ofcourse for punishment

Zoya takes him towards their house and opened the door n pushed asad inside. Asad falls on sofa…and she quickly locks door

Asad saw here and there with making weird face

Asad: soo ms.hunter whats my punishment

Zoya: wait a minute I will come in 3minutes only

Zoya came their with water full of bucket, broom and other cleaning material

Asad: whats this?????????ms.hunter

Zoya: its your punishment that you have to clean my house and especially my room which is soo messed

Asad: WHAT????? ASAD KHAN had never done servents work till now…

Zoya: but you have to do….its punishment…now lets start

Asad: chalo….now we will clean this okk

Zoya: ohh mr.aakdoo….not we but you…zoya will not do any work

Funny tunes play in background…with asad funny expressions

And zoya was fully enjoying his servant look

Zoya: wow zoya..what a work yaar!!….really proud of you…btw how can any one listen to me…I mean how can mr.akhdoo listen to me..

Asad was cleaning..zoya was enjoying…and

IPST were really worried for zoya…they check each nd evry classroom but didn’t find zoya. They called zoya but they didn’t got any response from her bcoz by mistake she had left her mobile in asad’s car. Now IPST were very worried and went to some temple bcoz they know that when she used to angry she came in this temple…but there also they didn’t find her

After an hour:-

In house:

Zoya: what a work mr.khan…u r really great..now go in my bedroom n clean that room

Asad walks without uttering a single word.

Asad in his mind: asad bhai galat aadmi se paanga liya

Asad quietly started his work

Asad started to throw things here and there…he ttok some box in hand and throw that backside….nd it hits zoya’s head bcoz she just entered when asad throw that box

Zoya: ouchhh…..can’t you do properly

Asad gets panicked by seeing zoya hurt

Asad: I m sorry zoya…r u ok??

Asad brought ice cubes from fridge rubbed them on zoya’s fore head…..they share a eyelock…n mitwaa plays at background…their eyelock was broke by azad’s phone call….

Zoya: oh know my phone….its in your car…my frndz shld be worried

Asad: then go…I will complete my work

Zoya broght her mobile and saw 113 missed calls from her frndz

Zoya goes back in house

Asad: now I should leave..my punishment is over…my mom shld be waiting…shall I go na ms.hunter…oh sorry zoya

Zoya: yaa…n sorry for giving you a big punishment

Asad goes out of the house and zoya wids him byee

After that zoya called on ishu’s mobile

Ishu picked up and put it on speaker

Ishu: how r u zoya

Sona: what the hell is this….

Pragya: can’t you tell us nd go where you want

Thapki: zoya where are you…u know much worried we were

Zoya: areeeee let me speak……I m fine…..i m in house

Ishu: but how did you went home

Zoya: I came by….

(zoya thinks in mind that I shld not tell them anything they will be angry on me)

Zoya: I came by rickshaw ishu….

Pragya: can’t you tell n come..careless

Zoya: okkk….sorrrrry guyz……plz come home early….

Sona: okk…bye

Thapki: will come home soon

Zoya cuts the phone and and says thanks god apne bacha liya

Zoya: now I will sleep n when they will come …we will enjoy

In college..

Ishu: I m feeling bore yaar…what to do…

Pragya: yaa I m also feeling bore

Sona: thapki do you know where bihaan lives

Thapki: yaa I have taken his address

Ishu: soo can we go to bihaans house for apologizing

pragya: yaa great idea…come we will go

IPST get ready to go to bihaan’s house

Sona drives the car

While sona was talking with ishu who was seating backside…

Ishu: sonaaaaaaaaaaa…………aage gadi hai..brake lagao jaldi

Within this time
Dono car ki takkar ho gayi

Sona: get down from the

Sona goes to the driver of another car and says

Sona: ohh I m really sorry…apko lagi to nahi na

Driver: ji nhi I m okk

Just then driver boy takes his head up from cars steering…nd he was none another that DEV DIXIT….both were shocked to see each other

Sona and dev: tuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm!!

Sona: how dare you to come here also

Dev: how dare you to come here also

Sona: you idiot

Dev : u idiot

Sona was in much anger..seeing her anger IPT gets down from the car

Sona; why r u repeating my sentences

Dev: can’t I say u that…why r u here…only u can say

Sona: haan but….

Ishu: sona plzz stop this yaar nd who is this

Sona: wahi mr.khadoss….jiske wajah se hamara movie plan kharab hua tha

Dev: oh hey mr.whatever so ur name is sona..nyc name

Thapki: are you dev dixit

Dev: yaa…nyc to meet you only

Sona: thapki how do you know him…is he your relative??

Thapki: aree sona….he is the captain of senior class

Sona: ohh I see….i was alos confused that I have seen mr.khadoos somewhere..

Ishu: now let it be…we r getting late

Sona: yaa lets go now…otherwise bcoz of him we will get let

Dev: you can go ms.attitude

Sona: hey why r u interefeing always…

Dev: go fast u will get late

Sona: yaa going but if I will meet you again then I will not spare you

IPST reach bihaan’s house…

But unfortunately bihaan was not at home so they leave a letter to him….and again they went home
Sorry guyz for boring this epi and stopping this epi here…as I m having some imp work…next epi will be filled with fun moments of all frndz .
Precap: IPST to get shock to see something in their house
Ishu get’s someones call by which lagori became full excited n disappointed too.

Any guess who’s call it should be

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